February 28, 2010

  So...We finally rescheduled the talent show. It's the 1st of March! Which is freaking tomorrow! I don't know what I'm going to wear, I still haven't decided what to sing. I haven't burned the cd. I haven't done anything really except laundry and homework, which is great but now I'm starting to get clammy like when I'm on a date for the first time with someone new or when I'm in class and the teacher calls on me knowing damn well I don't know the answer and I have to make up some bullshit response and they give me this look like I know that's not right, but I'm going to let it slide.
  It comes from not being prepared, it's kind of like, my stomach drops and I take little huffy breaths and my hands sweat and shake, and my toes tingle. Does that make me weird?? That certain things make my body feel like a vibrator?? Speaking of Vibrators...I have sworn off boys. This week has just been so bad, that I have completely sworn off the opposite sex. I can feel Parker cringing as we speak but it is what it is. I'm just soo tired of being used that I have lost my faith in men in General.
  And refering to in general, I had THE weirdest day ever! I get up mega early and go down to have the lunch so I'm in my cute pajama's and on my way to the cafeteria when I'm herded off into the outside lobby because some dumb ass has blown a fuse and the fire alarm has gone off! So, I'm outside freezing my ass off with Claire and Emily, waiting for them to let us back into the building. They were on their way to the library to go to work and apparently that's where the problem was. A transformer blew in the library which is where the internet and computer supplies is kept, meaning that we didn't have internet for a whole day and a half, I honestly don't understand how I survived. Like I was just doing the most asinine things to keep myself busy and when I was done, it was only time for lunch. It was horrible. I'm really sad to find that I'm addicted to the internet but it's even worse that I can't find something to do when it's not here.
  So Emily and I played pool, were soon joined by Kris and CJ, and this just proved how out of it I was without internet, that we were sitting there watching wrestling and Basketball, not bits and pieces mind you but the whole fucking thing, and I know who were playing! As if watching wasn't bad enough. Lmao. My friend Cooper, has discovered that there might be a shred of proof that percentages of Stephanie Meyer's profits may be going to anit-gay campaigns. I really hope not, I'm going to look up on it but if it turns out to be true, then she should watch out, because I don't think she knows what she will wind up releasing...
 Speaking of releasing! I have my very first crochet order!! Yes you heard me! I am to create an African themed beanie! With stripes instead of patches. $6.50 I'm sooo excited!  I've already started, but I have to wait for him to come back on campus so I can measure him, I don't want it to be too big haha. And if you would like one just email me. alicehatter1891@gmail.com.
  I'm sad, I was in the mood to add to my stories but I can't find Just Me on my laptop. The one that I'm really far in, and has a catpeople theme? Yeah, the really good one, that's the one I can't seem to find. It's kind of making me depressed. haha. So I helped U-la babysit her nieces last night, they were soo adorable! The baby kept staring at me though, It was probably because I was new. Now I'm going to go work out.

Winter Glam!

February 13, 2010

                                  Do you need a Hat, Scarf or really cute accessory?

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Winter Glam

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A-head of the game.

February 12, 2010

 So, yesterday, Masai came to visit me. I haven't seen him in forever and I had a blast, we basically just hung out and played pool, but I had trouble finding him at first, he was on the 3rd floor and not where I expected him to be. He was just chilling in the corner and I was shocked when I came back, and he was standing there. He kept telling me that he was in the pool table but, he couldn't tell me anything else, and I have no idea why I didn't think about the fact that he could actually find someplace, without me...Guess I understimated him.
  But, when I finally found him, he seemed uber pissed, and I asked him whats wrong. He pulls me back into the staircase and looks me straight in the eye, and informs me that the boys milling around the room, with him, were talking about me. I don't really care how or what they talk about, even though they were talking about me, I could care less. People talk, that's what they're here for, that's why god gave them mouths. He seemed extremely distraught, so I gave in, and asked him what they were talking about? How I would be perfect for giving them head.
  Of course. What else would they be talking about? It's like high school all over again! Grow the fuck Up. Half the boys that were hanging out I've seen maybe once or twice around campus. They don't even know my full name, and there sitting there discussing sexual fantasies where I'm the star? What the Fuck. This always happens to me. I just don't think its fair! I had the same thing happen; Senior Year, when I was doing the Joseph play, the same rumor was going around school. School that I didn't even attend?!
 But I'm in College now. I'm not a high school senior, and I'm not going to let their high school nonsense affect and or get the best of me. I am a strong independent woman and I refuse to let little boys who wear their pants around thier ankles to get the best of me. I am intelligent, and resourceful, and sexual, and I refuse to let them perverse that.

