Handheld Mistress #17: New Consoles

March 29, 2013

 I know you guys are super surprised to see one of these aren't ya? Well don't be because they are back in full swing!!! I think about Last May I talked about how excited I was that my new DSI had arrived. Well I'm even more excited because Sunday, I made the transition from DSI to 3DS. And not just any old 3DS...
  The limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL!! I got it on the dayt it came out, and I got the last one at my local Game Stop!

Stylus Port and SD card in the back! Headphone jack on the bottom, Game Cartridge on top.

- Pedometer ( Counts your steps, the more steps, the more coins!
- Ability to make your own Mii
- Streetpass ( like a lobby for all of your mii friends, includes a mini rpg and puzzle game)
- Connects to people as you walk by as long your system is on.
- Ability to switch back and forth between 3D.
- Internet Browser
- Ability to take notes, inside and outside game

Very Happy I bought it!
I traded in my DSI, and a few old games that I don't play anymore to make room for the 3ds games, and was able to bring the price down. From 199 to 129. 

Mistress Out,


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