July 21, 2010

I AM SO PISSED OFF! The heels DON"T FIT. And why don't they fit??? BECAUSE THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How hard is it? I NEED A NINE WIDE!!!!! NOT A SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then to add to it, I had a serious headache, and couldn't really do anything yesterday and plus, I was warming up for dance practice, which I always do with tap shoes, always and without fail! The "Athletic Director" comes downstairs, and is like are those steel tap shoes? Are their any other type of tap shoes?! (keep in mind, this is the OLD GYM!) Um I don't want you tap dancing in here, we just re-did the floors. Well, I've been tapping since I was two and this is the same floor we danced on, I checked before I came in. " His exact words" = "Well If I knew you'd been dancing since you were two, (insert eye roll) then I would have told you no then too. (points finger) Are you even on the dance team??" Of course. "He's like you're aware that tap is not part of our program?" I'm aware. "then don't tap in here." and he just walks away! It took all I had not to nail him in the back of the head with my tap shoe, Ignorant bastard~!!
Then to add to my already bad day, I started tearing up when I had trouble with the straight leaps, and although I perfected the backwards summersalt (Yes, I know that's spelled incorrectly, you stupid red line), I had a HORRIBLE headache, like things were swimming in front of my eyes, and when I finally got picked up, The car was full of LOUD little Girls, meaning that it just got worse as the car ride went on,and on top of that, Poseidon just decided that he was tired of humans, and dropped a fucking tidal wave on our tiny city, that much rain is just seriously unnecessary. When I got home, I grabbed a wet washcloth put it over the eye that hurt and I fell asleep and slept through the whole night, I didn't even wake up for dinner, which I'm kind of upset over because it was Hoagies and my mother's ultimate potato fries, which if you ain't in the know is the probably the BEST tasting potato fries ever, in like the entire world.
Then I had to get up even earlier than usual so I could turn my room upside down looking for a white pair of pants for my sister to wear during her Performance today, but it wasn't all bad because in the midst I found my Reversable vest!!!!!!! I really like the outfit I'm wearing today too, so be on the look out for outfit of the day posts...Or maybe I'll just make a video of it, along with the four tutorials, I have to show everyone. YAY! All of those will be posted today! I refuse to go another day!!!!!!!!!!! went to Krogers, and saw Hayley Williams on the cover of Spin and had to get it. And at this I end my rant entry.
**Sexy doesn't have to be a girl showing off her goodies** Hayley Williams

Peculiarly Yours,
Gabriella xoxo

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