January Favorites!

February 19, 2016

Hi Gang!
 I know the place looks different, but I promise that the content is still the same. I am so excited to have the ability to continue to give you guys the content that you are used to and enjoy and also have the capability of becoming a more professional site of content. 
 Here are a few things I enjoyed last month!
-- Falling in love with Fran Nerd's Videos.
-- Making decent Progress with Bravely Default
-- Making it to Chapter 4 in Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney. I've been making pretty decent headway, I'm pretty proud of myself, I've been giving consistent content and still had time to play video games!

-- Waking up to over 400 followers on Twitter, and 300 on Instagram!
-- Being Blonde. I'm so in love with the color, I think I will keep it for a while. 
-- Finally Finishing Jessica Jones!
-- Falling in love with my PS4, it feels so good to have an updated gaming console! I can't wait until my camera comes in. 
-- Super proud of all the content I put on Youtube last month. 
-- Finishing Radiohammer. I'm really sad that the game was so short, but at least it has re-play value. 
What were some of your favorite things from last month? Tell me below or talk to me on Twitter!
Stay Nerdy Gang!
 See ya Next Time,
 ~ Spokhette!~


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