Meanwhile at the Watchtower...

November 20, 2012

 I know I know I know, my blogging habits are down right deplorable. So since, I'm so busy with work that I just Honestly don't have anything to write about, i guess I'll just catch you up on some pretty recent goings on at the watchtower.

- I finally got that big purse I'd been wanting. (Isn't it flippin adorable? Only set me back $20)

- Ordered some new movies
 * The Amazing Spider-man* (Still waiting on it to arrive)
 * The Avengers*
 * Star Trek*

- Bought Some super Cute tights that were on sale.

- So far this month I've Seen Skyfall, and Looper, which was good but again I didn't like the ending. and tomorrow, I'm going to see Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 with my little sister and Mother, before our hair appointment! I've been a movie seeing fiend. 

-I'm soo excited about getting my hair done, this time I'm going to have some color.

- Still Working on my commissions, but One hat is done! YAY! 
Mistress Out,


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