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April 22, 2010

 When I think about obsessions, I think about people who are completely bound to certain things. Like I happen to be obsessed with books and music. To the point, where I would spend my entire paycheck on books, I think they call it bibliomania. It reminds me of the anime R.O.D., Read or Die not the OVA but the anime, with the 3 sisters, who have so many books that the door opens and there's a book slide, I don't even know if that's an actual world or not, hmm...
  My favorite books to read are ones that deal with activism and romance. Not the normal romance like when jak met Sally but, the really hot erotica one's from Harlequinn and Violet Blue. I think it might just be because I'm an inner pervert but everyone has something about them right? So I happen to enjoy reading a hot sweaty erotica novel every now and again, I'm sure that doesn't make me crazy or anything.
  I am also obsessed with music! To the point where I hear a song I like and I have to get it! I try to get it within the same week otherwise I'll forget about it. Back home that used to get me in trouble a lot!I have a habit of loving songs that are hard to find, so that you can't get them off of Itunes, or Amazon, or the cd you want but can't find, so I began to turn to p2p research and usually whatever I wanna hear is there and I click download. I don't virus scan or anything because I am so into getting that one song, or that one album that not only am I putting my computer at Risk but also whatever internet connection I happen to be using and my father, the computer technician, wasn't to happy about that.
 I also have a habit of divulging too much, and wanting people to see. I wouldn't say that it's an obsession persay ... but there has to be a reason why I have over 50 hand written journals, and 4 blogs...



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