Pronounced: Gah-bree-EL-ah (Italian)

Italian and Hungarian form of Gabriel. Originally Hebrew.

Gabriella's posses strong and attractive personalities. They either fall into the sensitive, shy, gentle and patient category. Or the exhibitionist and lively aura. Both mend and tend to be loyal and honest beings. They are frank (friendly) and humanitarian among others. Their originality and inventive personalities draw many in. They are on another perceptive fairly independent on some terms. They enjoy showing off their intellectual status and humorous remarks every once in awhile. Whenever they express themselves emotionally or spiritually, you would know. They are nearly always clear minded, concise and logical.

Gabriella's do not give themselves easily. However, once they do decide that one is worthy of their friendship or love, they can exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible attraction on them and are willing to sacrifice anything for them.

On the dark side.. they are somewhat perverse and unpredictable. They are intractable or contrary sometimes and if you let them they become detached from their surroundings.

Fucking Dueces,


Snow Snow Snow Snow

February 9, 2010

 Today is A Snow-Day!
No School at all! 
Snow all the way up to my knees!
No School, Just totally fun!
We're actually going Sledding and I cannot Wait! 
Talk to you later! Be on the look out for Photos!

today is the Day, I shall pass my test!

 And if you're not in the know, yes, that is a direct quote from Dexter's Lab. And yes, I am a Dexter's Lab fan. But that doesn't really pertain to my topic. Today's Entry was supposed to take place on Monday, but I got lazy and distracted by the Phillip Defranco show! And if You don't know what that is then visit this Link right this minute! Plus, he's just really really really cute! Yes, he's been on youtube for 2 years! and I was watching each and everyone!( youtube.com/user/sxephil )
  But alas, it is now Tuesday, and I have two classes and then my first bye bye Birdie practice! So, I'm really hoping that it turns out okay, because I've been doing my research but it's just kinda boring, and I hope it'll turn out to be like Anything Goes, where I'm pleasantly surprised.  I'm completely moved into my new room/ aka my awesome roommate E.M.U. She has bought a fish! I don't know what kind it is, but it looks soo lonely, I kinda wanna jump in the tank and like keep it company, but I wouldn't be able to do that because just like alice drinking things she shouldn't growing, I'd displaced all the water and the poor fishie would be flopping around on the ground like:...Well, a fish out of water lol.
 But We got the results back from our Intro to Sociology 1st Exam; yea, I got a 74%. So like the title said, I did indeed past the test, but I really wanted a much better grade than that! Ms. H. said that its perfectly normal for a freshie like me to get grades like this on tests, but that just doesn't do it for me! I am not happy, it's a c, and not only a c, but a low c! And C's don't make smithsonian curators, damnit! So now, I feel I must fix the situation, so of course, I'm studying hard, and turning in my assignments on time, and participating more in class, and I recieved my Chap.1 and 2 questions, with acceptable grades on them; don't ask why I didn't mention chap. 3; it's just a headache I dont want to get into at the moment.
 But I absolutely love the fact that we're in college, and we still get N/N at the top of our papers in brightly colored marker, It feels like being homeschooled all over again, except with people, most of whom I don't care for...This is College people, when are you going to grow up? If someone's laundry is in the washer, and you need to use it, move it to the dryer, don't just pull it out put it in the basket and leave it there to sour; lets use our nice personalities shall we??  Seriously, I feel like one of those kindergarten teachers, where they keep telling the little kids that are so excited to actually be leaving their house, and playing with kids; that have actual toys, and don't spend their time playing blueberry can beer bowling, with their grandmother ( Altho, I ain't gonna lie! That is STILL my favorite handmade game of all time) There are just times when you should say no.
  Such as agreeing to play pool with 2 other people knowing damn well you can't play yourself, and don't know any of the rules, *I have no idea why it sounds like personal experience, as a blogger I like to write about things that I don't experience* *Eye roll; apparently it's hard to read sarcasm lmfao*

