October 30, 2011

Say Hello...TO my New signature.

Mini Diana Goes on her first adventure.

 I can't wait to tell you guys all about my wonderful weekend. Fortunately, my weekend is not over yet!! Completely pissed off about the fact that my beloved school got rid of my BELOVED pool tables!! So I thought I would tell you about my purchases today...While waiting for the time to see The thing ( Scary movie remake) which was beyond ridiculous... I went out with the girls ( Layla, Katie, Sarah and Bri.) and We went shopping... Thanks to all the amazing blogs that I read, I wanted to take a stab at lomography. So meet my newest camera. Her name is Mini Diana. And she's amazing...I can take full square photos and half square photos, which I can add to the same exposure/frame to create multi-pictures in one! I am so excited to start working with this bad girl, I have already taken some pictures. I can fit 72 photos on my roll of film. The film I'm using is an ISO800.

 We also went into Victoria Secret, where I was measured, and purchased a VS Bombshell pallette, which was still in its box. It wasn't until I got home, that I realized the palette inside the box, was ruined! The Mirror was cracked, the connections to the different layers were cracked, several of the eyeshadows were ruined, it was just a mess, So I will definitely be taking it back to the store, and they will be getting a stern letter from me.  I also went to Yagoot for the very first time.  I expected it to be like ice cream. It was cold like Ice cream, but the flavor was too awkward with the topping choice I made. 
I also heaed over to Matt + Guerrins' for a videogame/costume party. *eyeroll* Lots of fun and Drama had by all. 

 Mistress Out,

Whats wrong with this picture?

October 26, 2011

Famous and Pink

October 25, 2011

So...There are 10 days until my craft show...I know I should be estatic, But I'm freaking out like no ones business... I still have a whole slew of things to do, and designs I wanted to try that I haven't even implimented yet... So I decided to peruse Twitter for a while, ya know to try and calm down my anxiety attack. I have been reading qqueen of hearts since my chictopia days...I can't believe I didn't find her twitter  until today...
 That's what I love about Twitter. Its a quick and easy way to talk to people you normally wouldn't even be able to. I always feel super geeked and hyped when People I tweet, reply/mention me..

I nearly fainted when these amazing ladies replied, and when @Strumpetcrafts followed me back, I ran around in a circle inside of my room, looking like a crazy person.  I'm sure if someone could see through my window, they would have called the insane asylum.  I was able to pick up the final piece to my costume today after getting my hair done and work... So I decided to take a sneak peak pic for you guys...Because I can't keep a secret to save my soul. Plus the dance is only like 3 more days away....Much too Far away!
I love it when you guys talk to me ok?? So reply to my twitter, and tell me what you guys think my costume is ok???

 P.S. Helping X get her mix tape together, super excited, if you guys like lyrical rap check her out!

Mistress Spokhette OUT

18 hr shifts an then a dance?

October 24, 2011

 I know I have written...about anything in a minute...I just haven't been feeling motivated. But don't worry! My dry spell is over!! Here's My schedule for the week, I just wish friday would hurry up and get here...Time goes by soo FREAKING SLOW. Today is Monday, I work 5-9 and then I come home and work some more on my costume... Then Tuesday I work 12-8 come home and work on my costume. Wednesday I work 12-8 and I start packing for my weekend. Thursday I work 5-9:30 and then I need to finalize packing. Friday, is the dance, and I will finally unveil my costume in a post on Monday morning, before I go into work again!
 I can't really complain, because all of these hours are helping me get to my goal of getting my apartment, So any hours that I have are completely and utterly beneficial. It's just I don't really have any energy to complete any personal projects when I come home. I have been able to complete a Blog creation and tutorial for My cousin X, For her design and music business, you can see it here. I've also been designing a little more. I am helping X create a Kick-ass costume for a contest, I can't tell/show anything yet, because she doesn't want the idea stolen. The costume contest grand prize is $500 big ones, so I can totally understand the secrecy.
  Here are a few pictures of things I've been working on.
Creating a press kit/album on my FB page.

Sectioning off my designs in new galaxy friendly collections

Flower headbands

  Mistress Spokhette OUT!


October 22, 2011

   I treat feelings like people. Each feeling has a life. The feeling has  to be at the top. To keep it there you need honesty. I hate making other people feel bad. In order to avoid blowing up I write in a journal. Analog blogging lets me organize my thoughts and then let me express my thoughts.  It is dangerous for me to let people know what I'm thinking, Which is why I am so hard to read.

With no neck left to hang a chain with

October 18, 2011

 I have found numerous crazy cool blogs during my blogging hiatus and designing process, that have inspired me to do nothing more, than dive into my yarn stash and start creating like Dexter with that darn screw. Thanks to Dana, Meredith, Yume, Chubby Bunny, and Twinkie Chan, I am bursting at the seams with the itch to create.
 My issue is, with the haste in which I left my original abode. I left all my yarn/utensils at my house!! Thank GOD I am going back home tomorrow to pick up more stuff and finally start creating whats been filling my head for the last couple of days.  I'll also be going in for my hair appointment, meaning I'll get to see my family. Just because I don't agree with their decision, and I did agree to move out, does not mean I don't miss them. I miss them like crazy, I am very excited that I'll be seeing them tomorrow!!! I'll also be taking care of some errands.
 Most important 2 are: Depositing my tips (So I don't spend it all. I swear, if its there in my hand I'll spend it, I am horrible with finances.) Turning in my form for the Craft show. I've been so excited about the possibilities that I almost forgot about the registration! I need to go and make sure they've got my name down. haha.
 Work FINALLY put me back on the week schedule! and they didn't waste anytime putting me back on their either!! I'm excited and upset at the same time. Excited because I'll be making more money; I work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Upset because my school friend Rachel is throwing a halloween party this friday and I'd have no way of getting there...Sadness. So Not only am I going to miss a party. But I'm going to miss the chance to be hanging out with a girl who used to be one of my closet friends. T_T

Mistress Out 

Change of Scenery #2

October 13, 2011

 Today I checked one of the three apartments out today. It smaller than expected. And a lot more expensive then I wanted to pay. If I decided to move in and then get a cat, There's an extra fee for a pet, then a fee per month after that. It is not as close to wok as first described, so even though I was excited at first, I now see that are better and more affordable alternatives out there for me. Even though I was a little disappointed afterwards, I still spent the day with my favorite guy, so it all worked out. and without further a do, here are the photos.

Apartment #1 $550+50+20+30=$650/month

Mistress Spokhette Out


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