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March 22, 2013

 For the last couple of days, I've been feeling inspired to create. I dont know exactly why this feeling always seems to hit me when of course, I'm not prepared in the slightest but unfortunately, thats just how it seems to work, just the way my cookie seems to crumble. I haven't even touched my sewing machine/crochet/ knitting needles in almost a month. It used to be that I almost always had a project on my person, or in my purse, or that i was just drowning in ideas, and just didn't have time to execute them all. I'm unsure when the time came where my mind kind of gave up on all matters and forms of do it yourself ideas, but I'm totally glad that the dry spell is officially over.

 As far as knittting/crochet goes, I just have so many ideas bobbing around ijn the sea that is my brain right now, I wish Michael's or Hobby Lobby was open right now so I could be out gathering supplies, unfortunately, that just wouldn't be fair to those poor people on the opening shift. So alas, I shall suck it up and at least wait until 10am, to grab new yarn, and I've been saving up for that new circular needle kit, I think I'll go get it today!!

As far as actual project ideas here are a few:
- A pastel blue cowl with pastel pink bow
- A watermelon Pillow
- A black scarf with some embroidery work
- A tardis inspired case... for what I am unsure, but Tardis anything is cool.
- A gray and Pumpkin Orange Cardigan.

Whats been inspiring you guys lately?

Mistress Out,


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