Take me...Take me..Take me...To Ohayocon! duex

Saturday, January 30th, 2010
Day Two
  So, I didn't wake up until close to noon, because I was up all night, raving and playing video games. So, By the time I started rolling out of bed, Clare and her family were already up and moving! Her mother sews, which puts her up top in my book! Anyone who sews or does some type of needle crafting is a-okay in my book! So, I took a shower, got dressed and got ready to head to Anime Jeapordy, my first panel! 
  And Just because it's me, I get there super massively early...and sit and sit and sit somemore. They choose the participants by guessing the number closest to the host's number, I was off by two and the three that got the right answer were so stupid! They were missing the answers to the simplest questions! So, hopefully next time they'll choose the contestants by like a quiz of intelligence and not lucky number guessing, I was not happy about not getting to play! But because I was there so freakin' early, the host gave me a prize of 3 buttons from his bag that I could choose, I was so excited, the Purse I bought is now covered in the buttons i bought, through out the entire trip.
  1. Anime Jepordy-The worst game of Jeapoardy played EVER! The audience won! We had 16 and the contestant that came in 1st place only had 3...So we should have gotten the prize but its cool...I got buttons out of it.
  2. Anime Blogging 101-My second panel...was a little bit better, hosted by Cj Blackwing of Borderline Hikikomori fame. She totally B.S.Ed the first 20 minutes, but I had to hand it to her, being homeschooled like moi, and finding time to run a highly successful anime blog, and conducting her little minions, to do her bidding. For that I give her aces! I learned a lot, but the premise was extremely yawn worthy, so I didn't stay for 102...Part of me wishes I did, the other half still says fuck it. Visit, and comment, they like that stuff.
  3. Massive Shopping- Dealers room- bought a really cute chinese-inspired shirt, with slits on the side...I wore it to the second rave/Ohayocon dance...Which was really fun! Bought an onigiri pillow, which has a bell inside that shakes, when you shake it! hahah, Wish they had some asian fabric I could have bought back to sew with, but it is what it is...
  4. Ohayocon Dance/Rave-So, I attended this one, with Jess and Kiersten! It was totally worth the almost 2 hour wait! Next year, we get to have the ballroom, so we won't have to worry about doing that really stupid cycling thing, you wait 2 hours to get in...One hour to dance, and then you leave..I only let it slide because it was my first rave and con, don't think ya'll can pull that shit again next year...I think not! I will not allow it!  But I danced with 3 guys tonight, and had one tell me i was a beautiful woman, that made my night! It's not every day that I hear someone telling me that I'm beautiful...Who knew the neko girls could down like that? A whole grind-line? Who knew they rolled like that...Not me that's for sure.
If you'd like to see the photos just visit this link:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14763&id=100000113016754&l=ec86c3aee5


Whatever happened to freedom of the 5 dollar bill?

February 3, 2010

 So, today, I restarted my youtube account, by uploading two videos, in the last 4 months...Make that one video and one without sound... They say I am breaking some kind of law, by playing the music...But it's totally legit! I paid 5 bucks for the music used in my video, I didn't download it, so why shouldn't I be allowed to use it?? Youtube officially sucks for that one by the way...
  Officially the best day I've had since OHayocon...Written Word has been cancelled, poor Buffy, I hope she's okay, but that means I don't have to scramble to do the homework! I have all....weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and it'll probably be due monday...But it's so nice, all this extra time. So I'm going to spend it creating new vids for youtube, including an Ohayocon slideshow, videography, is what I do, it's one of my favorite past times, and I can't wait to show you hao great I am at it! Once It;s finished I will upload it on here. Until then...

The Paper...

February 2, 2010

  So, I need an extracurricular activity to keep myself busy. So I'm going to apply for an empty slot on the college Dateline! The dateline is the college newspaper. It is Monthly and completely black and white. The articles are mostly by frequent contributors, but I am hoping for a more permanent position because of the whole dance team thing falling through.
  So, my friend Michael txt messaged me and we've been talking for a while. He asked to look at my photos, so I logged into my myspace, and waited to add him...When I spy my best friend of 6 years, with a whole slew of new photos I didn't know about, where she's with a whole 'nother black girl, doing the same poses that we used to do.
  Now, normally i would say that this is awesome and I'm happy she's making friends if she was doing it the right way. But I haven't seen Bridget since November, She didn't bother to help me pack to move to my dorm, In fact, I haven't even heard from her in 2 whole months. Whenever I ask if she wants to meet up, she's always busy, now I know why... But that's cool, just shows me who my real friends are...


