The Last Day of the month!

February 29, 2008

Hello friends, today is the last day of the month. February has come and gone and were getting closer and closer and closer to the end of the school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I mean , who isn't excited about the end of the school year?! Alright back to the order of business!
Found out why Bridget hasn't been answering my calls. She's been prepping for Surgery! Her prostetic tube is infected and they have to surgically remove it. Austin, her brother, has a bitchface, hobag, slutstick for a girlfriend! She started talking about people she hasn't even met yet! She called Bridget a Whore?! and her friend Kevin a fag? Gurl, pleeze she would have been running home crying to her sugar daddy when I got through with her.
Bridget is 2nice 4 her own good! Sometimes, I wish I could switch places and just kick some butt.
Tap was pretty good. Alanna's play went great so she's back 4 good. Our substitute told me to catch her up so we went over to her own little corner. She got it the second try. Ms. Sara, I think her name is, told me to get an application to be a Teacher's Assistant. Wouldn't that be awesome? So I go ask ms. Tina and ms. Rachel and they basically said its first come first serve and all I have to do in fill out an application.



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