Adventures With Spokhette #14: Library Park and Pioneer Cemetary

March 31, 2017

Hey Gang!

   I just realized that I've been visiting a lot of graveyards lately. I was talking about them with a couple of my photog friends, and they were really creeped out about it. Not that I really care what others think, but I was just curious how many of my readers see Cemetary and skip over the post? I was wandering around Lebanon when I came across Pioneer Cemetary and I automatically turned into the nearest parking lot so I could go explore it.

 This Cemetary was erected in 1799. It is one of the oldest cemetaries I have every visited. It was very difficult to read the monuments, a lot of them where just illegible with wear and tear over the years. There were quite a few that were damaged or broken in half. I'm hoping by the weather, and not some douchbag having their idea of a good time.  

 After traipsing through the graveyard which was slightly wet, because it had rained the night before. I  didn't want to people to think I was too weird and this graveyard wasn't really tucked away. It was at the corner of a very busy street, and I actually noticed quite a few cars slowing down as they passed me, probably curious about what I was doing. I even had a few honk. When I finally left the graveyard and was heading home, I noticed this beautiful gazebo like structure to my right, with a statue of a little girl reading, so of course I pulled over! It's called Library Park, and it's connected to Lebanon Library. You can even use the Library's wifi in the park! Aren't the Statues lovely?!

What are some places you've come across on your travels? Let's chat about them on Twitter!

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