Dear, Open-faced sandwich of life, move the knife to the left, I don't think I felt the effect

March 29, 2010


Delightfully miserable,


Dear, Open-faced sandwich of life, I think you missed a spot.

  So, we have finally convinced Claire to go to Formal with us, but it took some serious bribery, and then she surprised poor Emili who didn't see this coming and decided to buy her a transformer figurine to get her to go. Claire had already bought her ticket. So, I just have to make chocolate which I was going to make for my friends anyway. I'm glad we got her to go though, she's too closed in. She needs to be out more, and what is a better way for that to happen then for her to go to formal with girls who have her best interests at heart??
   The Formal is next weekend. So this weekend, I'll be finishing my dress and next weekend I'll be getting my hair down. I have this idea of having my crown twistied and then the rest of it will be either flipped out or spiraled.I really want a few of them to be green to go with my dress, or have like spiraled ribbon or something  in my hair. I'm already looking at different eye looks to go with my dresss...So far I've watched Panacea81's Cateye green and teal. I really like it, but my dress is greeen and just greeen not any teal to be found, so I need something that is just green.
  I'm soo glad I did create an escape clause, just because I didn't want to be stuck in a really sucky relationship. It's day 2 and I'm already being ignored, it has to be a fucking frame. And this goes to those guys that talk about those girls that complain about boys on facebook. If ya'll would stop being fucking assclowns {Kris' word} then we wouldn't talk about you so heavily. As for the going gay point, I think I'm already there, like yesterday,  I was walkinng by this girl, and the first thing I realized about her, was that she had a nice ass, WTF! Not that her jeans were cute, or that I liked her hair, but that she had a nice ASS! I was so freaked out, that I stayed in my room the whole rest of the day. I think EMU rubbing off on me lol...So of course, I invited my "friend" over to spend the rest of my day with me, he was here for 15 min top! and he flew out of here, when he thought EMU was coming in, I thought it was hilarious at first but Now I think he thinks I'm too much trouble. So that's why I'm glad I created the escape clause, so now I don't have to worry about it. I still miss him but I guess I'll have to get over it, I've already learned what happens when you spend too much time pining oversomeoone who  doesn't share the sentiment and I don't want to ever go through that again..




March 17, 2010

  Rain sucks. It sucks with a passion. It falls from the sky and it doesn't even care what it lands on. Me, my bike, my phone, My mp3 player, it is non-discriminaatory, and I find that really fucking sucks! Even though I was all bundled into my rainjacket, the hood was heavy and whatever wasn't caught by it, dripped onto my bang, making it really hard to see, I'm surprised I didn't crash, I was actually very proud of myself, I made it all the way to Rapid Run, and the light of civilization! Yayay! It only took me an half an hour, and it was raining and I walked up and down the hills. So if I actually ride my bike to the places I wanna go, it won't take nearly that long.  I have to look for a bike basket, because those bags on the handle bar thing, just is not cutting it lol.
   Created a new flyer, but the prices are different so I had to make a completely new one! :(! Plus, no one has fucking fixed that printer on the 6th floor! It's been broken since I left for spring break. So now, I have to walk all the way to the ground floor to grab things that I print out. I've added new photos to my wall, the section that I left for the influential women is almost full! EMU's disturbed by my shirtless Daniel Radcliffe PHoto! LOL I don't know why, but I think the whole thing is freaking hilarious! Speaking of hilarious, I miss Parker, I don't know where he went for Spring Break, and I haven't added him on Facebook on the account of I don't know his last name.

There's no future in my frontin' (all the single ladies)

March 3, 2010

  So...Spring Formal is coming up soon! I'm soo excited! Although, when they say formal, it doesn't really mean formal apparently. So to me, formal is when you dress up seriously dress up like the dresses I'm choosing between.

  Aren't they adorable?! But apparently students think of formal as this...

They're really really cute, I would wear them to such an event as homecoming. But not formal...Am i old fashioned because I think this way? I kinda wanna wear like ultimate formal, just because its called the freaking spring formal ya know??  Maybe that's just me though, it makes me feel sad that I seem to be so out of tune with everyone else...The talent show was fine, but I didn't win! It was a lot better than I thought it would be. The acts were awesome! 1st place were two irish dancers, that were actually good, 2nd place was a rap performance, and even though half of it was forgotten it was still good, and 3rd place was a stand up comedy act. The comedy was great but he was SO nervous, that since I was next, he made ME nervous!  But I was proud of my performance, the only thing I would have changed was singing louder and actually looking at the audience, because my none of my family could make it, so I was soo nervous and I was looking at this guy's backpack like the whole time...

If I had it my way I would paint the white house Black!

March 2, 2010

   Hey, So iknow I wrote something yesterday, but it's a new month and I just felt that I should write something considering how much of a Joyous event this is. I'm quite enjoying this updating both the vlog and the blog around the same time. It's making me quite giddy, which is evident in my new youtube video haha. I think I showed all Teeth. LOL. But, what really makes today joyous, are three things.

  • Michelle Obama, in a Junya Watanabe Sweater! Can you dig it? I can!

  • Tonight is FINALLY the talent Show! I have to be down there at 6, so I've already done my hair, and I've already got my outfit together! I just burned my cd, and now, I just have to calm down enough to perform. I know I'm going to be good, because I'm seriously like sweating out my perm, which is how I usually felt before a dance recital, and I was amazing! So I just have to keep that in mind as the talent show looms nearer. 

  • I've discovered THe Pretty Reckless! I already have 2 of their songs on my player, and I discovered them last night! I love everything about the band, plus their coming to oHio on the 28th of JULY! I'm soo geeked! Their playing the complete warped tour, and I can't wait. I'll be 19 when they hit the NATI! Boo-yah! It's Fronted by Taylor Momsen. You may know her better as 'Little J' perhaps??

Isn't she adorable??

  So, I've been studying up on my fashion a little bit, since I had some time off. And I came across a Photo of Emma Watson..


   So Emma Watson, is now a model, and a fashion icon. As you can see above and top left, she is on the cover of Flare, which is a canadian fashion magazine. She's taking the fashion world by storm, and there are even rumors of her starting a fashion line after she graduates from Brown.  I really hope she decides to do it, because I would definetely buy her stuff. Just all the things that she's been seen in seems to be of a really cute design, they all seems to be victorian based and really sexy! She gets my vote!


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