Come Learn about September!

August 31, 2015

Hi Gang!

  How are you guys doing today? I can't believe August is over!! The month zoomed by you guys!! I am so excited about all the things I have planned in September! I can't wait for you guys to see it! I've been doing photography sessions with some pals of mine. I hadn't been able to do photography for a couple of months, so It feels AMAZING to be able to get back to it. If you live in Cincinnati or Covington, definitely contact me if you're interested in getting photos done. I'd love to cut my teeth on a couple more unique Sessions. Cincinnati Comic Con and Cincinnati Comic Expo are both this month. Which I will be attending and blogging about, I can't wait to meet Adam West and Burt Ward, I can't wait to get a picture and interview with +Bri Alex from what the fangirl! I can't wait to meet Ming Doyle at CincyComicCon!

  I'm finally opening Nerdette At Large for Sponsoring. If you guys are interested in Sponsoring just take a visit to the Partner with Me Page! September is also #NationalSewingMonth. Surprisingly I have been drowning in inspiration lately. I actually made a skirt yesterday out of some strawberry printed fabric. It was my first skirt, and a month ago I made my first dress. So I will have plenty of Sewing projects lined up all month, Like a cami full skirt dress, for a friends wedding!

 I've also been keeping up with "one new video a week" on the youtube. So I'm pretty excited about making even more videos! I've even been thinking about doing some live streaming of my gaming, but I am not sure how to go about it yet, but it will be here soon!

Also don't forget about my shop! I have tons of Comics, that I don't read anymore. #1's that people have trouble finding. I also am interested in getting rid of one - three of Spider-Gwen. Also a #1 of Silk. So make sure you guys peruse your shop, sweetest day is coming up for those that have significant others that are geeky. There are even table top games in there if ya know, that floats your boat.

 I am also looking for more #femalegamers for Gamer Famelle! So definitely leave a comment below or email me if you're interested in being interviewed. I think it might be on my favorite features!

 Stay Nerdy,

5 Fandom (Wednesday) Crossovers that would cause my heart to explode!

August 26, 2015

Hey Gang!
  I know it's weird to be writing this for a wednesday, but I wasn't able to fit it in this week and this topic is a dream! I couldn't possibly miss it! This actually has something to do with some of the cool things coming up next month that I can't wait to explain to you guys!! But for now, I'll have to keep my mouth shut.

5. Professor Layton and Ace Attorney: You guys know that I am OBSESSED with Professor Layton. He is my only tattoo. That's how special he is to me, but I digress. The only reason that this is my number 5 is because this amazing matchup already exists. I am currently holding my breath for a live-action/animated movie with the two of them, because that would just be *ugh unintelligible words* sigh, amazeballs. I own every Professor Layton video game including the crossover, all the OST on my ipod and the movie. I would absolutely kill for a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover movie. Get on that Level-5!

4. Columbo and J.B Fletcher: I absolutely love these two respective detective shows. I spent a great deal of my childhood believing I would become a police detective because of these two. I know that this probably won't happen, unless there is a reboot (Which there should never be!) But just imagine, Inspector Columbo and Miss. Fletcher butting heads trying to solve a murder together?! It's also not that far of a stretch, because A lot of Columbo's mysteries had to deal with creative types (at least in season one) so it isn't unlikely that they would have ran into each other at some point.

3.  Scooby Doo and Hong Kong Phooey: If you learn nothing else about me while reading my blog is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE TWO CARTOONS. I own almost every Scooby Doo Season on DVD and I own the entire Hong Kong Phooey series on Dvd. If you are unsure about Hong Kong Phooey, he is a hapless dog janitor for a police department named Penry, he has a best friend Spot (A white Striped cat) who doubles as the crime fighter Hong Kong Phooey, who uses "Kung-fu" to stop crooks, but 90% of the time Spot is the one actually saving the day. I would absolutely adore a crossover for this series, because it would have everything I enjoy: Cartoon, Comedy, and mystery solving, what else is there?

2. Veronica Mars and Pretty Little Liars: I know why this hasn't happened. If Veronica was on the case, this would have been solved in one season! Veronica never messed around. I would love to see this cross over though. One series with more than 5 strong female leads? Alert the masses, it probably wouldn't even be allowed. I would absolutely love to hear wit and sarcasm battles between Veronica and Spencer.

