Welcome to November

November 1, 2012

Hello Readers!! Thank you for sticking with me, and helping me usher in a new month! November is going to be super busy for me. Not only do I have two birthdays to prepare for, but both of my jobs will be in full swing and I will more than likely be working on Thanksgiving. It kind of sucks, but I'm used to it by now. So here's my to do list for the month.

- Actually Make it to on of the many meetup group meetings I've signed up for. 
- Get my Car. 
- Get my License.
- Finalize a do-able blogging schedule for myself.
- Finalize a work schedule that incorporates both jobs, and time to sleep!
- Make my First Sale since moving to Storenvy.com
- Whip Geek Girl Culture Back into shape. (I can't be the only writer, I just can't be)
- Buy my Playstion 3
- Get my STNA license.

What are some your goals for November?

Mistress Out,

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