Series #18:You Should Be Watching: Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigations

February 29, 2016

Hey Gang!
I don't know if you guys are aware already, but I am addicted to mysteries. If you like mysteries as well, you MUST give this anime a try! Sakurako Kujo is an osteologist. Her fascination with bones and her forensic skill allows her to help the police solve cases that had stumped them previously. She is followed around by her assistant/guardian Shotaro, who helps navigate the waters of "proper" human conversation for her, as she is painted as someone without the proper social cues to make it in society. 
I am absolutely enthralled with this anime and I can't believe it took me so long to find it. I am really hoping that they have begun a 2nd season, because there are only 4 episodes left and I am savoring them extremely slowly. It is a subbed anime, just in case, you have an issue with that. I'm comfortable with both dubbed and subbed anime, but some people prefer it to be in english. 

Here are 5 Reasons you should be watching Sakurako's Investigation:
5. The show is incredibly intelligent. Not only are you gathering clues to solve your crime, but you are learning about forensics, anatomy and how the bones fit together inside your (human) and others (animal) Skeleton. Every episode taught me something new, and there are even footnote facts in english at the very top of the anime that tell you more about the study of bones and even different types of poisons and how they affect your immune system.

4. Sakurako herself. The show's protaganist is out of touch with humans. It is mentioned in the first episode that bones interest her more than human interaction. I personally love that about her. It is plain to see that with Shotaro's help she has more interation with living humans, and that it allows her to solve mysteries faster and more efficiently, because she is beginning to understand emotions which can influence and define Motives.

3. The Magical Girl-esque sequence that occurs when she discovers a new set of bones. Any bone is worth its weight in gold to her. It's my favorite part of each episode. It is just an incredibly beautiful piece of animation, seeing the bones of previous animals and even dinosaurs walk among her, as she begings to solve the mystery. Plus , her catchphrase: Shall we solve the mystery?" reminds me of Professor Layton which only endears me to Sakurako even more.

2. I'm absolutely infatuated with Sakurako, but I am glad she isn't the focus of every episode. I'm glad that the anime gives ample screen time to each and every character, allowing them to develop along with the story and the series. You learn about Shotaro, Utsumi and Yuriko.

1. I love that although the subject matter is serious, "murder and death" with bits of comedy spread throughout. A good protion of the time, Anime has a habit of taking itself to seriously, one of the reasons I'm not a fan of Claymore. I love that althought it is a serious show, that they allow some semblence of levity, so its not depressing all the time.

You definitely should check out this anime. I am working on finishing the series and then start my search for the manga. The manga is titled " A Corpse is Buried under Sakurako's Feet". Sakurako has been added to my list of favorite fictional heroines, and I see a fangirling post forming in the future. If you have seen this anime or read the email lets talk about it on Twitter!

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Nerdette Minute #16: Pokemon Week: Why I love Pokemon + My Favorites

February 26, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm so sad, you guys, its the last day of Pokemon Week! Why I love Pokemon was released Yesterday on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. I can't believe there have been 20 years of Pokemon, it doesn't feel like its been that long. Today, my favorite Pokemon video is uploaded. I planned this week out to be a huge homage/thank you to Pokemon for being in my life, but I highly doubt, it will be the last time its mentioned on the blog. So don't be sad, Pokemon will re-appear in Nerdette At Large's Content pool again!

ALERT: This Morning, Nintendo Confirmed that there will be two new Pokemon Games released this year. Pokemon Moon and Sun! Digital versions of Pokemon: Red, Blue and Yellow will be available in the E-shop. However, Pokemon do NOT transfer, I repeat, They do NOT transfer, in order to put them in oras, XY, or SUNMOON, you will need to first put your pokemon in Pokemon Bank and then transfer them over. Also for those who read my blog through a translated lens, The new games will be available in 9 languages, including Traditional and simplified Chinese, and both games will be released worldwide on the same date. So YAY!!! If you would like to watch the Direct Stream it can be found here.

Thanks so much for sticking with me for the whole week, and I look forward to awesome content to share with you guys on Monday!

If you feel like you still need more pokemon, lets move the convo to my twitter! I'd love to talk about #pokemon with you guys!

See ya Then,

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Nerdette Minute #15: Pokemon Week: Great Detective Pikachu + Hoopa Review

February 24, 2016

Hey Gang!

Welcome back to Pokemon Week! Today, there's a my thoughts on Great Detective Pikachu and things I thought were cool about Hoopa: Clash of Ages! Make Sure to subscribe to my youtube channel there are new videos every day this week!