1. Alice in Wonderland and Adventure Time: This would be a match made in heaven. Just think about how trippy the episodes would be! I would adore to see Alice, Marceline and PB become friends that explore underland with Jake, Finn and the Mad Hatter. Can you imagine The Cheshire cat always popping up and scaring the mess out of Jake? Like, why hasn't this been thought of already? Seriously, COME TAKE MY MONEY!!!

What are some your dream crossovers? Lets talk about it on Twitter or Tumblr!

Don't forget about my giveaway guys! You have until Saturday to enter, you don't wanna miss out on a free super comfy pair of pajamas do ya?!

 Stay Nerdy,

A Blast from the Past: An Underoo's Review

August 24, 2015

Hey Gang!
  You guys know about fads right? Those things that seem really popular for a minute and then go away, and then a couple decades later they're back, and kids that aren't your generation are calling you a newb because you're rolling your eyes at them, because you've all been here before? Earlier, this month, I was contacted by Underoo's. The original, which has decided to offer Adult and Child Sizes in an array of Styles, and wished for me to review them. So I went over to the website, so I could peruse the collection. Now, I'm a little young for Underoo's so this is me being one of the new kids, and getting excited all over again! For Women they offer: Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, C3P), Leia, R2D2, Batgirl and She-Ra. Although, you guys know I am a DC fangirl all the way, I decided to go with She-Ra.
  The Set is incredibly comfortable. It literally is a cami and Panty set that you can go to bed in. It's not trying to be sexy, or uncomfortable. Not gonna lie, after taking the review photos, I probably spent the rest of the day in this set, and was not bothered in the slightest. The packaging is pretty minimal, a box with a hanger which the outfit is hung upon and then folded. It looks just like the picture on the box, except that the panty doesn't have the gold trim (Which made me sad), it was one of the things I really enjoyed about the photo on the box, however, it does totally look the photo on the website, so no harm done.
  I got an XL, and was really worried that it wasn't going to fit properly, or it was going to be uncomfortable but boy was I wrong! The top was actually a little big for me, which meant it was super roomy. That made me really excited, finally a company that understood, that an XL should have room, and not look like it was painted on. Big Girls deserve to be comfortable too!
 Underoo's and I are doing a giveaway for the entire week! So that you can win your own pair of Super comfortable Hero sleepwear! Just follow all the steps below, and the giveaway will end on this Saturday, the 29th.

 Stay Nerdy,

Comics Roundup #10: Top 5 moments of Batman: Lil' Gotham

August 21, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Over the weekend, I finished reading all twelve issues of Lil' Gotham by Nguyen + Fridolfs. I have always been a fan of the series. When I saw the first one, I automatically picked it up, and continued to add it to my pickup list, until I ran into not being able to find it anywhere. I'm not sure what happened, but I wound up getting the entire set, and then it just sat in my long box for a really long time. I wanted to show the series to my younger sister, because I know she loves Batman in almost all of his incarnations and I figured that she would enjoy the shanigans that happen in the books.
 I never quite made it to my parents with the full series, but I am here to talk about my favorite moments and then I can happily give my mini collection to my younger sister for her perusal. If you don't know the story of Lil' Gotham, it is a mini series, only twelve issues that comically explore the lives of the Batfamily, the rogue's gallery and other DC characters. Birds of Prey, Zatanna, Hawk and Dove, Aquaman just to name a few. They are just super adorable super silly looks into the "non"costumed sections of the characters lives, where hilarious hi-jinks ensue.

Number 5: We Meet Aquaman. I love this chapter because Aquaman is in trouble, and is unable to contact Batman properly, so he starts talking to the only sea creature near him, his cooked fish dinner. After Batman rescues him, he proceeds to tell him that sometime's he has trouble connecting with the other marine life, because of his accent. Yep, that's right, his accent.

Number 4: Batman's Vacation. After a particularly rough battle with Demons on Apokolips, Alfred is appalled by the damage done to Bruce's suit, and demands he take a vacation. While preparing his luggage, he asks Bruce the last time he had a vacation. Bruce sifts through his memories and lands on the days he was recovering from surgery. (Bane broke his back) and we see the most adorable scene of him all bandaged up in a hospital bed with a Get Well Soon Card signed by Bane on the Night Stand.

