Freelance report:Nwh Homecoming

October 14, 2009

So remember how I told you I wanted to start doing some freelance makeup and hairstyling opportunities? Well, last weekend I had my chance. My cousin Brianna, had her freshman homecoming. Being part of Senate she needed to look kick ass of course, so she enlisted the help of moi to make the boys 'tighten' persay?
So, she is wearing this beautiful Nikki Karen extravaganza, black, strapless with the avant garde tip on the right, complete with Black sequin and a thigh high split. Now no dress is complete without shoes. Shoes have to be to die for if the dress is an extravaganza correct? So, she chooses these, jet black gladiater tie fuck me pumps, that I wished I owned. She pulls them out of the closet and I squeal in delight. Kind of like when Masai touches me only way better.(don't tell him I said that.)
She decides to pair the ensemble with Pearls which, give her a jackie onassis, and Bai ling appeal. For no outfit is complete without Hair and makeup, finally my time to shine. I spritzed it down with hair polisher and let it dry, lest her whole head resemble Pinks What what? lol, and Spiral curled every inch of that bitch, and let me tell you this chica has a lot of HAIR! Brown background eyeshadow all over the lid, and light almost snow blue on the lower lid, will have a tutorial video up shortly. so look out for it. The Final Result, how did I do?
Isn't she gorgeous?


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