The Last Day of the month!

February 29, 2008

Hello friends, today is the last day of the month. February has come and gone and were getting closer and closer and closer to the end of the school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I mean , who isn't excited about the end of the school year?! Alright back to the order of business!
Found out why Bridget hasn't been answering my calls. She's been prepping for Surgery! Her prostetic tube is infected and they have to surgically remove it. Austin, her brother, has a bitchface, hobag, slutstick for a girlfriend! She started talking about people she hasn't even met yet! She called Bridget a Whore?! and her friend Kevin a fag? Gurl, pleeze she would have been running home crying to her sugar daddy when I got through with her.
Bridget is 2nice 4 her own good! Sometimes, I wish I could switch places and just kick some butt.
Tap was pretty good. Alanna's play went great so she's back 4 good. Our substitute told me to catch her up so we went over to her own little corner. She got it the second try. Ms. Sara, I think her name is, told me to get an application to be a Teacher's Assistant. Wouldn't that be awesome? So I go ask ms. Tina and ms. Rachel and they basically said its first come first serve and all I have to do in fill out an application.


Freak out!

February 28, 2008

College is totally wearing me thin and I'm not even a senior yet! Its just that itching concept that sometime soon I'm going to have to choose is killing Me! See originally it was an easy choice because I wanted to study Anthropology. Then, Mom said that was too narrow and I should just switch to history. The only problem is there are like 50 Million Kajillion Colleges that have general history as a major thus making my choice even harder than before.
However, she's right. :( I don't want to box myself in and thus the internet search begins. I want to be far away from where I am now as possible and still be able to speak my native language... ENGLISH! Thus narrows it down to anything in the United States, United Kingdom, and Anywhere else. (didn't really like geography):P So what do I do? A calm cool collected teenager with the body of a goddess and the mind of a infallible scientist? lol I research. I've decided to go through a search of the internet with my handy dandy mother and college guide books.
Just in case you didn't get it that's from Blue's Clues. lol.

Another day

Another day spent having fun. It's almost like it's too good to be true. Spent another 2 mins creating another txt message dat I no Ill neva send. It sounds so depressing and pathetic when you say it aloud. I wonder if he'll ever love me? Kyana is such a cool friend! I'm so lucky to have her! WE've been friends 4 almost 4 years! It's awesome. We were a close knit group; Kyana, Kari, Desirae and I. If only we could have kept it up. But no... Desirae had to be held bak a year and Kari had to disappear off the face of the earth.
But I guess it's all good. Kyana and I will start college in the same year & She and
I swore we'd keep in touch. It's great to have Friends in your life like her!

Well what do ya know?

February 27, 2008

So yesterday my hip hop class did pull through apparently, the snow stopped for no apparent reason. So when I got there I was first because my sister has class before I do. Then when it was time for class every single dancer was there. I was so happy. Because when someone is missing then it is hard for Amanda to teach us the part. And to move on and maybe learn a little more of our hip hop recital dance.
Anyway, When we finally got in there, the Studio is always over run with hyper children, Amanda decided to teach us the very beginning of our dance. I must warn you we look good! Our moves are tight and I can't wait to see our costumes, the way the dance hides our face I think we should have worn a fedora and suit-like costumes but apparently nobody asked me. Lets see what else? Oh! Today is our separate groups at the library. I have a crochet group and my sister has a doll group. Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something but I can't quite remember what it is.
So the other day I tried to explain the lure of Asian Culture to my aunts. It didn't work so well. In fact, they think I'm weirder now, then I was before so needless to say it was a bust. I was telling them about the conventions and things and cosplay and such and my aunt was like" Let me get this straight, There are other Gabby's in the world?" I rolled my eyes, she makes me sound like some kind of freak!
Weasels get a bum rap, don't you agree Harold? I mean I don't seem sneaky, coniving or homicidal to you eh?- The Weasel, Return to Howliday Inn by James Howe

Why Bother?

February 26, 2008

I'm not even sure I should have written that last entry. I mean what was the point of trying to keep up with your friends if they never answer their phone? I mean that's what you have it for right? TO answer? I mean otherwise what is the point? This is my favorite video ever!
Tomboy by beul su ki I think

Old Friends do they really have a place in a new life?

