Bye bye Conrad Birdie

April 18, 2010

  Hurrah! As of 5:30 p.m. The spring Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, is completely finished! No more late practices, no more missed dinners, no more performances! I am completely finished! There are like 3 weeks of school left, and then I can start working again. I'm hoping by the end of the summer to have my license, so even if I don't get my car, I can drive mom's since she doesn't really go anywhere. I might be commuting though. Because If I commute then It'll be cheaper, and I can keep some of the money to get an apartment. But this summer is going to be way busy because...I MADE THE DANCE TEAM! which is great but it's seriously going to take a huge chunk of time out of my schedule! we have 2 mandatory dance camps, plus I have to take a ballet technique course over the summer. So that's at least 3 things plus the 2 jobs I'd have to have to be able to pay for school, and my cell phone, since I'm switching providers and getting an actual plan and phone! It's a touch screen! I'm excited.
  So, I have joined netflix, and began watching a bunch of movies that I haven't seen before, on their instant watch list...Right now I'm watching L.A. Ink, with Kat Von D. Whom is a personal role model of mine. Along with Hannah Aitchison, whom I absolutely love for her pin up styles. A lot of her tattoos remind me of Adam Hughes. Who is known for his pin-up style characters.

 I can't wait to get everything back the way it was. Because at the moment, it just feels like I'm so discombobulated! Like I think I can focus on getting shit done now, because of the fact that the show is over. Like the only thing I really need to focus on has been cut in half, just getting these papers done and starting on Emily's kimono, and getting a job. So now that I've updated everyone, I shall say au revoir!



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