Liquidation means all the lace I can get my addicted hands on. (picture heavy)

September 27, 2011

 So, after picking up my*way too cool to be seen with me* younger sister, my mom and I took a chance and went to Jo-ann's. 
 and they were closing up shop. They were having a liquidation sale! Everything in the store 75% off! Even the fixtures?! Patterns for .8 cents! How could we say no. Sohere is my ridiculous haul! I saved like $135!

These are all the patterns I was able to pick up. The close up is one my all time favorites.

  I cannot wait to start sewing again, I have soo many ideas swirling around my head about what I can do with all this new fabric. and all mylace?! I got like 8 different colors. 7 are see thru and the 8th one is actual fabric!! I just have so many ideas!!! and so little time!!!!

 I blog about my little shopping list, and then I have 2 requests for camo kilts?? Idunno but I am really liking this little bit of popularity!! 

Mistress Spokhette

Cavewomen welcome Mondays, and you should too.

September 26, 2011

 Hello everyone! I know my entries are all kinds of sporadic but I am here to tell you that its going to change! I stayed up late last night putting together a schedule for this blog.  I am one of those people, who keeps everything organized but still has issues keeping up. I'm hoping that this hiatus from school, gave me enough to time to hone my organization skills for the upcoming school year! The one thing I love doing is helping other people get organized. When I was younger, and wanted to hang out with my friends, my only serious obstacle was their room. The Dreaded" She can't come over, if your room wasn't clean." Usually that wouldn't be an issue for most people.
 But my friends and I were I hate to say it, "cavewomen."  It would take days! Maybe even weeks before I could come over. So I started doing what most people wouldn't. Helping them clean. My response to their mothers would be let me help them. *secret* I adored helping them organized, it was such a refreshing feeling when they would call me a week later and be like hey, that shelving unit idea really helped. Thanks.
 But I'm starting to get side tracked.  So as I was saying earlier, I decided to start a routine. So here's a tentative schedule for the blog for the next coming weeks...

Glimpse + Glimmer Mondays:
 What used to be inside the mistress ( I had to change the name because it just sounds so dirty) Basically the gist is just photos of what I did the following week, and things that interested me about the blogosphore.  Which I will be putting up a little after this and I can show you guys my magnificent haul I got at the liquidation sale!

HHM Tuesdays:
  Every other Tuesday I will be uploading anything related to video gaming. Whether, it be my latest accomplishment or a review, it will be game related I promise! Everything from Professor Layton, to pokemon!

Work In Progress Wednesdays:
 Where I show you my studio and what I'm working on for this week. I can't wait for this wednesday so I can show you guys all the progress I'm making!

Sun Antoinette Thursdays:
 I am part of a makeup collaboration group called the Sunday Antoinettes. We have seven girls and on each girl's day, We give makeup tutorials, reviews and little insights to our lives. Our blog  and channel can be found here. I will be taking my videos and posting them on my blog with a little blurb about how I created it.

Face Friday:
  Taking a page from Keiko, and will be uploading Tutorials on Friday! I think I will switch it up. One week will be a youtube video tutorial, which I always make and then the next week will be a written one with  step by step instructions and photos. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed my little blurb about my new schedule, and I'm hoping you guys will keep me motivated!!! Thanks for reading!

Mistress Spokhette

The Steelers are through and I'm crocheting my way to a baby.

September 22, 2011

 I've got so much to tell you!! This week has been so full of interesting things. Opportunities, weird events, finished projects. OMG so much to share!!! First things first. I finally finished Tina's Steelers scarf. Complete with pocket. Here are some pictures. 

I also attempted to sell at the flea market on Tuesday, I have gone through the proper measures and now have a booth there. Mondays,Tuesdays, and Fridays from 10 am- 3:30p.m. Where I will be Selling inventory and other things I've created. As I said before I am no longer using etsy.  I do however need to avoid unwanted male attention. Had a guy the same age as my dad come up to my booth in the very beginning. Had all the creeper attributes. 1. Touched my hair. 2. Called me baby. 3. Told me I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 4 and told me that he liked me very much. I avoided him for the rest of the day. You see a great many interesting people at a flea market.
 Training boxers on bicycles,  Hermets with Gandolf sticks, and police officers pulling folks over near handbags, and gucci shirts. I even got this great purse for $5.50. Finally a purse that can actually hold everything I need to take with me without like I created it from a grocery tote.  I mean this thing is HUGE, full of pockets. Large enough to hold my yarn, actual knitting needles and my laptop! Seriously, I may not even need a bookbag when I go back to school in the winter.  Here are some pictures of my bag. I am totally in love with it.  The pictures with orange are what the purse looks like, But I liked the pink so you get those pictures as well ha.

