March 17, 2010

  Rain sucks. It sucks with a passion. It falls from the sky and it doesn't even care what it lands on. Me, my bike, my phone, My mp3 player, it is non-discriminaatory, and I find that really fucking sucks! Even though I was all bundled into my rainjacket, the hood was heavy and whatever wasn't caught by it, dripped onto my bang, making it really hard to see, I'm surprised I didn't crash, I was actually very proud of myself, I made it all the way to Rapid Run, and the light of civilization! Yayay! It only took me an half an hour, and it was raining and I walked up and down the hills. So if I actually ride my bike to the places I wanna go, it won't take nearly that long.  I have to look for a bike basket, because those bags on the handle bar thing, just is not cutting it lol.
   Created a new flyer, but the prices are different so I had to make a completely new one! :(! Plus, no one has fucking fixed that printer on the 6th floor! It's been broken since I left for spring break. So now, I have to walk all the way to the ground floor to grab things that I print out. I've added new photos to my wall, the section that I left for the influential women is almost full! EMU's disturbed by my shirtless Daniel Radcliffe PHoto! LOL I don't know why, but I think the whole thing is freaking hilarious! Speaking of hilarious, I miss Parker, I don't know where he went for Spring Break, and I haven't added him on Facebook on the account of I don't know his last name.


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