Handheld Mistress #13: Wish List

November 18, 2012

  Hello Readers!! I have been playing White 2 lately, It took me some serious time, but I finally beat the first gym leader. Thank god I saved right after that, because it died on me, and it was like 4 am, and everywhere was dark, and I couldn't find my charger, so I thought I would just give up and try again tomorrow. I am thoroughly enjoying my off day gang, like seriously, I honestly should not be allowed to have this much fun. Pokemon is pretty slow going so I can't really write about that, so instead, I shall tell you guys what I want for Christmas, Game wise anyway, Welcome to my Wishlist.


- Professor Layton and the Last Spector

- Professor Layton V.S. Pheonix Wright
Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright.png

- Pheonix Wright
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Coverart.png


- L.A. Noire

- Epic Mickey One + Two

- Tekken X Street Fighter

- Tekken Tag 2

- Borderlands 2

-Portal 2

- Lollipop Chainsaw
- Dead or Alive 5
-Persona 4 Arena

Batman: Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition
Batman Arkham City Game Cover.jpg

 I can't wait, December is right around the corner GANG~!

Mistress Out,


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