July 23, 2010

SO my birthday positively rocked! I got a brand new camera.
you can visit my twitter to see the pictures I've taken!
kurokousagi.tumblr.com They're amazing Everything is so crisp and clear!

July 21, 2010

I AM SO PISSED OFF! The heels DON"T FIT. And why don't they fit??? BECAUSE THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How hard is it? I NEED A NINE WIDE!!!!! NOT A SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then to add to it, I had a serious headache, and couldn't really do anything yesterday and plus, I was warming up for dance practice, which I always do with tap shoes, always and without fail! The "Athletic Director" comes downstairs, and is like are those steel tap shoes? Are their any other type of tap shoes?! (keep in mind, this is the OLD GYM!) Um I don't want you tap dancing in here, we just re-did the floors. Well, I've been tapping since I was two and this is the same floor we danced on, I checked before I came in. " His exact words" = "Well If I knew you'd been dancing since you were two, (insert eye roll) then I would have told you no then too. (points finger) Are you even on the dance team??" Of course. "He's like you're aware that tap is not part of our program?" I'm aware. "then don't tap in here." and he just walks away! It took all I had not to nail him in the back of the head with my tap shoe, Ignorant bastard~!!
Then to add to my already bad day, I started tearing up when I had trouble with the straight leaps, and although I perfected the backwards summersalt (Yes, I know that's spelled incorrectly, you stupid red line), I had a HORRIBLE headache, like things were swimming in front of my eyes, and when I finally got picked up, The car was full of LOUD little Girls, meaning that it just got worse as the car ride went on,and on top of that, Poseidon just decided that he was tired of humans, and dropped a fucking tidal wave on our tiny city, that much rain is just seriously unnecessary. When I got home, I grabbed a wet washcloth put it over the eye that hurt and I fell asleep and slept through the whole night, I didn't even wake up for dinner, which I'm kind of upset over because it was Hoagies and my mother's ultimate potato fries, which if you ain't in the know is the probably the BEST tasting potato fries ever, in like the entire world.
Then I had to get up even earlier than usual so I could turn my room upside down looking for a white pair of pants for my sister to wear during her Performance today, but it wasn't all bad because in the midst I found my Reversable vest!!!!!!! I really like the outfit I'm wearing today too, so be on the look out for outfit of the day posts...Or maybe I'll just make a video of it, along with the four tutorials, I have to show everyone. YAY! All of those will be posted today! I refuse to go another day!!!!!!!!!!! went to Krogers, and saw Hayley Williams on the cover of Spin and had to get it. And at this I end my rant entry.
**Sexy doesn't have to be a girl showing off her goodies** Hayley Williams

Peculiarly Yours,
Gabriella xoxo

I miss blogging. I miss little paragraphs of my inner thoughts gracing my computer screen. I haven't blogged, and I mean really blogged in a really long time. The last like five entries have all been quickies and review posts. So, I've gone kinda crazy with amazon. I've ordered a nice pair of heels, and mp3 player, 3 toys for my sisters birthday ( Shhh it's a secret), and my makeup. I finally came up with an extravagant look for my new tutorial. Which is really about time. I just wish Fafinette would post more videos! She was my inspiration!!!!!!!
Speaking of inspiration, I have given my father a proposition to create a laptop, especially designed for me! He asked me to create a list of requirements, such as what I want in it and this is a short hand list of what I gave him.
1.) I know this makes me a total wierdo, but I asked for an old keyboard, such as ones found on Hitachi laptops. Basically, the really big and chunky keys that make a sound when I'm typing, That's how my first computer sounded and it's just a kind of calming sound for me, very nostalgic.
2.) I asked for at least 4 Usb 2.0 ports.
3.)Fireware port. The only reason I call this a short hand list is because I can't for the life of me remember the rest of my list. So I'm hoping to have this finished by the time school starts in late august.
I really love fashion. and its starting to make me re-think my life plan. I had it all figured out. 8 years of school. 4 years of Grad school, particularly in London, or Japan, and then Searching for a job in colleges, for professor of history, possibly gather tenure, and then move on to becoming the HEAD curator of the Smithsonian. However, now, I'm kinda slowly moving away from that. The other day, I spent hours, Like a whole two days just designing. There are loads of pieces that totally translate to my way of sewing. And the designs would stitch up really easily. So, although my major goal isn't completely gone, its kind of like morphed into having something to deal with fashion. Like the other day I saw a billboard that had an exhibit at the art museum and it was film costumes through history. Maybe my passions can blend that way? I'm hoping so, because I don't really want to give up on my dream.
I haven't decided on when I should move in. But today i'm looking to see if I can find my list of books for my classes.I can't log onto my student registry. Like at all, It takes my username and pin and then the screen goes blank. I've tried this on 12 different computers, so it has to be me! I just don't know why it would do this, and when I called ISS of course they didn't have an answer for me.... So I can't print out a list of my classes, or see if my books are posted yet or anything! Classes are the 23rd of August!!!!!!!!! I'm already being rushed to move in, because they want it to be the weekend before classes. I like to get comfortable with my surroundings. I'm going to be in a completely different room, with a new roommate, I need to get used to this, and they don't seem to care. And quite frankly, I'm getting very tired of people not caring! Why is that everytime something school related doesn't work then it works in Internet Explorer. I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget wants to go get another piercing. Either an industrial or a trangus. But their sooo expensive! I still don't know which one Im going to choose + Im running out of time. I'm so excited to move in! I was researching, Both of them are dangerous because of the fact that both area's have bones in them. WHich just makes my skin crawl... So I still haven't fully decided yet.

Peculiarly yours,
Gabriella xoxo

Long time no see bloggercats...

