A filling rabbity experience!

July 11, 2009

I know its been forever since I've written but I have a very good reason! I've been at work! I worked, Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, and I will work Sunday! All in all I'mma have a big ass paycheck, which I am so loving right now! Never knew so many blogs that had to do with a rabbit, here I was thinking I was being original. I tried to type in my url, to show my girlfriend, my new blog and I got like 8 different ones before I found mine! hmph! Here I was thinking I was a trend setter, like usual, I was wrong.
Worked the cash register for the very 1st time, and came out with a perfect til, I was so geeked! Masai was all jealous, I was like you know what that means right and he was like no. I simply replied, that this means that your baby can count her ass off! We both laughed. Ledon was all, I was perfect too, just off by a penny. But I can't take all the credit, without Jeleah, I probably wouldn't even have a til to give back, she helped me a bunch. She's really good at what she does.
I haven't been working over at shakeside, since Monday, I kind of miss it. Hmm, so far, I've learned quite a few new things. I've learned how to run the register. I've learned how to make milkshakes. I've learned how to run the make table. I've learned how to drop fries. I've learned how to run the prep table, and I've learned how to clean out the "hoods". That was not fun at all. The "hoods" are the most disgusting thing I think I have ever had to touch in my life. They are part of this unfinished triangle thing that hangs over the grill, and its job is to collect grease.
It does this very very very well! Almost too well, Katie, told me to clean it, probably because I was a few minutes late, damn, that downtown traffic, and there were like 8 of them, complete with caked on grease, they smelled like shit and I had to clean them in the rain. Not a pleasant experience. Whatever you do, avoid the hoods. I'd never felt so grimy in my life. I washed my hands like six times all the way up to my elbows, had my fellow co-workers looking at me like I was insane. lol.
Speaking of Co-workers, the managerial candidates, bring in their mp3/ipods and blast their music, they call it the "radio". Which in actuallity is not a bad thing, but some of them just need to leave it at home! Who the fuck wants to hear about being on a boat, or the backyardigans theme? Really the backyardigans? How old are you again? and that completes my rant on ignorance.
Kind of bummed out today. Masai was supposed to come over and chill downstairs with me, ya know watch a movie just hang out, since I haven't seen him since Monday and I'll no longer be taking the bus. Oh, I totally forgot to tell you about that! So apparently, mom didn't want me to ride the bus, and left me a message on my *ucked up phone! How was I supposed to know, I had no screen? But of course it's still my fault, and I am not allowed to ride to bus to work anymore and now, I can't *run* into him downtown anymore. But it's cool, in 11 days, I'll be 18, and I'll be able to *run* into him way more often, because I'll be able to go where I wish, and it'll be my decision, on how I decide to spend my days.
This fafsa, crap is starting to piss me off. It's almost finished like 5 months later, I just need to get mom a pin and it can be submitted and my school can finally get it, they've only been waiting for it for like 8 months now. That's a shame. I really hope its not too late for me to start getting my school stuff together, I really think I might die here... I have to get out, it's starting to suffocate me.

With all due respect,


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