What does Mc Frontalot and I have in common?

April 27, 2010

   We're both Sick! Last night putting my netflix subcription to work, discovered a documentary on NerdCore. Now if they're are any fans reading this, I know that I'm lame for not coming across it earlier, but in my defense I had Which MC was that on my mp3 player long before I heard about the rest of the movement, So I basically just raided his cache of music and am uploading it to my MP3 player while I'm typing this. So still watching NerdCore Rising, I have begun to harbor a crush for Blak Lotus. Not only is his name sexy as hell, but so is he which is a total plus!
   Alas, I am very easily distracted if you guys hadn't noticed yet. for this being my 61st entry, you guys aren't very observant lol. But I love you anyway. So back to the topic at hand. I am SICK! It is horrible! I woke up early enough to get to class on time and then it hit me, hard! It felt like a 18 ton pile of bricks just popped out of nowhere with a cold dish of revenge and punched me in the gut! It was so painful! My stomach was like permanently puckered and I threw up not once but 3 times! I wasn't even able to completely stay in class. I made it through the attendance roll call and then ran like a ghost was after me, straight to the bathroom where I upchucked my medicine. It fucking sucked. I began to feel like a Cpu, without a fan, I was overheating and it was the worst feeling I've ever felt, even worse then when Pannico trapped my hand in the wooden door, that was bad, I fainted on the spot. I'm not really good with pain if you couldn't already tell.
   So because my professor is not a completely heart deprived individual he let me go back home (a.k.a. my dorm room) and I collapsed on my bed, and slept and when I woke up I felt so much better! Of course my class was at 8:15 and I woke up around 12 something. So now, I'm up and ready to get stuff done! Thursday is my last day of fresh sem and that is when my 3-5 page essay is due! Which sucks because I haven't even started on it yet, and I really don't want to , but if I don't then my grade drops and I can't have it drop any lower than it already is!!!!!!!!!
    At least I don't have too many actual exams. I have an exam + a concert review in Masterworks of Music. I have an exam + a final essay which is like 5 pages long! in Intro to Sociology. I have a final essay due in Written Word. I have a final essay due in World Civ. I have a final essay + 3 copies, plus a movie in Freshman Seminar. I think I speak for every freshman when I say, WE FUCKING HATE THIS CLASS! THANKS FOR THE WAsTE OF TImE COLLEGE YOU FUCKING RULE!" I'm done ranting now.


Lucky number sixty!

April 25, 2010

  So, the last time I think I was on was a few days ago, but I don't thnk I talked about anything significant. So now, I shall. My parents came to visit today. Like usual, it was an interesting visit to say the least. My grandmother on one of her bargain excursions came across a working Macbook. The original ones that look like toilet seat covers. *Sigh* I'm sorry but they do. And to think I wanted one of them. SMH. Anyway, she comes across this Macbook, but can't get on it because it has a password, and the username is CPS. HAHAH It is the epitome of ironicacy because my father used to work for CPS and used to do the same thing everyday all day long, so this is like his long-waited revenge lol. Anyway, it's working now, so they dropped it off earlier this morning.
  I can't believe school is almost over! I have exactly 10 days of classes/ exams left! EEEEP! I have two formal exams. Masterworks of Music ( Go Figure) and Intro to Sociology. The other 3 classes are simply essays. But I think my Fresh. Sim. Teacher has gone off his rocker! This class was simply supposed to be an S.U. C. But I have done at least 4 papers all semester and we have 2 freakin' Exams for him! A visual presentation on a painting of his choosing, and a 3 page in-depth paper on human cost of war using a PoSB called In Country. The author only talked to one fucking veteran. How the hell is one person supposed to give you the insight to create a book that fucking long? Isn't it bad enough you made us read it once? Now we have to fucking analyze it and search for deep meanings and shit. How are we supposed to find deep meanings in her book? She herself is only as deep as a rain puddle.
  So Malia Obama is becoming quite the Bendi! She is starting a campaign to save Tigers. Sorry Not T I double Ger's but the Lethal beautiful creatures. lol She brought it to the president and First lady A.K.A. parents about  the first week in office and they still haven't done anything about it, It's pretty bad when they're not even listening to their offspring lol.The general public, sure, that's what we expect from a president, but when you're not even listening to your own children, that you parade around like little barbie dolls, there is a serious issue.
  Almost finished with EM;s kimono, only problem is it is now the due date, and I don't even think we're gonna make it to the butterfly show!...T _T Uber sadness! But the finished product is a little short, and there or, I am adding more fabric to it, but my sewing machine which I've been using non-stop for the last 4 days, has thrown a temper tantrum! Everytime I try sewing the new piece on, it stops in one spot and leaves a bunch of stitches and then it gets stuck and I have to untangle everything. It's pissing me off If I could be frank! Anyone know a solution for this???