Number 3: Fathers Day with Talia. Oracle and her father, have a reservation at a restaurant for Father's Day. Even though she's made the reservation several months earlier, she is forced to share a table with Talia and her father. Of course, hilarity ensues. After, spying a cook deliver their food that looks incredibly like a ninja in disguise, Barbara pulls the table cloth before they could eat the "poisoned noodles." Upset that she and her father are now covered in noodles, Talia Demands to know why, In which Barbara points to the kitchen doors that are now filled with Black-clad ninjas. Talia calmly explains that her ninjas wear red or reddish Brown and that those ninja's in the kitchen are completely different and a battle breaks out.

Number 2: The Riddler's Payback. In this chapter, A copious amount of banks are being robbed, and all the clues are leading to every villain. So, Batman goes about rounding them up, in his batmobile's back seat. Back seat you say? Don't worry, the villains didn't know it existed either. After, he gathers everyone, and is thinking to himself why didn't he build a divider, he then drops them all off on the boat where the Riddler's residing and lets them pummel each other.

Number 1: The Carpenters Day Off. This is My very FAVORITE CHAPTER. It makes me laugh just thinking about it, and I'm giggling as I write this. Jenna is the Carpenter, she has the ability to build the villains anything they may need. Now, its Labor Day and she has decided to take an entire day off to relax/ build her pup Socket a dog house. Of course, the one day she takes off, literally every villain in Batman's Gallery Decides that they need some work done. Everyone from Catwoman, Harley and the Joker, The Penguin and Two Face Calls before she just stops answering and leaves an automated message, telling these chumps to call her tomorrow, and then Socket unplugs the phone from the wall. Thinking that they are in the clear, she then begins to put together the foundation for Socket's house. Unfortunately, then her cell phone rings, and Darkseid's lacky is calling her long distance to see if she can build an air conditioner of sorts to make the planet less humid, when Darkseid zaps him for not "calling Collect". Darkseid's lackey called her ya'll, I got tears rolling down my face. That is straight comedy. After finally not having any calls, she realized that Batman has locked everyone away and that now she is out of work, So Batman brings her to the cave, to do some work for him, since Damian and His dinosaur has destroyed it.

 If you haven't had the opportunity to read it, oh MY GOD please do. It is not something to miss. There's Heart, Comedy, SD Characters, and Watercolors, what more could you want? It is a perfect title to lighten even Batman's sullen mood and you should go read it, the instant you're done reading my post!

If you have read it, Please, lets talk about it on Twitter, I need someone to share my laughs with!!

 Stay Nerdy,

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How I celebrated Sailor Moon Day!

August 19, 2015

Hey Gang!

 If you weren't in the know, August the 15th was International Sailor Moon Day! There mini Conventions and celebrations all over the place. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of these but did that stop me from showing my Sailor Moon Pride? HELL NO! I began the day re-watching Sailor Moon episodes on HuluPlus. I'm almost to season 2! After, that I was reminded what day it was on Twitter, in which I Zoomed into my living room (where I make all my youtube videos) and started recording a "short" video on my top 5 moments of Sailor Moon! If you haven't seen the video yet, I've put it down below. Then after my brand new car started making weird noises, I decided to start editing my video and reminiscing about how literally awesome Sailor Moon is/was. I'm not going to go any further into it on this post, because I do a pretty great job of spilling my feelings in the video! I also showed my Sailor Moon Pride in my clothing. I picked up my t-shirt from Hot Topic, and My Suspender Skirt combo was scored off of Amazon. I'd love to see how you guys celebrated the day, Comment below, or talk to me on Twitter. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys!

 Stay Nerdy,

July Favorites

August 17, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I've got quite a bit for my July Favorites so lets just jump right in!

- My First finished Sewing project!

- Discovering PinkChocolateBreak

- The art of Rose Besch

- I have fallen in love with Silk and Spider-Woman.

- The look of joy on two elderly women's faces as they found my business card. It filled me with happiness.

- The thrill that I had "graffitiing" Virginia Beach with my stickers. My heart bumping in my ears, sweaty palms.

- Reliving my childhood with Pokemon Pearl and White, Buneary I'm coming for you!