July 14, 2010

SO I have a new name for my readers. Fafi has lovelies, someone eles I was reading the other days said fexies, so whats wrong with bloggercats? So I've bought some new makeup! I'm really excited about it! Here are the pictures, when they arrive I'll do a haul video and show swatches. Photobucket My 120 count makeup pallette. Very excited to start using by the way.Photobucket My first new tube of lipstick NYX baby Pink
Photobucket Nyx Lipstick in Harmonica
Photobucket Nyx eyeshadow base/primer in skintone ( cuz contrary to popular belief I'm not white and the only other two colors, were white and pearl.)
Photobucket and this pair of tan heels, which are uber beautiful and this time I made sure to get the right size! Fallen arches will be a thing of the past. Soon, Veronica Mars and New Moon should be arriving soon, but for the meantime I think'll continue my Gossip Girl marathon, just can't get enough of Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey...

XoXo Peculiarly yours,

Makeup by Moi: NOTD, and New Makeup

July 9, 2010

SO I know, I have been sorely lacking in the makeup review department, and Im so sorry, I've just been really busy with school and trying to get my temps and things like that, so here it is. I think I'll do a youtube video as well!
So here's the NOTD: Estee Lauder: Beige Rose, and here's what it looks like, it glides on extremely smooth and the color is gorgeous with my skin tone. However, it chips extremely easy! I painted them with two coats on the fifth of this month, and its only the seventh and six of my fingernails are chipped like no ones business... my score: **/***** Two out of five.
And here's the Makeup Haul: Covergirl palette: Tropical Fusion and here's what it looks like. I love the colors, and they look great on my skin, however, they fade very fast! Like extremely fast!Like Not even a few hours type fast. I've even used base, and primer, it still fades way too fast. **/*****
Then the Lips Haul: Maybelline Lip Polish: Clearly pink + Plum Shine. Both lip glosses are very bright, and give you the look of perfectly glossed lips. I like them both however, Plum shine is a very deep plum color on lips of people who happen to be dark/fair skinned. When I put it on, I had to Lighten it about five time until I was happy with the look. Everyone girl worth their salt in makeup remembers the first lip gloss their mother bought them. It was usually that bubblegum pink color very light pink with the silver sparkles, I know I am not the only one who remembers this common color, Clearly Pink, reminds me of that nostalgic lip gloss color. and here's what they look like. Clearly Pink: *****/***** + Plum Shine: **/*****

Peculiarly yours,

Green hair is a turn on...Who Knew?

July 7, 2010

So, I finally have the means to upload the photos from the party! It went well, a lot of people showed up and I had a great time! In fact the time I had was so great that I kinda forgot about taking photos, and so there aren't a lot to show... :( Sorry. So, my mother thinking that she would save time. Picked me up at the right time after picking up the loveable "bratz" and proceeded to go straight to the grill. I had no chance to brush my hair, change my clothes, or anything of that nature, including grabbing the blankets and lawn chairs for the movie!
I ordered the cake around 8 in the morning, and told them that it needed to be ready by 2:00 p.m. THey said okay, and when I get there is it ready? Of COURSE NOT! I just don't understand! Then this has possibly got to be the most ghetto thing I've ever seen. How are you going to go shopping in the grocery store, bring your OWN cart, and then just stand in the middle of the aisle???? You know people have to get through there, and sure enough they were just sitting there chilling I was so pissed off! I was like seconds away from bashing my cart into theirs, but I really didn't want to go to jail for assault, especially on the day of my party, so I just made an extremely sharp right turn and went around them.
Then when we finally arrived at the grill, we were two hours early, I was in a tube top and hoodie, I wanted to take the hoodie off so badly, but My mother was there, and I really really really didn't want to argue with her, it was so freaking hot! I kept putting my hair up and then down and then up again, Plus I had the green highlights which were like sticking to my head. It was just a mess, I'm glad I didn't put on any serious makeup on, because I would have looked like a drunk whore and really? who wants to go out looking like that? Seriously. Mostly everyone showed up, of course Bryan was late, but what else is new? Then Most of the people weren't aware it was a drive in. I just went back to the invite and it doesn't say anything about the movies being a drive in. Epic fail on my part. Oooops.
Then we went to the drive in! OMG, that was a complete disaster! First, the instructions I printed out were for the "long way" apparently, thanks to Jason, we know that now. Of course, Jason also told us to drive around the Super long ass line, and then cut across turn around and make a left turn into the theater, apparently country folks really love them some drive in theater. Not only were we the only black people in the theater, sans Amber, but we think of her as family anyway. There was this HUGE TRUCK and he wouldn't let us through, Like Bryan kept trying to edge over and the truck just kept on its merry little way, I was inches away from road rage, when the idiot finally let us through, That day was very turmolous for my feelings, Lots of ups and downs. Then we finally turn around and get into the theater, I felt like Grandma and Mom, the person selling tickets was like what about the kids in the back, I was like they are all under eleven, and she gave me this look and I just repeated it. Just like the good old Golden Corall days! LOL. Mom should get a kick out of this. Then when we finalllllly get in, practically everywhere is full, and we're stuck in like row 9 of ten. Which kinda sucked, but Hey Jason was in the same row, so we were able to chill for a little while, but he left after Toy Story 3, wimp. I loved Eclipse, Bryan wasn't to happy with our Jacob peanut gallery. LOL. Its okay, (just between you and me? my eyes were on him the whole film *wink*)
Presents included: Brand spanking new Mp3 player (touchscreen), A black and red lace top hat, from Alice in Wonderland, 2 bday cards, and a Whole years worth of shower products Gotta Love your body lol!

And that concludes my bday part entry.

Peculiarly Yours,


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