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January 30, 2012

I know I haven't written in a while. College is kicking my butt! I had a little free time today, in between doing math homework, moving my introductory speech to note cards, and emailing about getting the right text book, I've been re-designing the little things for my blog. I know it seems like I'm always doing that but its because its FUN!
My Mini Banner...
My New Grabbable button....

Mistress out,

Neophyte has a new home!

 I have found a new blogging platform! So My makeup/fashion section here will get its on blog on onsugar. Make sure you go visit!


W.I.P.W. 1.18.12

January 19, 2012

  I know I haven't written one of these in a while, but  I thought since I was taking a break from Christian Ethics upload one of these right quick! I wasn't able to pack my entire yarn collection T.,T so with the limited supplies I could fit in my green crate I am allowed to create. Ever since coming across these absolutely adorable D.I.Y.'s at Elsies. I have been itching to create my own! Too bad I don't have an old cardigan to cut up..*S.O.S. trip to goodwill in my near future.* 
However,  I am going to attempt to knit these adorable legwarmers from Promise. I just adore the ribbon idea.
With this Yarn! * rattouille reference*

Wish me luck.
Mistress out,

Snippet of the college life: Consistency + Danger

 I really want my readership and blog to grow this year...I've been researching, and one of the biggest tips "popular bloggers" have is to stay consistent. Elsie at Beautiful mess? She's been blogging since 2007! Kaylah at Little Chief Honeybee has been blogging since 2009. All of my favorite bloggers to read have been in the "game" for a decent minute...But they have stayed more or less along the same path.
  Just because I want to become a "better" blogger doesn't mean I want to be just like them, but I would like to see a little more interest shown in me and my work...Sigh..I guess changing my handle doesn't really fix that now does it??

OK! It's Been Decided! The Blog url will Stay The shop will stay Once I get a break from classes, I'll work on branding, and buttons and all that fun jazz...

Speaking of school! I moved in on Monday, Look what  I did to myself!

Yell at the picture below for me! He's The culprit (the shelf holding the iphone...not the iphone)



Weekend Plans: 1.6.11-1.8.11

January 7, 2012

Since I was just enjoying my day off, before I work the rest of the weekend  I thought I would show off what my weekend would consist of.

=Dominitrix By Jennifer Stanford Finally came in the mail! I'm looking forward to knitting the valentine Pillows and the halter!! Plus, she explains how to embroider knitted pieces. Yay.

=Keeping up with my journaling/patterns

= New W.I.P : quarter length mittens.

=HP One Tablet, that  received for Christmas.

=Tarot Cards:  I Read, be afraid

=Uploading more music for my ipod. 2500 and counting.

=Technary, the new mascot

=Exploring the trail, with my comfy shoes

=Delicious homecooked meal/leftovers

Mistress out,

2012 changes

January 2, 2012

 As you can probably see by now, confessions of a nerdette got a little facelift. I am very wishy washy when it comes to appearance and branding. Since its a new year I thought I would try something different. Usually I change the url, but people are just starting to get used to it, and I don't want to make it harder for people to fund my little slice and heaven and talk to me. I wanna make it easier.  So here I am.

The shop is back in business, new year, new mascot. Meet technary. She is a robotic canary. I came up with a her a few days ago. She's adorable, she's cute and she's colorful. If I could fly we would be ken and the same. The new name fir the shop and this blog is ternary blossoms. Whenever I think about birds, I think of pretty plants, enter blossoms, like sakura blossoms. I already told you that anime runs  about 60% of my life.

I don't have a definite schedule yet, but I will soon. I can tell you, I expect to have a lot more guest posts, a giveaway and more tutorials and d.i.y's.  I'll be updating much more frequently and I plan on posting a lot more photos... Speaking of which I am still uploading photos from Christmas, I know I know, I'll get them up soon but until then,

mistress out,


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