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April 1, 2010

  The last day of the month...Tomorrow is April Fools day, I hope that means that my classes tomorrow are actually canceled, and I don't have to go, because I already know that I'm going to be feeling sooo lazy when I wake up in the morning tomorrow, My god its going to be horrible! At least I only have two classes. I did my homework for both classes, so hopefully, I can just breeze through it. I've finally gotten over Ian, I'm still pissed but at least I'm not sad anymore. 
  So speaking of new things, It's going to be a totally new month. I'm really excited! My cousins birthdays are within weeks of themselves. The formal is next weekend. Mom and I are finishing the dress this easter weekend and then on Saturday before the dance, I'm getting my hair done, now I'm not for certain what I want to do with it, but I really like the green in the hair Idea and the bang, but I'm not to sure about the actual style. I'm doing Erin's hair,  she wants spirals. So i;m going to give them to her! Bwhahahah and I haven't convinced Claire yet, but I'm sure she'll come around. 
   Speaking of coming around, I have GOT TO FIND MY CAMERA! It has disappeared, I'm almost certain that it's at my house, but I can't be almost certain I have to be sure. I mean I practically tore my room apart and couldn't find it, so I'm really really hoping that it's either there or in the car...I mean I can NOT go to formal without my camera! I absolutely refuse! I think Emilie just said this to piss me off, but  she was talking about wearing a beret to formal. She has a huge poofball princess ball gown and she wants to wear a beret! I told her if she stepped off the premises with that hat on, that I would shoot her. Twice! One for the hat and then the second one I'm coming for her! She laughed but I told her I was joking even though I totally wasn't lol.
  I'm kind of sad, because I have missed the anniversary of my youtube log! It's the 19th of March and I've missed it by like 13 days! It's horrible! So now I have to do a belated one, I really hate being late for anything, especially my own freaking events! Speaking of events, I had an uber long Play practice tonight, and it was absolute havoc! We had a schedule that no one understood, so I pretty much spent the entire practice trying to fix this list that's making me wanna pull  my hair out and then to make matters worse, the actual thing was missing 4 whole SCENES!!!!! I almost wanted to give up, then it was only us girls on crew, so we had to move that  big ass bed, and table, and then she has the nerve at the end of practice to talk about the scene changes need to be quicker, or down to 30 seconds long. Are you up on stage moving shit? Are you in awkward positions painting shit? Did you help us move the shit? Then shut the fudgecrackers up, I'm trying hard to cuss less, but as you can see it is obviously not working lol.
  Then to make matters worse, on the day after Ian told me he just wanted to be friends I was so distraught that I forgot to do the one fundamental thing I always do when I get to the dining hall. Ask if the food has peanuts, peanut butter, or Coconuts in it, because I'm deathly allergic, and of course of all the days I don't ask, there has to be a fucking peanut butter marinade! So Yes, while I'm sitting at the table wallowing in my own sorrow, I feel the inside of my mouth start to feel like its trying to shed its self, like it always does when I've eating something peanut related. So I wait a second longer and there's the blister on my lip. I was motherfucking pissed! Then I run up to get my epipen, which I don't really want to use, because those are for extreme breakouts and I only have one blister, so Claire comes up with the brilliant idea to ask the well ness center to see if they have any Benedril of course they and the nurse don't answer and when it looks like I'm actually going to have to use it, then the guy sitting at the information desk, looks in his first aid kit and pulls one out! Benedryl u pervs not his ya know, gosh get your minds out the gutter lmfao + rofl. So he has saved the day I mention him, but I still don't know his name! lol. Finally found out Parkers last name, and added him to facebook accordingly haha. 
  I...I...Am extremely pissed at Nicki Minaj's debut single Massive Attack! What the hell happened to her flow? Her delivery? Her use of actual words? This is why she stayed underground for so long, the limelight has ruined her, I really hope that it was a fluke and her other singles will be like her mixes, because that was straight bullshit, If I'd been in the audience at 106 N park, I would have started a riot!

                                          Massive Attack Sucks Balls!

p.s. I'm going to sign all of my posts with my real name from now on. Thanks for reading! *heart*


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