Handheld Mistress #22: Becoming a Pokemon Master

April 17, 2014

 So I am not a practical joker. Not even a little bit, Half of the time, I forget about April Fool's Day. It just isn't a holiday that pops up on my radar often. That last April fools day joke I remember is when I saw that episode of Batman: The animated Adventures, when Alfred says he drew Bruce a bath, and it's on a sheet of paper, and that was like ages ago! Jokes these days have gotten pretty bloody sophisticated. Google Maps decided to pull on my heart strings, and put out this video, calling for all capable peoples to open Google maps on their smart phone, click the Pokeball and start catching them all, if you happened to catch all 150 Pokemon littered through the world, then the last four standing will battle for the "actual Google position" of Pokemon Master. This prank was pretty impressive, and I was extremely depressed about the fact that it didn't actually exist. I was catching Pokemon until Alex Came home and then we watched Scooby Doo for the rest of the night, But I thought it would be cool to show off the Pokemon I did manage to capture, because despite how absolutely amazing this prank was, people aren't really talking about it like I thought they would so I decided that I would do the Honor, because Dude, Google! Google, was joking and gave us the opportunity to capture Pokemon in towns that we can actually visit! ~ Imagine what they could do if they were really trying? I didn't actually catch all 150, which weren't the originals but a mix between all Pokemon generations. It was a great ploy on Game Freaks behalf, because all it really made me wanna do, was play Pokemon X on my 3DS, One for subliminal messaging, Zero for little ole me.

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