Content Creators of Color I've been Loving: Youtube Edition

March 27, 2017

Hey Gang!

  With the way the world is going right now. Especially with the way T*@(# is doing his job, it's pretty tough out here for a woman, a woman of color, or even someone who doesn't know what they are yet. I thought I would swing through to uplift spirits with a small series, where I highlight content creators of Color who I absolutely love. Today I'm just doing Youtube, but there will be more, on bloggers, artists, photographers and so forth! I'd love to dedicate a safe place on Nerdette At Large for them to shine.

 First, I'd love to introduce you to Hey Claire. Hey Claire, is a youtube channel ran by Claire Marshall, who creates absolutely breathtaking beauty videos and beautiful travel vlogs. The painstaking eye she pays to detail while editing makes me want to cry, because she is just so dedicated and she creates beautiful results. I've been following her since 2011, and I can say with ease that I have seen every video of hers, and probably more than once. She just has one of the soothing voices, that I like to watch/listen to when I'm editing or creating content.

 Next up is Clothesencounters! Ran by Jenn Im, is a breath of fresh air, when it comes to fashion content on youtube. She keeps everything unique and clean, and I've been a subscriber since before Sarah left. Jenn who just recently got married, keeps her channel bursting with new content super regularly, I can visit her channel anytime throughout the week, and there will be a video I haven't watched yet. I thoroughly enjoy her monthly favorites (she even includes a book! :)) and her vlogs out with Ben and their pup, Cheeki.

 I'm so excited to tell you guys about Pretty Brown and Nerdy. These ladies are doing pretty big things. I'm sure I've talked about them on N.A.L. before, but I had to include them in this spotlight. This Nerdy Girl Trio are representing blerds awesomely with their content. They stream different games, do reviews, and have opinion videos about popular characters, and what anime's you should be watching. I fell in love with them right after their Fictional Crushes video and have continued to support them long after! Cheyenne is an organizational role model. She has three youtube channels, she uploads content to, on top of PBN! I can barely keep up with three posts a week, as you saw last week. I wish she held workshops. Jasmine, is calm cool and collected, and super knowledgeable about Anime. Camille, is adorable with her Nintendo love, and if you follow her on snapchat, make sure you check out her recipes!

 Rounding us out is Shut Up Marina. A super informative + intersectionally feminist channel ran by Marina Watanabe, she has a series called Feminist Friday, where she drops feminist knowledge in bite size chunks. Her humor is sarcastic and dry, which I absolutely love, and she has tendencies that remind me of Veronica Mars. Which if you know me, at all, is HUGE PRAISE. She's also bi, so Representation, and does a great job of outlining what she has to say, and why she feels that way and giving you links to do your own research. I've been subscribed since her What is Cultural Appropriation video, which is crazy informative, if you've been wondering about the top you should go check it out.

  Got any favorite youtubers? Leave 'em down below so I can check them out. Let's fangirl on Twitter.

 Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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