18 hr shifts an then a dance?

October 24, 2011

 I know I have written...about anything in a minute...I just haven't been feeling motivated. But don't worry! My dry spell is over!! Here's My schedule for the week, I just wish friday would hurry up and get here...Time goes by soo FREAKING SLOW. Today is Monday, I work 5-9 and then I come home and work some more on my costume... Then Tuesday I work 12-8 come home and work on my costume. Wednesday I work 12-8 and I start packing for my weekend. Thursday I work 5-9:30 and then I need to finalize packing. Friday, is the dance, and I will finally unveil my costume in a post on Monday morning, before I go into work again!
 I can't really complain, because all of these hours are helping me get to my goal of getting my apartment, So any hours that I have are completely and utterly beneficial. It's just I don't really have any energy to complete any personal projects when I come home. I have been able to complete a Blog creation and tutorial for My cousin X, For her design and music business, you can see it here. I've also been designing a little more. I am helping X create a Kick-ass costume for a contest, I can't tell/show anything yet, because she doesn't want the idea stolen. The costume contest grand prize is $500 big ones, so I can totally understand the secrecy.
  Here are a few pictures of things I've been working on.
Creating a press kit/album on my FB page.

Sectioning off my designs in new galaxy friendly collections

Flower headbands

  Mistress Spokhette OUT!

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