Welcome to March!

March 2, 2013

OMG guys, I am such a failure, I just realized that I got like ONE thing done on my February to do list.
We will not even start on my driver's license situation, it makes me wanna punch a wall. (Hulk Style) The only thing I took care of was to update my contributor posts more often. Finally got another post up on BGN and Nerdettes United I think I updated twice in one month. Not bad, not bad. So March doesn't have like a lot of things I want to take care of but there are quite a few.

- Dress up like a princess for Robin's Neice's Birthday Party. I have already required Jasmine!

- Start working out more often, Gotta get in shape for the spring!

- Get my Driver's License: March 13th.

- Find an affordable upgrade for my netbook (Who knew it would be so difficult?!)

- Find the energy to create. (Confession: I haven't touched my crochet or knitting needles in Months!)

- Start writing outlines for my youtube videos. (Stops me from rambling...as much)

- Finish reading my T3 Manual.

- Actually Write a Playing Femme Article ( Decide if I want to keep that title, or just add it to Handheld Mistress...Decisions Decisions)

- Finally Get back to updating VSS Regularly. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday scheduling.

- Find a way to update EVERYTHING seamlessly. I really need to update more often, half the internet probably thinks I'm dead...


Mistress Out,


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