Handheld Mistress #17: New Consoles

March 29, 2013

 I know you guys are super surprised to see one of these aren't ya? Well don't be because they are back in full swing!!! I think about Last May I talked about how excited I was that my new DSI had arrived. Well I'm even more excited because Sunday, I made the transition from DSI to 3DS. And not just any old 3DS...
  The limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL!! I got it on the dayt it came out, and I got the last one at my local Game Stop!

Stylus Port and SD card in the back! Headphone jack on the bottom, Game Cartridge on top.

- Pedometer ( Counts your steps, the more steps, the more coins!
- Ability to make your own Mii
- Streetpass ( like a lobby for all of your mii friends, includes a mini rpg and puzzle game)
- Connects to people as you walk by as long your system is on.
- Ability to switch back and forth between 3D.
- Internet Browser
- Ability to take notes, inside and outside game

Very Happy I bought it!
I traded in my DSI, and a few old games that I don't play anymore to make room for the 3ds games, and was able to bring the price down. From 199 to 129. 

Mistress Out,

What I'm reading

March 27, 2013

I made a trek to the downtown library a couple of days ago and got some new books! Downtown is the Largest library in my city! So here's what I picked up!

- The Black Lizard Big book of Black Mask Stories
- The big book of Knitted Monsters
- Hookorama
- French Girl Knits
- Casual Vacancy ( The Newest Novel from J.K. ROWLING!!!!)
- 007
- Beat the Reaper
- This Case is gonna kill me
- I am not a Serial Killer : Currently Reading!

Mistress Out,

Fashion Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

March 25, 2013

I've been a fan of No Doubt, ever since I was a little girl. My Dad loved playing their Tragic Kingdom CD in the car, and we listened to it all the time to and from school. I would listen real hard til I knew all the words and I would sing every song in class, to the terror of my teachers. When I got older, and I got more into fashion I started to watch their concerts and I fell in love with her devil may care attitude and her style.


 Who are some of your favorite fashion Icons?

Thanks for reading,
Mistress Out,

Feeling Inspired

March 22, 2013

 For the last couple of days, I've been feeling inspired to create. I dont know exactly why this feeling always seems to hit me when of course, I'm not prepared in the slightest but unfortunately, thats just how it seems to work, just the way my cookie seems to crumble. I haven't even touched my sewing machine/crochet/ knitting needles in almost a month. It used to be that I almost always had a project on my person, or in my purse, or that i was just drowning in ideas, and just didn't have time to execute them all. I'm unsure when the time came where my mind kind of gave up on all matters and forms of do it yourself ideas, but I'm totally glad that the dry spell is officially over.

 As far as knittting/crochet goes, I just have so many ideas bobbing around ijn the sea that is my brain right now, I wish Michael's or Hobby Lobby was open right now so I could be out gathering supplies, unfortunately, that just wouldn't be fair to those poor people on the opening shift. So alas, I shall suck it up and at least wait until 10am, to grab new yarn, and I've been saving up for that new circular needle kit, I think I'll go get it today!!

As far as actual project ideas here are a few:
- A pastel blue cowl with pastel pink bow
- A watermelon Pillow
- A black scarf with some embroidery work
- A tardis inspired case... for what I am unsure, but Tardis anything is cool.
- A gray and Pumpkin Orange Cardigan.

Whats been inspiring you guys lately?

Mistress Out,

Makeup tutorial: Cheetah

March 20, 2013

I know its been a super long time since ive done a makeup tutorial. I haven't sworn off makeup or anything. I've just been so busy that even if I do bother to put on makeup i dont have the time to take photos or even record it like I'm supposed to. But never fear, not that I'm super prepared with my brand new camera. I'll be taking a lot more photos like I'm supposed to. Makeup and Outfit posts will be back in rotation. I'm so excited to get VSS back into tip top shape!

So heres our look for today.

Step One: Apply a burnt orange all over the eyelid

Step Two: Apply a white on the inner corners. blend slightly.

Step Three: Apply a deep purple on the outer edges. blend with the orange!