1,)SMH: Shaking my head
2.)CPS: C** Public Schools
3.)S.U.C.: Show up class
4.)PoSB: Piece of Shit Book


I remember

April 23, 2010

  I remember living at my Grandmother's and eating mayonaisse sandwiches. I remember how scared I was when my dad threw my desk through my window. I remember how shocked I was when I had my first date. I remember how scared I was at my Junior recital. I remember the sinking feeling that came over my stomach when Houlteete asked for the homework assignment I couldn't print out, I remember the surprise when I woke up in Chike's Bed...I remember arguing with Katie at Kings' Island because she thought that I was coming down on Paris Hilton abnormally hard, she called it jealousy, HAH!
  I remember worrying I wouldn't be able to get my books on time, I remember wanting to be a Prima ballerina and wishing that I could lead the Moscow ballet. I remember wanting to be a professional tap dancer and lead the Rockettes. I remember that Judy Link's dance Studio is filled with untalented teachers, and racist undertones. I remember Whitney and I strayed form the Freshman routine. I remember helping Rachel clean her room, and helping her find a 24 karat gold earring that she'd been searching for four long years.
  I remember wishing that I could learn how to sew, so I wouldn't be so disappointed when my mother would take me shopping and I couldn't find pants that fit. I remember my very first episode of Scooby Doo. He was a puppy and they were at the commander cool convention. I remember how excited I was when I finished my 1st cosplay costume and how even more excited I was when I won second place. I remember the feeling of Euphoria I get when I have my digital camera between my fingers. I remember the embarrassment when I was praised on my video scrapbook.
  I remember the happiness I had when I received my first check. I remember how excited I was when I got my first job. How happy I was for my cousin when she told me she as running the senate at school. I remember how Gi and I were bawling when it came time for them to leave my dorm room. I remember the emptiness of just staring into space, when I'd first moved in and didn't know anyone.
  I remember the Smirk on my face, when I beat my father in chess...twice in a row. I remember the laughter when Pannico moved chess pieces around with his nose, instead of chewing on them, and how he helped me avoid getting my queen jumped. I remember the pain when I won the race, and tore my knee in the process. I remember yelling and fighting with Beck's.

~I Remember~

My obsessions

April 22, 2010

 When I think about obsessions, I think about people who are completely bound to certain things. Like I happen to be obsessed with books and music. To the point, where I would spend my entire paycheck on books, I think they call it bibliomania. It reminds me of the anime R.O.D., Read or Die not the OVA but the anime, with the 3 sisters, who have so many books that the door opens and there's a book slide, I don't even know if that's an actual world or not, hmm...
  My favorite books to read are ones that deal with activism and romance. Not the normal romance like when jak met Sally but, the really hot erotica one's from Harlequinn and Violet Blue. I think it might just be because I'm an inner pervert but everyone has something about them right? So I happen to enjoy reading a hot sweaty erotica novel every now and again, I'm sure that doesn't make me crazy or anything.
  I am also obsessed with music! To the point where I hear a song I like and I have to get it! I try to get it within the same week otherwise I'll forget about it. Back home that used to get me in trouble a lot!I have a habit of loving songs that are hard to find, so that you can't get them off of Itunes, or Amazon, or the cd you want but can't find, so I began to turn to p2p research and usually whatever I wanna hear is there and I click download. I don't virus scan or anything because I am so into getting that one song, or that one album that not only am I putting my computer at Risk but also whatever internet connection I happen to be using and my father, the computer technician, wasn't to happy about that.
 I also have a habit of divulging too much, and wanting people to see. I wouldn't say that it's an obsession persay ... but there has to be a reason why I have over 50 hand written journals, and 4 blogs...