- Discovering Pretty Brown and Nerdy

- Discovering What the Fangirl

What were some of your favorite things last month? Leave em in the comments below! Let's talk about it on twitter: #nerdetteatlarge

 Stay Nerdy,

My Birthday Presents

August 14, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Since I was away from the blog for my birthday, I was unable to show you guys my awesome gifts! If you guys didn't know, I am a photographer in my spare time I'm trying to do it more and become professional. I haven't been able to do it a while, because my camera was under repair but now its back and I had a family portrait session last Sunday. Alex got me a Playstation Controller necklace (to match the one in my hair on my business card) and a leather Camera Bag from India. I am so in love with them both and I never take my necklace off. I am already searching Amazon for new camera bits to add to my bag. Right now, all I have is: The Canon 70D body, a 50mm-80mm lens, a 40mm lens, the battery charger, an extra battery and my tripod.

 Stay Nerdy,

Comics Roundup #9

August 12, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Here's what I've been reading this week! Cyborg #1, Lady Killer #1, Spider-Woman #9, Batgirl #3 annual and Batgirl #42. Batgirl is getting a little weird, I don't know how I feel about James being Batman, or that his main goal is to hunt all of the people that once use to be Batman's allies. I do love that Barb's Ex roomie is getting married and that Frankie is helping more with missions and that Q is back and working with Luke Fox! I thought Livewire was pretty cool as well. I felt like there wasn't enough story in Cyborg to really delve into whether or not I liked it, I know I will be picking up the next issue. Spider-Woman just wrapped up the story of the lost wives and how now they're going to be a team and solving mysteries together, reminds me of Scooby-Doo, or Nancy Drew, it has an air of farce to it. I'm still reading Lady Killer #1, so I don't have much to say about it, however, it was recommended by Arcadian Staff, because I like strong female characters, so hopefully it will be good.

What are ya'll reading? Tell me! #NerdetteAtLarge

 Stay Nerdy,

Cinema #11: Fantastic Four (Spoilers!!!!)

August 10, 2015

Hey Gang!
 Alex and I went to go see Fantastic Four Friday. I don't understand why there is so hate. Seriously, the movie was good. Sure, it had some plot holes, but so did Ultron and Tron Legacy they were like Swiss Cheese and people weren't running it through the mud like this. Now, Granted, I am not a fantastic Four fan, I don't know everything as an expert would, but I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. A reboot of an old title, that would brought more publicity to a title that a lot of people had forgotten about. So lets be honest ya'll, You hate it because they turned one of your white-boy favorites black and now you're in a tizzy about it. Get over it! The MOVIE IS GOOD! It doesn't deserve the Hate it's getting period.  Now onto my rant!

- Teachers like that is why Children have low science scores. Why is he such a douche about Reed's imagination?

- That Poor kid's project! That Plane looked a hot mess.

- The Baxter Foundation, Where they build teleportation devices, That's awesome!

- I really like Sue, and her gift for pattern recognization, When I was in school, music also helped me study and retain information for tests and just later in life, people should really keep that in mind, when they're trying to take away funding.

- They build teleportation devices, I don't understand why the "Baxter Council" isn't more open-minded. They are scientists for goodness sakes.

- I really liked Victor. I felt for him. I liked the way he thought. I rallied with him, until he tried to suck in the whole world ya know. But I was totally with him destroying the facility so they could never rebuild another machine.

- Who knew Doom was once human (I didn't!) or that he and Susan have a thing. I really wish they would have delved more into that. (Hopeless Romantic in me.)

- The failure of my generation are opportunities for yours.

- Johnny's Toyota needed some work, he should have gotten some lessons from those guys in Tokyo Drift!

- When Johnny called Victor Adolf, Rude much? I was kind of offended.

- Reed and Ben's Bromance/friendship is sooo cute!!!

- It's all explained guys! Dr. Storm (Black scientist) and his son, Johnny Storm (also black) adopted Sue. It all makes sense!~

- Victor's Jealousy could have been a dangerous thing, I wonder if that's why they aren't together now. His jealousy probably became possessive extremely quickly.

- Johnny's a master Welder, I like how they kind of hinted about their powers before they actually got them.

- I like the bonding moment that the guys had, sure It didn't have to include alcohol but what did you expect? I love that he called Ben to experience the world with him. I did NOT like that they went without Sue.

- The other "dimension/World" was so beautiful! It was kind of breathtaking.

- They never really explained what the Green Stuff Was, they said something about nerve impulse, but they didn't test it or anything.

