My Halloween

November 1, 2012

 So since the middle of September, I've been writing about how excited about Halloween and How I can't wait to dress up and all that great jazz right? Well NONE of that happened. I wound up stuck at work ALL DAY. I didn't get off until like 9. So I didn't whine too bad, because I mean I'm hosting right? So I should be able to wear my cat ears and costume right?

 Apparently No. I was hosting for hour and a half before they cracked down on that, meanwhile at my other job, employees got to be in FULL costume. I was soooooo mad. But I made Way more money working, so I GUESS I can't complain too badly.  You probably noticed that I'm a cat up there, and don't even slightly resemble my original costume Idea: Black Cat.

  See what had happened was... I couldn't find my black short shorts for my costume, because the body stocking I'd bought was WAY more see-thru than I had originally expected. So I decided to scrap that Idea, because as much as I LOVE Black Cat, the thought of my tookus out for the world to see makes me slightly uncomfortable. But do not fret, for I will find my short shorts, and then this costume will be complete for future conventions.  So far my Convention Costumes are as Follows:

-Black Cat from Spider-man. 
-Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura.
-Ariel from the Little mermaid.
-Cat Girl from Nuku Nuku.

 I know I Know, I need to get to work. The Next Conventions I'll be attending are Armageddicon + Ohayocon. Maybe I'll see some of my readers there, if you think its me, walk by and say "vulcan is spicy." I'll know you're a reader. We're gonna make this a thing, so seriously!

Tata for now,
Mistress Out,


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