Handheld Mistress #18:Magical Drop 3

August 23, 2013

 Hey Guys! The Mistress is BACK! Yesterday evening, I took my cousins out for a night on the town, since we don't drink smoke or party this entailed a trip to the local mall, for our favorite spot Arcade Legacy, I've talked about them before on the blog, but today I'm talking about a particular game that they had in their possession. They get new arcade games about every month or so. And tucked away in the back was a neo-geo console, with multiple games on it, and one of them was called Magical Drop 3. 
 We'd been there for about an hour or so when I found it, and I love puzzle games. So I plopped right on down and I played it and I played it and I played it some more. I was so enthralled with the colors and the game play that I hadn't even noticed how much time had already passed! I looked up for a hot second to make sure my cousins were behaving themselves and people were leaving! Not like one or two, but in DROVES, which meant that it was time for them to close up shop! I had sat there and played the game for an entire hour and half without being interrupted or moving from my spot. I knew right then and there I was addicted and that I had to write about it!
  So I did some research, the first one came out in 1995 in Japan of course, and there are like seven all together! They made one for the Playstation and one for the Game boy color, here's hoping for a random visit from a gaming fairy on my next trip to Gamestop. *fingers Crossed*. The third edition included 3 different types of game play. Survival- One player, move til you drop. Battle - Battle against the computer or a fellow opponent. Magical Journey- Which is basically like a game board and everytime you complete a puzzle the Character gains a space, the more spaces the further along the board you are allowed to move. I had been playing the game so long, that I only had 4 spaces left before I had gained my goal!

Til Next time Gamers,


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