- I was so pissed that they lost Victor. Why did Johnny keep pulling on the rope, even though Victor lost his grip he was still attached by the rope, they could have been pulled to safety, they kinda just sat there and watched Victor bite it.

- I had ALL the Feels for Ben, being stuck in the rocks. Like not only was he crushed under the rocks, but in the "infirmary" he was literally still stuck in rock debri, without the use of his legs. When Reed was crawling to help his friend and saw his legs stretched like that, I would have fainted too!

- I didn't like that Sue was visited by Dr. Storm first, it seemed very clear that there was favoritism involved.

- Are they really trying to make another trip there? Its obviously not for Victor. I'm So pissed why Storm would be ok with this idea.

- I hate that Reed just left them, I get that he was trying to build a single shuttle, but he shouldn't have left them.

- If I was Ben, I would have tied him into a pretzel, he can untie himself when they got back to base.

- I feel like Reed physical face change is brownface. but maybe that's just me, I did NOT LIKE IT AT ALL FOX!

- I was so happy when Harvey to die. He finally lost that smug look off his face. I hated that they just left Victor for Dead. They never really delved into what Victors Powers were. I knew they were Badass, but they never actually explained it.

- I was actually angry about Victor Killing Dr. Storm. He could have just moved him to the side. Also, Why did his body have to look like that? No one else looked like that, it seemed like a lot of hate was in that kill, even though seriously, it wasn't his fault!!!

- There is no Victor, There is only Doom.

- It has to Suck that Reed is unable to save them twice.

- That Fight Scene was eh. The film was only 1 hr 40 minutes, they could have spent that save 20 working on that fight scene.

- I'm sure there is some significance to Central City, but it hasn't hit me yet.

- The Human Torch and the Torchettes. I like it a lot!

- A lot of people are going to be like HEY! They stole that not saying anything part at the end from the Avengers, but technically if ya think about it, The Fantastic Four was first...So is it really stealing?

Alex brought up some interesting points, that I didn't know before, but over all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I will be adding it to my Film collection and I give it a 4/5 easily. Don't let Media form your opinion of this movie, go see it for yourself! If you have seen it, lets talk about it on twitter! @Spokhette

 Stay Nerdy,

Cinema #10: Lupin the Third (Live Action + Spoilers!!!)

August 7, 2015

Hey Gang!
I am so excited to be talking about Lupin the 3rd today! I have been wanting to watch this movie since there were only rumors floating around the internet, Now it's been out for a year, and I finally got the chance to view it! My dad said it was terrible but he's such a stickler about movies based on cartoons or anime that are then turned into live action, I think out of all of them he's only met one that he really liked. I loved it! As an avid lover of Lupin, ( I have a huge crush on Jigen) Even though smoking is bad for you, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was a little rough in the beginning but once the story started rolling you really started to see the characters shine. There were definitely some extra characters that weren't in the anime but it was needed to flesh out the story and set up the plot.

- I wasn't a fan of the "you have failed this city/Arrow" costume that Fujiko wore. I was really looking forward to her trademark slinky yellow dress that I remembered from the anime.

- The gist of the movie was that all of the "thieves" were brought together so that they could "battle" for the position of New Leader of the Works. The Works is a group of thieves that are so high brow that they are literally legends. It's almost a system of checks and balances.

- Michael killed Dawson to right the death of his father, Edward Lam. Apparently, in this movie Michael and Fujiko are siblings, and the entire reason of completing Cleopatra's necklace and put it on Fujiko's neck.

- How do you unite, a thief, a lone gunman and a samurai? Bring them Caramelized Dumplings.

- Fujiko knew that Michael was going to bring his crew to the Works dinner. She was okay because he said he wasn't going hurt one of their own, but how could she trust him, when she herself can't be trusted?

- Why did we NEVER learn the name of the woman in Green? She was kicking butt and taking names, and we don't even know hers!!! Just like with Transformers Age of Extinction, we never learned her name! That drives me crazy!

- I thought their "hologram" phones were so cool, it really didn't surprise me when Zenigata was carrying a flip phone. It totally fit his old-school, Gramps image. Zenigata kind of reminds me of the Captain Onishima in Jet Set Radio, I wonder if it was an homage...

- Unfortunately, Pramuk was Edwards' real killer, and Royal shot Dawson because he would have told Michael the truth. Royal was a backstabber and everyone that Michael thought was in his crew, worked for Pramuk.

