Outfit of the Day: Double the Sun

April 29, 2014

  Just as I promised OUTFIT POSTS!  I found a "for the meantime" camera, in my mothers camera bag, so prepare for the end of CELLPHONE PHOTOS!!!! YAY! I was working two jobs, but I quit one a couple of days ago. At the moment I am stress free, and it's given me some semblence of free time, and I have decided that I was going to get out more. This Ohio weather is wonderful for the time being, and I thought I would make the absolute most of it. So not only do I have a fashion post for you in the first time this year, but I have TWO! I decided to get my roommate all dressed up for my day off, and we'd go out, get into some trouble and take pictures while doing it. Instead we ended up on campus with my cousin and her roomie, and got up to all types of photostalking. It was an awesome time! We got a tour of campus, got to be goofy in front of people (Which is never a bad thing, ever) ride lions, elegantly block steps for poor passerbys, and playing the piano for those students who haven't left their dorms yet. Later on that night, I went out with a few friends from work and Alex (Le Boyfriend*) and decided to wear the strapless minidress I scored from  Rue 21 earlier in the week. We literally spent the rest of the night at Arcade Legacy  We got there about 5:30 and stayed until about 11:30. In that time, I played like 8 games, finished two AND won a 2 out of 3 match against a tech from work (Apparently, he's a grudge keeper) All in all a super fun night, and Alex is finally getting the hang of taking photos of me for the blog. (BWAHAHA I have a free photographer for LIFE!!! I can't WAIT TO EXPLOIT THE MESS OUT OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!) Ahem, I mean, I can't believe I found someone willing to take picture of me whenever I ask, whenever I ask, he is so so sweet. 

Stay Nerdy,
Til Next time,

* Alex has given permission to be featured on the blog, so he will be Alex from now on, and Le Boyfriend will no longer be a used title *


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