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October 18, 2011

 I have found numerous crazy cool blogs during my blogging hiatus and designing process, that have inspired me to do nothing more, than dive into my yarn stash and start creating like Dexter with that darn screw. Thanks to Dana, Meredith, Yume, Chubby Bunny, and Twinkie Chan, I am bursting at the seams with the itch to create.
 My issue is, with the haste in which I left my original abode. I left all my yarn/utensils at my house!! Thank GOD I am going back home tomorrow to pick up more stuff and finally start creating whats been filling my head for the last couple of days.  I'll also be going in for my hair appointment, meaning I'll get to see my family. Just because I don't agree with their decision, and I did agree to move out, does not mean I don't miss them. I miss them like crazy, I am very excited that I'll be seeing them tomorrow!!! I'll also be taking care of some errands.
 Most important 2 are: Depositing my tips (So I don't spend it all. I swear, if its there in my hand I'll spend it, I am horrible with finances.) Turning in my form for the Craft show. I've been so excited about the possibilities that I almost forgot about the registration! I need to go and make sure they've got my name down. haha.
 Work FINALLY put me back on the week schedule! and they didn't waste anytime putting me back on their either!! I'm excited and upset at the same time. Excited because I'll be making more money; I work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Upset because my school friend Rachel is throwing a halloween party this friday and I'd have no way of getting there...Sadness. So Not only am I going to miss a party. But I'm going to miss the chance to be hanging out with a girl who used to be one of my closet friends. T_T

Mistress Out 

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