Fear Me! For I am a pinup girl.

 So I am officially addicted to pin-up girl couture! I can;t wait to start working again so I can start spending copius amounts of money on fabric to start making these uber sexy outfits! Plus the shoes are amazing!
 See look:
Aren't they so freaking adorable? Wait until I show you the shoes!

Aren't they to die for?

Bye bye Conrad Birdie

April 18, 2010

  Hurrah! As of 5:30 p.m. The spring Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, is completely finished! No more late practices, no more missed dinners, no more performances! I am completely finished! There are like 3 weeks of school left, and then I can start working again. I'm hoping by the end of the summer to have my license, so even if I don't get my car, I can drive mom's since she doesn't really go anywhere. I might be commuting though. Because If I commute then It'll be cheaper, and I can keep some of the money to get an apartment. But this summer is going to be way busy because...I MADE THE DANCE TEAM! which is great but it's seriously going to take a huge chunk of time out of my schedule! we have 2 mandatory dance camps, plus I have to take a ballet technique course over the summer. So that's at least 3 things plus the 2 jobs I'd have to have to be able to pay for school, and my cell phone, since I'm switching providers and getting an actual plan and phone! It's a touch screen! I'm excited.
  So, I have joined netflix, and began watching a bunch of movies that I haven't seen before, on their instant watch list...Right now I'm watching L.A. Ink, with Kat Von D. Whom is a personal role model of mine. Along with Hannah Aitchison, whom I absolutely love for her pin up styles. A lot of her tattoos remind me of Adam Hughes. Who is known for his pin-up style characters.

 I can't wait to get everything back the way it was. Because at the moment, it just feels like I'm so discombobulated! Like I think I can focus on getting shit done now, because of the fact that the show is over. Like the only thing I really need to focus on has been cut in half, just getting these papers done and starting on Emily's kimono, and getting a job. So now that I've updated everyone, I shall say au revoir!


Wish me luck!

April 16, 2010

 Hey! This is going to be a really quick post. It is just to let everyone know that my dance team audition is tomorrow, and everyone should wish me luck! Because I'm really Nervous! so please wish me luck on my newest endeavor, and everyone on the bye bye birdie roster... WE KICKED ASS! We rocked hardcore! Congratulations on a perfect run, lets hope we can keep it up until sunday! See you all later!


Birds of a feather fail in April...

April 7, 2010

  Hey Guys! I 've decided to talk about my first second April entry. I'm kind of stressing because I had trouble getting online when I got back to school! I was able to get on around 2:30 p.m. This afternoon, which I'm really happy about because I can do my homework and stuff now. We have just hit TECH a.k.a. Hell week, and I am unhappy. They expect us to have a rehearsal on saturday...FORMAL IS SATURDAY! I have my hair that needs to get done, I have Claire's Hair to do, I have Emily's I have Erin's, I mean, I still have things to go get, and she expects me to be there from 2-5 p.m. The Formal starts @ 7 and that's not even counting traffic! She must be out of her mind! Found out Ashley is going to Formal, now we can have an actual Grind line! So exstatic!
  Figured out the exact times for getting my hair done, just need to find some green ribbon to get braided in my hair! Finally updated my youtube! But STILL forgot about the one year video, so I will either do that after this post or do it, like tomorrow, depends on how lazy I get. Jeff left with my books...AGAIN! So I am again without them...total sadness : (( but at least my 4 page evaluation essay on stereotypes isn't due tomorrow like I thought, I have until the 12th, which if you weren't aware is after Formal, meaning that I can relax and then do it over the weekend!
  The weather has been soooo nice today! Oh my goodness! I am absolutely loving it. I've been wearing short skirt after short skirt and tank tops, and shortie shorts and absolutely loving it. I have all three classes tomorrow unfortunately and Not enough time to relax, especially since, I have practice straight after dinner, which really isn't good for your digestion, I should totally tell Mari that next time I see her. So I don't know if I'm going to actually go to practice on Saturday. I already told Mari that I wasn't sure if I could make it, and she said that was fine, but I guess it will all depend on whether or not, I'm worn out after doing three heads! 2 of them will be fairly easy because they're short/medium length hair, but I'm kind of worried about clair.e Her hair is like Bejeezulbub long! lol.



