My Angry Letter To Hot Topic.

March 26, 2015

Dear Hot Topic,

 I have been a customer since I was in the 7th grade, I am now 23. I have a frequent Buyer card, and I've had one since they were still small pieces of paper that you stamped. Every time I go to the mall I stop into your store, and 90% of the time, I buy something. I'm pretty busty, and I have curves. I like to wear dresses. You offer dresses and this makes me happy. Apparently, you offer dress sizes up to XXL and that makes me feel great. I wear a XL in pretty much everything, but dresses I always feel like I need extra room.
 Last Week, I ordered two dresses from you. A Hot Topic, Short sleeved stretchy red dress in XXL, it fits perfectly not a single problem was found. The second dress however, is a catastrophe. It is a Hell Bunny Halter Sailor Dress Navy, with Pockets! I was so excited when I saw this dress was available in XXL. I ordered it instantly, and could NOT wait for it to arrive. However, once it arrived I was incredibly disenheartened, angry and annoyed.
  The dress I ordered is supposed to be an XXL, I understand that dresses like that are fitted, which is why I got a size bigger. But this dress has to be labeled incorrectly. The Bodice is extremely SMALL and TIGHT, I could not get the zipper past my lower back, even with help from two people and a HANGER. Now there can only be two things that occurred here. I could be larger than I realize and the dress just not be the right size. OR You have absolutely NO idea how the body works.
  I am so angry about the fact, that you give women with curves and full figures false hope! We get that everywhere else, we don't need to get it from you as well. Do not label a dress as XXL or Plus Size if it is NOT going to fit a Plus Size Gal. Plain and Simple, that's called False Advertising, and it is NOT a good Business Practice. Do you know how devastating that is for someone's self esteem? A size in a dress that fits you well everywhere else except your store? What is your idea of an XXL Dress? Or a Plus Size Woman? Because She damn sure isn't wearing your dresses.

 Now if you will excuse me, I am off to return this dress to the post office, so I can get my wasted money back.

A Completely Unsatisfied Customer,


P.S. The Conversation Continues on Twitter, Please Tweet me if you have ever had this problem, We need to bring it to their attention!

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