Step Four: Apply eyeliner. wet brush, and follow close to the lashes, when you hit the end drag upward in a strsight sharp line. come back down at an angle, it should resemble an icoslese triangle.

Step Five: Apply mascara and youre done!

Mistress Out,

Look for More tutorials coming soon!

Foodie Reviews: Smokey Bones

March 18, 2013

 My family and I are all about doing new things. One of these things are eating at new and different restaurants. So today, since I have the day off, we decided to go check out this barbeque Grill called Smokey Bones. My sister was the only one that looked up reviews. I honestly wish I had been there for that, because then We wouldn't have wasted any money.

Experience: As far as service goes, it was very good. The waitress was very attentive, it was a nice clean atmosphere and the speed in which the food came out wasn't too long. 4/5

Food: No matter the excellence of the Experience, we still went to a restaurant, and the whole point of a restaurant is the food. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Other than my sister, who got a simple hamburger and fries, no one was happy with their meal. My mother got the baby back ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mac N cheese. The MNC had NO flavor, and the ribs were tough AND tender at the same time (How does one do that?!) She got her meal replaced with chicken wings, but she kept repeating how she was so disappointed. My Dad's Stake was fine, but it wasn't worth writing home to john and jacob.
I ordered Tomato linguine with shrimp and grilled corn, Yes it said grilled shrimp, but I thought it would be sauted or something. You think they would try to make the shrimp go with the meal. I eat corn like its going out of style, but I have NEVER had a cup of CORN I didn't like, I HATED THIS CORN! I HATED MY MEAL, the only saving grace was the Shrimp...  2/5

Over all, We agreed that we wouldn't be visiting again.

Have you guys ever been to a restuaurant that turned out to be a giant bust? Leave it down in the comments below.

As Always thanks for reading,
Mistress Out,

Costume Shopping

March 9, 2013

I went shopping with my girls today. We were planning a birthday party, at a skate park. For an 8 year old, she is totally into princesses, So My friends decided we would chaperone and dress up as princesses and like help out with the party, which I'm super excited about, and its like a week from now. So Robin, Ebony and I are: Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora. We had WAY too much fun there. I took plenty of photos, even made videos of Costumed Sword fights. Can't wait to show off the pictures of the party, its going to be way too much fun.

Nothing better than getting in costume and being goofy with your best buddies.

Mistress Out,

Whats In My Cabinet: Movie Collection

March 6, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my video game collection, if you thought that was extensive wait until you see my movie collection.

In Order of Left to Right, starting from the top:

- Super Gals Complete Series
- Smallville Season 3
- Veronica Mars Season 3
- Veronica Mars Season 1
- Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2
- Quest for Camelot
- Assassination of a high School President
- Smallville Season 2
- Smallville Season 1
- Smallville Season 4
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
- Bend it like Beckham
- Wanted
-Legion of Superheroes DVD2
- How to Deal
- Waiting for Forever
- Return of the Vampire
- Nancy Drew
- The Amazing Spider-man
- The Covenant
- Catwoman
- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
- Love and other disasters
- Picture This!
- The Avengers
- Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
- Prom Night (remake)
- He's Just not that into you
- Legion of Superheroes DVD 1
- The Maltese Falcon
- Lucky Number Sleven
- Star Trek
- The Devil Wears Prada
- Watchmen
- Scoop
- New Moon
- Center Stage 2
- Twilight
- Step Up
- Sucker Punch
- Skyfall
- Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World.

What are some of your favorite movies?
Mistress Out,

10 things Not to do: Planning a house party

March 4, 2013

  Saturday was my halloween Party. It was super small, and I invited close friends because it was held at the watchtower and I wanted people there that I loved spending time with and could trust with my belongings. This was the first time I planned a party Solely by myself. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of mistakes.

 - Do NOT wait until the last minute to buy candy and snacks: I baked for this event. I finished about 2:15 am on Friday Night. Make it easy on yourself and plan in advance, believe me it may be a bit of a hassle, but you'll thank yourself for it later.

- Do NOT spread the word: Actually send out paper or email invitations, the last things you need are uninvited guests showing up, or your invited guests ending up in the wrong place or on the wrong day. If necessary send two rounds of invitations. One by Email or word of mouth and then one by paper or email.