The Ideas of March...

April 1, 2010

  The last day of the month...Tomorrow is April Fools day, I hope that means that my classes tomorrow are actually canceled, and I don't have to go, because I already know that I'm going to be feeling sooo lazy when I wake up in the morning tomorrow, My god its going to be horrible! At least I only have two classes. I did my homework for both classes, so hopefully, I can just breeze through it. I've finally gotten over Ian, I'm still pissed but at least I'm not sad anymore. 
  So speaking of new things, It's going to be a totally new month. I'm really excited! My cousins birthdays are within weeks of themselves. The formal is next weekend. Mom and I are finishing the dress this easter weekend and then on Saturday before the dance, I'm getting my hair done, now I'm not for certain what I want to do with it, but I really like the green in the hair Idea and the bang, but I'm not to sure about the actual style. I'm doing Erin's hair,  she wants spirals. So i;m going to give them to her! Bwhahahah and I haven't convinced Claire yet, but I'm sure she'll come around. 
   Speaking of coming around, I have GOT TO FIND MY CAMERA! It has disappeared, I'm almost certain that it's at my house, but I can't be almost certain I have to be sure. I mean I practically tore my room apart and couldn't find it, so I'm really really hoping that it's either there or in the car...I mean I can NOT go to formal without my camera! I absolutely refuse! I think Emilie just said this to piss me off, but  she was talking about wearing a beret to formal. She has a huge poofball princess ball gown and she wants to wear a beret! I told her if she stepped off the premises with that hat on, that I would shoot her. Twice! One for the hat and then the second one I'm coming for her! She laughed but I told her I was joking even though I totally wasn't lol.
  I'm kind of sad, because I have missed the anniversary of my youtube log! It's the 19th of March and I've missed it by like 13 days! It's horrible! So now I have to do a belated one, I really hate being late for anything, especially my own freaking events! Speaking of events, I had an uber long Play practice tonight, and it was absolute havoc! We had a schedule that no one understood, so I pretty much spent the entire practice trying to fix this list that's making me wanna pull  my hair out and then to make matters worse, the actual thing was missing 4 whole SCENES!!!!! I almost wanted to give up, then it was only us girls on crew, so we had to move that  big ass bed, and table, and then she has the nerve at the end of practice to talk about the scene changes need to be quicker, or down to 30 seconds long. Are you up on stage moving shit? Are you in awkward positions painting shit? Did you help us move the shit? Then shut the fudgecrackers up, I'm trying hard to cuss less, but as you can see it is obviously not working lol.
  Then to make matters worse, on the day after Ian told me he just wanted to be friends I was so distraught that I forgot to do the one fundamental thing I always do when I get to the dining hall. Ask if the food has peanuts, peanut butter, or Coconuts in it, because I'm deathly allergic, and of course of all the days I don't ask, there has to be a fucking peanut butter marinade! So Yes, while I'm sitting at the table wallowing in my own sorrow, I feel the inside of my mouth start to feel like its trying to shed its self, like it always does when I've eating something peanut related. So I wait a second longer and there's the blister on my lip. I was motherfucking pissed! Then I run up to get my epipen, which I don't really want to use, because those are for extreme breakouts and I only have one blister, so Claire comes up with the brilliant idea to ask the well ness center to see if they have any Benedril of course they and the nurse don't answer and when it looks like I'm actually going to have to use it, then the guy sitting at the information desk, looks in his first aid kit and pulls one out! Benedryl u pervs not his ya know, gosh get your minds out the gutter lmfao + rofl. So he has saved the day I mention him, but I still don't know his name! lol. Finally found out Parkers last name, and added him to facebook accordingly haha. 
  I...I...Am extremely pissed at Nicki Minaj's debut single Massive Attack! What the hell happened to her flow? Her delivery? Her use of actual words? This is why she stayed underground for so long, the limelight has ruined her, I really hope that it was a fluke and her other singles will be like her mixes, because that was straight bullshit, If I'd been in the audience at 106 N park, I would have started a riot!

                                          Massive Attack Sucks Balls!

p.s. I'm going to sign all of my posts with my real name from now on. Thanks for reading! *heart*


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