 Been watching Star Trek much more often as I needlecraft. I finally got to season 2. Now on episode 5! I  loved the first episode. They explained pohn fahrr, which I'd only read about in downright filthy fanfiction stories. *my guilty pleasure* Is it perverted of me to say that I wish it was Lt. Uhura who had gone to check on Spokh instead of Nurse Chapel?  
  Finally, a visual representation of my plans for this weekend!!

This properly shows the secret pocket I put in Tina's Scarf. It also shows the colors I chose for shawns Baby blanket which I started on about an hour ago and the books I got from the library. 
Vinyl Princess, Princess Plot, and The reformed Vampire support group. All three books are pretty sustancial in size, and I haven't read in a really long tme, so I am looking forward to it. The last book I got from the library was Damosel by Spinner, I'd read her other two books, Quiver and Quicksilver, which I adored, So I had hoped this one would fall in line, but I was unrevoccably disappointed, I returned it without finishing it. 

Mistress Spokhette

  P.s. Wanna laugh? Check out these youtube videos they made me giggle all morning. Good girls , Study Hard and I'm not cool Comment if you agree with me that Gzee is FREAKING ADORABLE.
Goodnight readers.

September 18, 2011

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 Hello lovely readers, I know I'm changing a whole bunch of stuff on you. But please bare with me. It won't be for very long, and once I get everything just the way I like it, I'll stop being so ridiculous. Speaking of Ridiculous. *enter Etsy*
 I've had an etsy shop since the summer of my freshman year in college. To make a long story short, they deactivated myaccount without my knowledge and then when I sent them an Irate email, They simply stated that it had been inactive. So I create another one, planning out how active I'd have to be to keep it open, it was closed within the hour, their excuse this time was that you cannot have more than one shop registered to one person. So I waited a while, and tried again with Mistress Arachnide and it lasted a good 2 months. I logged on this morning to find that it had been deactivated. Again with no warning. I had a business plan for my shop on etsy. I had a ledger, I had a new design, and new business cards, I was doing new things to garner attention and was getting direct traffic and all this hard work is for naught now. I'm just really upset over the whole ordeal. I will not be working with Etsy again, in ANY CAPACITY!
  All of the blogs I enjoy have etsys. I won't be purchasing any of your products from there. if there is a more direct way of buying them from you? Short of just showing up at your doorstep I'll be taking that approach. But As far as I'm concerned from this day forward, Etsy no longer Exists.

Mistress Spokhette

(smack!) I told you we should have worn a costume!!

September 17, 2011

Today, my father sister and I went to the Comic expo downtown. Even though it was only in its 2nd year, it was packed!! It was difficult getting around the deal room but we managed. There were plenty of people dressed up and I got lots of pictures! The panels, were a little on the dry side, and they only had table top gaming, But I still really enjoyed myself. We even saw fam! So here are the pictures we took.

 I also Bought Some buttons and a few comics. I mean, Why come to a convention if you aren't going to shop right??  So here's What I got! It also Includes pictures of my sewing parts for my machine I am sooo excited!!

I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them!   8 bit darlings, Round faced scoundrels, and cropped comic book pages?? How could I say no?
the Comics I got were only a dollar! .50 cents a piece!!! Super Geeked! 
All in all it was a good day. It's been a really long time since I spent quality time with my dad and little sister. So It was nice to get away. and here's my face of the day!!! Told You it was going to be a one stop shop.

I know you guys are probably wondering whats up with the new name. I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago and figured that I needed a new, fresh start. So Here I am! Don't worry  about me readers, I am perfectly fine. and Plan on keeping myself very busy in the next coming months. 


Thinking of Fireworks in California with Monae Dreams

September 14, 2011

 Soo, it is 2:21 a.m and I've just gotten back from the Katy Perry Concert!! I really enjoyed myself. Janelle Monae Played my favorite song! Granted, our seats were like nosebleed times infinity,  people on the other side of the row, the row in front and in back kept leaving for beer breaks, it reeked of alcolhol. It made my nose burn, and we had to wait for mrs. Perry for almost a half an hour, I think it was well worth it... There were a few things, that made me grind my teeth, but it's a concert, that always helps.
 I wanted to get a souvenir, I did NOT want this to be another New york, So I took my sister down to the table and we looked around. Janelle Monae opened the show, yet they didn't have a SINGLE lick of items for her. That kind a pissed me off.  My Souvenirs, Then my sis and I showing off our tickets, and then finally shots from the show. There will be more, when I get them off my other cam. But I'm off to bed lovelies. Talk to you real soon!

Mistress OUT


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