- Do NOT hesitate to ask for help: Especially if it is your very first party. There is NO such thing as too many hands in the pot when it comes to party Planning. With help, you won't arrive at your own party late, or even worse, guest won't be arriving with no food.

- Do NOT leave Cleaning the location for the event until the last minute:  I actually live in the watchtower, so it's going to get messy, especially since I work two jobs, and I have very Very little free time, Start about a week ahead of time, and just go room to room, by the time the party arrives your apartment will be spick and span.

- Do NOT hesitate to create an invite list: It's your party, you can invite anyone you damn well please. If you have iffy feelings about a certain someone, then DON'T invite them, believe me, if you give in, the whole night you will regret it. Just be firm and give them a nice clear no, or even better: The party is invite only.

- Do NOT Spend too much money: When planning the party make sure that you have a clean and clear cut Budget in mind. You do not want to wind up spending your rent money trying to get this party together. Believe me, having a place to stay is way more important! If you do have "party helpers" then make sure they know what the budget is.

- Do NOT hesitate to ask your guests: Make sure when you are taking care of food, or actually making it, that you ask your guests if they have any allergies! The only thing that ruins a party faster than a destructive drunk would be a trip to the hospital room, just make sure you text everyone in your list, or put the question down in your paper invitations. That way when they RSVP, you know exactly what they can or can not eat.

- Do NOT Allow them free Reign: This is YOUR house, and I am certain you have seen all the stereotypical teen movies!! If you don't want that to happen, just let them know that certain rooms are off limits. or even better, lock the doors, I didn't have an issue with that, because the watchtower, is pretty small, The only room I didn't want them using was the bedroom, so I closed the door. Don't feel guilty! It's YOUR HOUSE, MY WATCHTOWER, you have the right to keep your possessions safe, or out of reach...

-  Do NOT hesitate to PRE-BUS: As a waitress, pre-bussing is important, you grab any unused item on the customers table, before they leave. It makes it incredibly easy to clean the table later when they leave, because you've gotten all of the dishes, and hopefully cups, so the only thing that's left is trash, which you can just *swoop* into the trashcan! Apply this to the aspect of cleaning in regards to your party, if you go around and grab every empty cup, discarded wrapper, imagine how clean it will be when everyone leaves?!

- FINALLY DO NOT forget to have FUN!: ITS YOUR PARTY! Enjoy it, I'm sure you went through a whole slew of things to get it ready and to get people there, so don't forget to have fun as well! Take lots of pictures, and actually talk to your guests, because more than likely they are your friends, and you wanna know whats going on with them, plus if your friends are anything like mine, I KNOW there will be ridiculously fantastic shenanigans going on and you should be loose enough to enjoy them!!

Have fun planning your house party!
Mistress OUT,

Welcome to March!

March 2, 2013

OMG guys, I am such a failure, I just realized that I got like ONE thing done on my February to do list.
We will not even start on my driver's license situation, it makes me wanna punch a wall. (Hulk Style) The only thing I took care of was to update my contributor posts more often. Finally got another post up on BGN and Nerdettes United I think I updated twice in one month. Not bad, not bad. So March doesn't have like a lot of things I want to take care of but there are quite a few.

- Dress up like a princess for Robin's Neice's Birthday Party. I have already required Jasmine!

- Start working out more often, Gotta get in shape for the spring!

- Get my Driver's License: March 13th.

- Find an affordable upgrade for my netbook (Who knew it would be so difficult?!)

- Find the energy to create. (Confession: I haven't touched my crochet or knitting needles in Months!)

- Start writing outlines for my youtube videos. (Stops me from rambling...as much)

- Finish reading my T3 Manual.

- Actually Write a Playing Femme Article ( Decide if I want to keep that title, or just add it to Handheld Mistress...Decisions Decisions)

- Finally Get back to updating VSS Regularly. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday scheduling.

- Find a way to update EVERYTHING seamlessly. I really need to update more often, half the internet probably thinks I'm dead...


Mistress Out,


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