Makeup tutorial: Cheetah

March 20, 2013

I know its been a super long time since ive done a makeup tutorial. I haven't sworn off makeup or anything. I've just been so busy that even if I do bother to put on makeup i dont have the time to take photos or even record it like I'm supposed to. But never fear, not that I'm super prepared with my brand new camera. I'll be taking a lot more photos like I'm supposed to. Makeup and Outfit posts will be back in rotation. I'm so excited to get VSS back into tip top shape!

So heres our look for today.

Step One: Apply a burnt orange all over the eyelid

Step Two: Apply a white on the inner corners. blend slightly.

Step Three: Apply a deep purple on the outer edges. blend with the orange!

Step Four: Apply eyeliner. wet brush, and follow close to the lashes, when you hit the end drag upward in a strsight sharp line. come back down at an angle, it should resemble an icoslese triangle.

Step Five: Apply mascara and youre done!

Mistress Out,

Look for More tutorials coming soon!


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