Adventures With Spokhette #11: Guardian Angels Cemetery

March 3, 2017

Hey Gang!

 One thing I love about my day job is that it takes me all over the city! The other day I happened to be in a really nice part of town and after I got off I went to explore a little bit. All along the same street were two cemeteries AND an Athenaeum. If you are like me and have no flipping idea what an Athenaeum is, do not worry! It's basically a Pastorial College. The architecture is absolutely beautiful I was so astounded. I was only able to get a few pictures there, because I wasn't a student, and felt kind of tresspass-y. I love to explore, but I'm a law abiding citizen after all!

I walked all the way through Guardian Angels Cemetery, there were some really pretty monuments, that I had never seen before. When I arrived, the grounds keepers was there, and she was the sweetest thing ever. Like I said earlier, I'm deathly afraid of getting in trouble for walking through "public" places. So I asked if it was ok for me to walk around and photograph. She says people go through the cemetery all the time, so It's not just me!!

 I told Alex that I was checking out graveyards and he totally fed me the night of the living dead line, They're coming to get you Gabriella. They're coming to get you! Which he does all the time while I look around and it isn't too much of a big deal. It's more funny then scary. I was doing this in broad daylight, so I was raring to go, and then as I walked around the top there were 12 freshly dug graves, and one completely open one!!! I nearly had a heart attack!

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