Looking forward to a new year ( Inside Sneak Peek)

December 27, 2013

 Hello my lovely readers,
  Thanks for sticking with me all this time. I mean, I've been keeping this up since 2008! In May, that will have been six years! I think that's cause for celebration, don't you? So since the new year is literally around the corner I just wanted to say thanks again for all the support and hopefully, it will continue for the next few years to come!
   To ring in the new year, I will be overhauling the blog...again, but it's a new year its all about change and progress right? I want to streamline Vulcan Sugar and Spice, to include things that I like to do, I love my blog, but I feel like its hard for people to follow along because I try to include all kinds of things! Vulcan Sugar and Spice has no structure, and as my mother loves to inform me, you can't survive without structure.
   So bringing in the new year, will be a more streamlined Vulcan Sugar and Spice! Video Games, Photography and Comic books. I'm Ready for this are you guys?

Sincerely yours,

P.S. We can continue the conversation on Twitter: @provacatrix


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