I was just wondering, say you were somewhere where you made a lot of friends and then something happened and you were uprooted rather ubruptly. Do you think the old friends have a place in your new life. Because this has happened to me and I find it extremely difficult to keep up with everybody. Now don't go throwing that they'll be with you thick and thin if they're your real friends crap.
I want some concrete fact that it can work. Because its kind of hard for me. But I especially love it when I run into someone I haven't seen in forever such as my friend Daniel. I hadn't seen him since I'd been uprooted and I ran into him while he was working at Wal-mart! It was fun to catch up. So onto better things.
Today is Tuesday and I have dance! I haven't had it in 3 weeks because of all the snow. But now that it has decreased a bit I can go get my hip hop on. I think dance is really neat and I love how I feel at the end of a practice. Calm, neutral and focused, the only thing that beats that feeling is after I've preformed a recital, then I feel like I'm on air! Like a cloud just drifting away.
I'm currently on a new book! It had to be you by Cecily Von Ziegesar. It's good, exactly what I would expect from a Gossip Girl novel. It does answer a lot of questions I gathered reading the entire series as well as collecting it. Only missing two novels and then It will be completed! I've decided to start my own Zine with Kyana!
It's going to be called Kuuipo! Its hawaiin for My sweet. Isn't that adorable?! Ah well its lunch time now and my stomach is growling something fierce so talk to you later.
This has been Kuro Neko. Mew V


February 25, 2008

I hate this! Constantly waiting constantly hoping only to crash into the ground. Hard, dead, waiting, wanting. Do you even care what I want? Do you even know? Only worried about who'll suck you right or if I'm interested in 2-on-1. What if I wanted more than that? What if I wanted permission to call just cuz I could?
Do I have to have a reason just to listen to your voice? Can't I be a part of something wonderful and spectacular? With you? Only you? I don't want to have to share. Even before we reached this phase I was the other girl, the one who did the things your girlfriends didn't. I be came your go-to-girl and I was proud, happy even that you thought I was important enough for such a task.
And when you made it permanently grounded in reality I was over the moon! I told my best friends in the world! They told me to go for it. Now I wish I hadn't, Do you care? I doubt it.

This is the hindu entry in english. Just in case you were wondering. This is a poem I wrote about a month ago about a problem I was having. Writing makes me feel better and I think its way better than yelling at someone at the top of your lungs. Try it! You may find that its a better outlet for your feelings.


इ हटे थिस! कांस्तान्त्ली वेटिंग कांस्तान्त्ली होपिंग ओनली टू क्रेश इन्तो थे ग्रौंद। हार्ड, दाद, वेटिंग, वान्तिंग
दो यू एवें करे वहत इ वांट? दो यू एवें क्नो? ओनली वोर्रिएद अबाउट व्हो'ल सूचक यू रिघ्त और इफ इ'म इन्तेरेस्तेद इन २-०न्-१ वहत इफ इ वांटेड मोरे थान ठाट? वहत इफ इ वांटेड पेर्मिस्सिओं टू कॉल जुस्त कज इ कोउल्ड?
दो इ हवे टू हवे अ रेअसों जुस्त टू लिस्तें टू यौर वौइस्? कैन'टी इ बे अ पार्ट ऑफ़ सोमेथिंग वोंदेर्फुल एंड स्पेक्टाकुलर? विथ यू? ओनली यू? इ दोन'टी वांट टू हवे टू शेयर।
एवें बेफोरे वे रेअचेद थिस फेस इ वास थे ओथेर गर्ल, थे ओने व्हो दीद थे थिंग्स यौर गिर्ल्फ़्रिएन्द्स् दिदं'टी। इ बेकाम यौर गो-टू-गर्ल एंड इ वास प्रौद, हैप्पी एवें ठाट यू थौघ्त इ वास इम्पोर्तंत एनौघ फॉर सुच अ टास्क।
एंड व्हें यू मदे आईटी पेर्मनेंत्ली ग्रौंदेद इन रियलिटी इ वास ओवर थे मून! इ टोल्ड माय बेस्ट फ्रिएंड्स इन थे वर्ल्ड, थे टोल्ड मी टू गो फॉर आईटी! नो इ विष इ हदं'टी दो यू करे? इ दौब्त आईटी.

My first entry

Hello everyone, This is my first entry. two days after I won a scholarship that I can put towards college so its pretty safe to assume that I am excited. And now I have a place to express it. so make sure to watch for updates and such.
love ya,
Kuro Neko


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