- Dawson gets his dying wish, as Michael and Lupin team up to rob Pramuk blind and steal back the Cleopatra Necklace. Them, Dressing like Zenigata and Narong was hilarious! I thought that was brilliant and definitely something Cartoon Lupin was do, I'm sure he would have approved.

- I really Really wanted Goemon to cut the Hummer in Half, and then land back on top of the car just like the animes, but he later slices the tattooed bad guy in half, so I guess that will have to do.

- Jigen is the Shit! He shot his gun at the trigger of another gun to shoot Royal in the chest! He defeated a machine gun with a revolver!!!

- "Women and Safes are alike, both are just waiting for someone to open the door." - Arsene Lupin

- Of course, the safe is in a vacuum Chamber!! It would have been too much like right for anything else. Why didn't Lupin and Michael get into the Manganese safe and then explode the Malibu? I get the need for Michael to sacrifice himself, as penance for the murder of Dawson, but they both could have fit in the safe, It was like Jack and Rose all over again!

- Fujiko just used Michael for the jewel. They weren't siblings at all. Why do these guys keep trusting her when all she does is screw them over and over again, Why aren't they listening to Jigen? He's always right ya know!!

- I love that line at the end. " Now, How are we going to get back?" and then they all start laughing and are realize that they don't actually have a way back home. I loved the laughing Montage at the end of the movie! It brought me great joy! It was like seeing old friends again after a really long time away.

If you have seen the movie, tell me what you think, if you haven't then you should go watch it immediately! I give it a 4/5! I would definitely watch it again, and if I happened to come across it in the store or on Amazon, I wouldn't hesitate to add it to my cart! Lets talk about it on Twitter! #nerdetteatlarge

Stay Nerdy Ya'll,
See ya next time,

Cinema #9: Justice League Of Gods and Monsters (Spoilers!!!)

August 5, 2015

Hey Gang!
 It feels so good to be back! The other day I was able to watch Bruce Timm's Of Gods and Monsters, it is based off of the one shot comic he wrote, and will maybe be turned into a cartoon series sometime soon. I have to be honest, I didn't read the one-shot and I am coming into this with bright fresh eyes, that said, I was NOT a fan, and I'll tell you why below. I am a huge Bruce Timm Fan, and I feel like any child that grew up in the 90's with a love of all the superhero cartoons that were dominant at the time, should also love and respect Timm's Reign because he running shit!

- One reason I didn't like the movie was it was an alternate universe, (which I have trouble keeping up with) and They were murderers. Superman was the child of Zod, Batman was a Vampire and Wonderwoman was kin to High Father.

- I was really turned off by the tone of the movie. I was turned off by how no one had any respect for the "Justice League". I was annoyed by Amanda Waller being President and that the "Justice League" just had no sense of value of life.

- I didn't like that they weren't who I expected. I expected Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, I got: Vampire, Zod and a Powergirl inpersonation.

- I was a fan of the adult humor and jokes that was littered through the film. "Given up on Eharmony was one of my favorites.

- I was thrown off by how many Earth-One characters were featured, but not properly.
 - Silas Stone and his Son Victor: Victor becomes Cyborg
 - Dr. Karen Beecher: Bumblebee
 - Victor Fries: Mr. Freeze
 - Ray Palmer: The Atom

- I didn't like Lois Lane in this...

- Becca (WonderWoman) was married off to Orion to unite Highfather and Darkseid. Even though, she knew Highfather was going to murder everyone, she said nothing.

- Orion gave Becca the sword she fights with now. It contains a motherbox (Boom Tube Technology) that allows her to teleport to wherever she wishes. Her Father is ruthless though, that Coup took some serious balls. Trust not the Highfather, he is mad with power.

- Maybe I was thinking too much but were they really making a sympathy play for Luthor?

- These "creatures" all have the same abilities of the "Justice League" They're being framed man!

- Magnmus is totally the Badguy, he was a douche in college and made Batman the way he is. Plus he's a wifebeater. Hang him High and Let him dry I say!

- William Magmus is Earth's Zod.

My final thoughts: Eh...... 2/5. I respect Timm's work, and the story was decent and the art WAS GREAT, but it wasn't what I was expecting, I just didn't like it. If they do turn this into a series, I have a feeling that I will be episode hopping, for characters I do like.

 Stay Nerdy,


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