February 1, 2010

  • Blue is the color of the sky
  • Yellow is the sun
  • Green is my favorite color, any and all types of green. It is also said to be the color of intelligence and genius.
  • Red reminds me of blood, of Egypts red nile
  • White should be the color of applause at the talent show. E. and I should wear green, we both look good in green. 
  • M. died his hair black, he's really sexy, but I think he looked smokin' hot with brown hair when I met him.
  • I'm thinking of getting blonde highlights. Brown should be the color of happiness. It's a result created by all other colors which would point to the fact that if everyone could come together we could all be happy.
  • Grey are the colour of my pants. I love blending makeup becase it just like creating my very own color! Today it is Forest green and grey blue! It's a very pretty colour. I wounder why Britain spells colour with a u and we don't? Maybe we just want to be different may be that's why we created the colonies, so we could create our own color!
  • We shouldn't care about the color of someone else's skin! Color is all about the surface, and therefore is only skin deep and since it's only skin deep, we should are about whats on the inside of a person because the inside permeate's through in an aura and people should look past that.

Take me...Take me.. Take me...To OHAYOCON!

 Okay, Gang...It is officially monday, which means I'm back at school. This weekend was amazing! I went to my very first con. Ohayocon, takes place in Columbus Ohayo. Ohio! How cool is that ha-ha-ah. So. This is hao I'm going to break it down. Ohayocon, is a 3 day event, so there will be 3 posts, talking about each day and the photo's taken on that day in that specific time. Kay. So consider this post 1:Friday. And without further ado...The Summary..................
Friday, January 29. 2010 
Day One
 We were supposed to leave around one, but because of people I won't name (i.e. Me) over-sleeping we got a late start. We stopped by McDonald's on the way there, With Stephan, Kelli, and Alison! Who I used to work with! Awesome, who knew she was into anime? Cuz I didn't anywho...(You can see how easily I can be distracted. XD)  Anyway, there is a picture of this (british) hamburger Police officer, on the wall, of the kids' playroom.  *I wish I had taken a photo* It was mad Terr. 
   From there it was back on the road again, the Whole journey was about 2-3 hours long, thanks to our handy-dandy GPS system. So, I sat back, relaxed and watched the muy many Field's go by. Stephan wanted to play Liquor Store, School, and Church. It was really hard tho because all we saw was freakin' Fields! We drove all the way to their hotel, in which was a stray away from the con hotel. But it was way nicer, than the hotel I stayed in. 
   The room, had like a whole kitchen, and free internet! Our room, had no internet, it was 35 per night! Not Cents, 35$ a night, WTF! But after we finally got situatated in our rooms I saw hide nor tail of Stephan and the gang for a long time. I didn't see them again until saturday. But back to my story. So the events of Friday were as Follows:
  1. Ohayocon karaoke - Which was just a sham! The first 20 minutes, the sound system was stolen, and we sat around looking at each other, we didn't have lyrics, and I totally bombed my song...I hung my head and left. It was a total epic fail...
  2. Massive Shopping! - Dealer's room- 2 CCS figurines, 2 M.H.S. Cell Phone Charms Haruhi and Yuki, 1 S.C. Cell phone charm Utao. Artist's Gallery- 1 Strawberry Bunni, 3 Necklaces; Green, Orange, Lavendar. 2 Top hat pins; Green and White mad hatter, and a red, black and white, with ribbbons. 
  3. Ohayocon Dance(Rave)- Was supposed to start at 10. was Postponed until 10:30p.m. Line, didn't move  into the dance hall until 11:00 and Emily and I stayed until around 3:30 a.m. Emily and I danced non-stop, until her much needed break, and then I was asked to dance by James, Who was really sweet and from Illinois, When he asked to kiss me and I said no, he seemed so sad...
  4. Dance Dance Revolution- One room, 6 music and rhythm games, Not good. We could barely hear the music over the Rockband shannanigans going on in the corner, but I made do. I stayed there for about 20 minutes, after dropping Emily off at the right room...She kept trying to get into the wrong room, it was hilarious, the guy opened the door and he seemed very upset, probably because of that privacy sign,hmmm.
  5. Action Games- Then I moved to the next room, which had all the hardcore video games in it: Street fighter, Super Smash Brother's brawl, Capcom v.s. Tenkichii??, Tekken 5, Soul Caliber 4, and Guilty Gear Accent Core +, I had such a fun time, I hadn't played any of the songs in a really long time, So I was more than a tad on the rusty side, but I stayed and played for over an hour, finally going to bed around 5 ish. 
  To view the Photos Taken Visit: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14763&id=100000113016754&l=ec86c3aee5


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