What did you think of the movie? Do you want to play Great Detective Pikachu? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!

See ya Next TIme,

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Nerdette Minute #14: Pokemon Week: 10 moments of Pokemon

February 22, 2016

 Hey Gang!
 Welcome to Pokemon Week! If you don't follow me on Youtube, it is an series of video content that will lead up to the 20th year anniversary of Pokemon! If you are a fan like I am, I hope you'll thoroughly enjoy the content for the following weeks! If you subscribe to my youtube channel you will have first access to the videos!!  SO make sure you do so you don't miss out. 
There will be youtube videos every day:
Tuesday: Great Detective Pikachu
Wednesday: My Thoughts on: Hoopa: Clash of Ages
Thursday: Why I love Pokemon: 20th anniversary
Friday: My Favorite Pokemon
Here are my favorite 10 moments of Pokemon!

10. Being pratically front row to see Pokemon Live!
09. Falling in love with Pokemon: Puzzle Challenge for the Gameboy Color. 
08. My first favorite Pokemon Movie: THe 3rd. 
07. The entrance of the first playable Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Crystal)
06. Discovering My favorite set of villains : Annie + Oakley (Pokemon Heroes)
05. Ugly crying over Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. 
04. Discovering that I hate Shaymin ( Giratina + the Sky Warrior)
03. Realizing that Victini is my Pokemon Incarnate.
02. Being able to create a character that looks like me in Pokemon XY. The ability to choose skin color. 
01. Being able to sneak up on Pokemon ( Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire)
What are some of your favorite events on Pokemon's 20 year timeline? Tell me below or on twitter! 
Stay Nerdy!
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January Favorites!

February 19, 2016

Hi Gang!
 I know the place looks different, but I promise that the content is still the same. I am so excited to have the ability to continue to give you guys the content that you are used to and enjoy and also have the capability of becoming a more professional site of content. 
 Here are a few things I enjoyed last month!
-- Falling in love with Fran Nerd's Videos.
-- Making decent Progress with Bravely Default
-- Making it to Chapter 4 in Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney. I've been making pretty decent headway, I'm pretty proud of myself, I've been giving consistent content and still had time to play video games!

-- Waking up to over 400 followers on Twitter, and 300 on Instagram!
-- Being Blonde. I'm so in love with the color, I think I will keep it for a while. 
-- Finally Finishing Jessica Jones!
-- Falling in love with my PS4, it feels so good to have an updated gaming console! I can't wait until my camera comes in. 
-- Super proud of all the content I put on Youtube last month. 
-- Finishing Radiohammer. I'm really sad that the game was so short, but at least it has re-play value. 
What were some of your favorite things from last month? Tell me below or talk to me on Twitter!
Stay Nerdy Gang!
 See ya Next Time,
 ~ Spokhette!~

Handheld Mistress #36: Poppin' My Let's Play Cherry!

February 17, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited to be talking to you guys today, because this is my VERY FIRST LET'S PLAY video! I have wanted to stream games for a very very long time. I have been working on being able to stream games for quite some time. I love blogging about games for you guys, but streaming the games were a huge obstacle for me, because I had a playstation 3 and I didn't have a modded 3DS.

Now that I have a Ps4, with the built in ability to save screenshots, save video, stream live and stream from chosen platforms such as Twitch. If you didn't know, I'm on there as Spokhette, so make sure you subscribe/follow me so you don't miss out. I decided to play Akiba'strip and this game is amazingly fun! Slightly perverted, but who doesn't enjoy a little panty dropping from time to time?

You play as a male character you can name that teams up with a chick with lilac hair to battle synthisters who are basically man-made vampires that attack life energy from people on the street. The only way to defeat them, is to beat them up, destroy their clothes and leave them naked so the sun can do the rest. My favorite characters so far are Nana (protaganists' younger sister) who adorably has a thousand nicknames for him with the word bro in them, and Tohku who I'd love to cosplay at some point in my life.


Do you like Akiba Strip? Lets Play together! You can find my gamer tag in my about me page AND lets play together! Lets talk about it on twitter!
Stay Nerdy Gang!
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Cinema #15: Dope.

February 15, 2016

Hey Gang!

 How are you guys today? I hope you are well. Today's post is going to a little bit different from what you are used to, especially when it comes to my movie reviews. Its okay, there's nothing wrong with trying something new right? Take Dope for instance, Written by Rick Famuyiwa and Produced by Forest Whitaker, its a movie portrayed as a coming of age story of a black "geek" that wants to go to Harvard. But on the real, Dope is so much more than that. If you haven't had the chance to watch, it's on Netflix, I'll wait.


