Handheld Mistress #23: I Magical Dropped Zombies and Darkstalker'ed Your Tush!

April 30, 2014

  The other day, a few techs from my job decided to convince myself and Alex to head out (on my off day) to Arcade Legacy for games food and just a fun time. We got there about 5 ish, 2 hours later then everyone else, and everything was pretty much in full swing. They had a call of Duty tourney (I avoided that completely) and decided to look around, of course, it was Thursday, so it was CHOCK FULL of Arcade Fighters for fight night. I played their Popeye game, I didn't get very far but it was fun! Transferred over to DDR, but had a shooting pain in my foot and had to take a break. From there I moved on to House of the Dead 2 with Alex, which we finished! I'm so glad that all the games are free play, because I can only imagine what percentage of a small fortune we spent trying to defeat that game! Then I moved on to my all time favorite game of all time ( My ultimate weakness) Magical Drop 3, I've written about this game on HHM before.
  Well I'm writing about it again, because I beat Battle mode. I only had to battle the boss twice before I won. 12 rounds later, I saw the completion screen, and the credits! On one end I was excited that I could put another game under my belt, and on the other, I was so sad to see a section of a game go bye. Granted there is still Survival and Magical Journey to be played, but it's not like Magical Drop IV suddenly appeared, I don't want to have the heart wrenching feeling the end of Mystery Incorporated brought me. So after my gloating, a slight pain in my arm and photos, I was challenged to DarkStalkers by Daryl the Tech, He won the first one, and then I won the last two. Best two out of three, (apparently he likes to hold grudges) I met a whole bunch of people with street pass, I'm almost at 30!

Til Next time!
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