Lucky number sixty!

April 25, 2010

  So, the last time I think I was on was a few days ago, but I don't thnk I talked about anything significant. So now, I shall. My parents came to visit today. Like usual, it was an interesting visit to say the least. My grandmother on one of her bargain excursions came across a working Macbook. The original ones that look like toilet seat covers. *Sigh* I'm sorry but they do. And to think I wanted one of them. SMH. Anyway, she comes across this Macbook, but can't get on it because it has a password, and the username is CPS. HAHAH It is the epitome of ironicacy because my father used to work for CPS and used to do the same thing everyday all day long, so this is like his long-waited revenge lol. Anyway, it's working now, so they dropped it off earlier this morning.
  I can't believe school is almost over! I have exactly 10 days of classes/ exams left! EEEEP! I have two formal exams. Masterworks of Music ( Go Figure) and Intro to Sociology. The other 3 classes are simply essays. But I think my Fresh. Sim. Teacher has gone off his rocker! This class was simply supposed to be an S.U. C. But I have done at least 4 papers all semester and we have 2 freakin' Exams for him! A visual presentation on a painting of his choosing, and a 3 page in-depth paper on human cost of war using a PoSB called In Country. The author only talked to one fucking veteran. How the hell is one person supposed to give you the insight to create a book that fucking long? Isn't it bad enough you made us read it once? Now we have to fucking analyze it and search for deep meanings and shit. How are we supposed to find deep meanings in her book? She herself is only as deep as a rain puddle.
  So Malia Obama is becoming quite the Bendi! She is starting a campaign to save Tigers. Sorry Not T I double Ger's but the Lethal beautiful creatures. lol She brought it to the president and First lady A.K.A. parents about  the first week in office and they still haven't done anything about it, It's pretty bad when they're not even listening to their offspring lol.The general public, sure, that's what we expect from a president, but when you're not even listening to your own children, that you parade around like little barbie dolls, there is a serious issue.
  Almost finished with EM;s kimono, only problem is it is now the due date, and I don't even think we're gonna make it to the butterfly show!...T _T Uber sadness! But the finished product is a little short, and there or, I am adding more fabric to it, but my sewing machine which I've been using non-stop for the last 4 days, has thrown a temper tantrum! Everytime I try sewing the new piece on, it stops in one spot and leaves a bunch of stitches and then it gets stuck and I have to untangle everything. It's pissing me off If I could be frank! Anyone know a solution for this???

1,)SMH: Shaking my head
2.)CPS: C** Public Schools
3.)S.U.C.: Show up class
4.)PoSB: Piece of Shit Book



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