1. It explores the Black Diaspora. Many people have this idea that all Black People, all people of color are all the same. That we can be generalized. We can't we are not a monolith. We are all different and we all deserve a chance to have our voices heard. I love that we see life from Dom's point of view: the drug dealer, the man on the street view. You see that the love interest isn't just there to be a goal for the protagonist. She has her own ideas, her own dreams, and Malcolm helps her reach hers goals, not the other way around which is so often found in other films.

2. It uses stereotypes against themselves. It explores the lack of opportunity, the urban setting and the surroundings of drugs, gangs and violence. Dope shows you that there is more than meets the eye. Just because you are surrounded by bad things doesn't make you a bad person. For instance, he uses his surroundings to his benefit, he never let them make him a victim. Even when all the people around him want him to be: his guidance counselor, Dom, Jacoby. They all just want him to be a black kid from the hood that knows his place. What I like about this movie; is that he tries damn hard and succeeds in defining his place for himself.

3. I also like that it takes a stab at the place of Homosexuality and gay rights has in the black community. The fact that Dig is a lesbian and loves her grandmother dearly, even though every Sunday she takes her to church to pray the gay away. As a member of the LBGTQA it really irks me when the black community doesn't stand up for their own. We're only as strong as our weakest link. We should stand together.

 It brings to light the unfair issues the black community has with just the idea of being black. From Beyonce to the Black Panthers to Martin Luther King Jr. Every person on the planet has this idea of black people and what it means to be one. That is OK. You are a human being and you can think whatever you want to think and do whatever you want to do that is the freedom of being human. The time it becomes an issue is when you project those thoughts and emotions upon someone who does not deserve them and someone who has not asked for them.
 It is hard to be a black american. It is hard to take a deep breath when you see a police officer driving behind you. It is hard when you enter a store and see the clerk has clenched her fists, or that their eyes follow you around the entire establishment. It is hard when other black people say you are weird for liking what you do. That you aren't one of us, because you have a different philosophy. Even worse, when non-black people feel like that they can harp on what we say or do, or how we celebrate each other because they are afraid it leaves them out.
 I'm sorry if celebrating Black Excellence makes you feel left out. I am sorry if the loss of our lives, and our subsequent protests makes you late for work, or that it blocks your way home. I'm sorry that the mere thought of our celebrations of the lives we lead, of our inspirational leaders and role models gives you pause to clap. I'm sorry that you are so self absorbed you can't see that for the first time in a long time we are able to celebrate ourselves, after decades of being told everything about us is a waste. Everything about us, is lesser than anyone else. I'm sorry that more than 20 decades weren't enough time for everything to be about you.

 Have you seen Dope? What did you think? Tell me down below. Lets talk about it on Twitter.

Stay Nerdy!
Until Next Time,

~ Spokhette!~

Heart Eyes: My Top 11 Fictional Ships!

February 12, 2016

Hey Gang!
 This week will be full of Heart Eyes Posts. I'm going to have romantic content for the week of Valentine's Day, and I'm pretty stoked about it. Today I'm going to tell you all about the ships that I wish were real. The ones I build in my head. Originally, this post was only going to have five with an honorable mention like the other one, but once I got started I realized there was way more slept on romance then I realized!

Ryan + Gabriella: When High School Musical came out it was amazing. You had women of color as Protagonists, they broke status quos and the music was damn catchy. I know that She ends up with Troy and I'm sure they're a fine couple. However, in the second movie, the chemistry was flowing off of them in waves, and I thought it would have been better suited with them as a couple.

Draco + Hermione: As mentioned in my 25 things post, I used to write fanfiction for Hermione and Draco. As you can see from the photos I am not the only one loving this relationship. Draco may have been a git in the beginning and don't get me wrong he can be a bad guy, but she could be the one to bring him over to the light.

Morgan + Garcia: Everyone who watches Criminal Minds knows that Morgan and Garcia are the best part. Everyone knows that they would make an amazing couple. Sure Zander's pretty cool, but no one knows or understands Garcia the way Derek Does. Lets be honest here. This Ship is a no brainer.

