OOTD: Skyfall

November 10, 2012

 Hey Sugars!
   (Readers, was just too generalized for the amazing amount of people who read + Subscribe.)

 So, I did actually make the Skyfall Premiere, which surprised me, because we were almost late, I was worried that the tickets might be sold out, but there wasn't as much of a turn out as I expected. The ticket Clerk said in order for them to be sold out, a party of 457 people would have to arrive and buy the rest of the tickets. So no close shave there.
  Now, Don't Worry, I'm not going to give away any spoilers, I hate it when people do that, because it LEGIT ruins the movie for the rest of us. Best believe, there is going to be that one person that you KNOW, that's going to tell you what they read, and then voila movie ruint! But I will say this, those 457 people MISSED OUT! The movie was utterly fantastic, except for one part, this movie makes my top 5 easy! And I  absolutely love the New MONEYPENNY! 

  Don't blame me for the quality of these photos. I DID NOT TAKE THEM. I foolishly thought that my friend had gotten better at taking photos, over the last two years, but alas that is just simply not the case. This is what I wore, to Skyfall.

Dress: Body Central/ Sweater: Venezula/ Tights: Talk about Town/ Wedges: Gabriel Brothers

 And Here's my Face!

Upper lid: Golden Yellow: Claires/ Lower Lid: Silver + White: Ulta

Lipstick: Ulta #236

Mistress Out,


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