Frankie + Dick: This is my baby project. You guys know how I feel about Frankie, I even wrote a fangirling post about her, but imagine her hacking skills compared with Graysons. She's got a sharp wit and I would love to see Sarcastic Dick Grayson handle her. *Ahem Brenden and Babs*

Mac + Wallace: I feel like I can be honest here. When I watched season one of Veronica Mars I wanted Wallace to get with Veronica. But once Mac was introduced I was like NO! Mac is amazingly perfect for Wallace. They are the perfect definition of opposites attract, plus check out these gifs, they're so goofy and giddy that they're contagious, every time I see them they make me smile.

Finn + Marceline: I feel like anyone that watches Adventure Time can see how perfect Finn and Marceline are for each other. Like sure Marcy is withdrawn and keeps to herself, but Finn could pull her out and help her shine. Plus, she could make him a "vampire" and they could live together forever.

Lita + Haruka: As mentioned earlier, Haruka is my favorite sailor Scout but she doesn't appear for a couple of seasons. Lita was my favorite before her, and in the episode where the inner senshi meet outer senshi. I mean c'mon! Sure Lita is boy crazy but I could totally see them being in a relationship together. Maybe even an open one if Michiru is ok with that.

Serena + Alan: When I was watching Sailor Moon growing up The Doom Tree Series was my favorite part. I was pretty young at the time, but I thought that Alan had more feelings for Serena than Darien did. He paid her more attention, he showered her with gifts, paid attention to things like birthdays.

Damian + Maps: This one pretty much explains itself. Look at this art! If you haven't been reading Gotham Academy, you really should be. There is a whole issue dedicated to how awesome a couple Damian and Maps would be. I totally get the protector vibe from Damian and I think it would be adorable to play out in future issues of Gotham Academy.

Jennifer + Steve: Lets just think about this for a moment, let this sink into your brain.... She-Hulk and Captain America in a healthy sexual relationship. Now lets all let our dorky pervert flags fly. Yeah, Not Gonna Lie, that would be pretty hot and you know it. Its okay if you don't want to tell the whole world, I don't mind doing it for you. Steve would probably be the only guy that would be able to handle her strength and I think they would be incredibly adorable together. 

Bruce + Zatanna: This is pretty much a no brainer. Zatanna sorceress supreme of DC's Universe and Bruce Freakin' Wayne. What else really needs to be said? Think of the time that would be saved solving mysteries? Think of all the things they could be doing instead.. Can you imagine Bruce in a robe attempting magic for the first time? *sigh* like a baby fawn trying to walk for the first time, its flippin adorable and exactly what Gotham needs. 

What are some of your favorite Non-couples? Lets be friends and talk about it on Twitter!!

Until Next Time,

Stay Nerdy!

Heart Eyes: My 5 Favorite Fictional Couples

February 10, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've decided to do a few Valentine's Day posts for you guys! Of course it wouldn't be me if it weren't nerdy. Today I'm talking about my favorite 5 fictional couples. (These couples are real pairings and Not ships)

Bruce + Diana: Justice league Unlimited continues to be one of my favorite animated descriptions of the DC universe. Young Justice wasn't bad but it just doesn't come close. JLU did a great job of meshing the Heroes super lives with their personal ones, and I was always a huge fan of Bruce and Diana as a couple. I was extremely annoyed when the comics decided to put her with Superman. He gets an easy pass in life, he shouldn't get an easy date as well.

Oliver + Dinah: NOT ARROW(Literally, anything but arrow) Black Canary has always been one of my favorie superheroines. I love Oliver when he's with her, I think their extemes balance each other and they fit nicely together.

Haruka + Michiru: Haruka is my favorite Sailor Scout and she embodies qualities that I wished I possessed. When I was a child I thought she was the bees knees. She is an amazing character and she grounds Michiru needs it. Michiru can be extremely focused, sometimes she forgets to eat! I think their playful relationship can be serious when needs be and I love that together they care for Hotaru.

Barbara Gordon + Luke Fox: I was very excited to meet Luke Fox in the Batgirl Series. As much as I love Batman it is not know for its great diversity or inclusion of characters of color. I like the relationship between Barbara and Luke because its light and fun, and She could definitely use that in her life.

Veronica + Logan: unless you're new here, everyone should know how much I love Veronica Mars. It is still to date my favorite mystery series. Even though their situation is rather dire in the beginning, Logan becomes the anchor that keeps Veronica from drowning in the corruption of Neptune, California.

Honorable Mention: Spokh + Uhura (J.J. Abrams) This is an honorable mention only because for the longest time this was the relationship I wanted. I was super enamored with Spock, and Vulcan Sugar and Spice was named for my love Star Trek and His culture.

Who are some of your favorite couples? Tell me below or on twitter! Let's gush!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy!


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