I wanna be a baker: Queen's Revenge Cupcakes

September 24, 2014

I've been on this huge baking spree lately. I've got four or five different types of cupcakes coming out on the blog in the near future. I've been deciding what I want to do with my life, and honestly I am still incredibly unsure, but as of the moment, I think baking might be my calling (for now). I've been doing research into starting my own bakery catering business. Business cards, creating my own packaging and branding. I'm having a lot of fun beginning this, and I think I would love to pursue it, I'd definitely make more money than I am now, slaving away working for someone else. Today, I'm showing off my Queen's Revenge Cupcakes. They are red velvet with a melted white chocolate center and Cream Cheese Icing. When I was done with the batter, it was super thick! Usually when I make cupcakes it creates about 24 or 25. These came out with barely 15 cupcakes! When they were fully baked, they looked like big Mushroom tops!! It made me feel like I baking something straight out of wonderland.

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Happy Birthday Alex!

September 19, 2014

We just got done celebrating Alex's 26th birthday!! Sans, one brother, the whole family and I went out to dinner at the local Outback, Delicious!! I took advantage of the endless shrimp deal, I got the outback special with broccoli, mashed potatoes and at least three refills of the grilled shrimp scampi! We were all so full by the time everyone was done with dinner, at least two of us had boxes of left overs. For his birthday, I got him a 3DSXL in blue, and a copy of Pokemon Y, because I had Pokemon X and as the adorable nerds we are, We just HAD to be able to trade Pokemon, that we weren't able to find in our own versions. After grabbing his birthday present, he went on to purchase Super Mario Brother's 2 and I finally purchased Epic Mickey!~ I chuckled all the way home, I asked him how it felt to be a gamer, but he just hmphed and didn't answer me. Me thinks I hit a nerve. Now we're a gaming couple. Ain't we cute?

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P.S. The convo continues on Twitter, What are some of your favorite Games?

I wanna be a baker: Blue Moon Cupcakes

September 10, 2014

I have always loved baking. I haven't bought a "bakery cake" since I turned ten, I've been making them since then. My grandmothers taught me how to bake, and then my imagination kind of took off after that. I was constantly dreaming up amazing gourmet desserts that I would later sell in my bakery. Thirteen years later, that daydream, is still floating around in my head, so much that I had to do something about it, or I was going to explode. So what did I Do? I made Blue Moon Cupcakes, and a series as I brush up on my baking skills. I'm a little Rusty *Shhh, don't tell my grandmothers they'd kill me.* I'm not going to include the recipe, because it hasn't been perfected yet, and I might wanna use it in my shop later, but I'll show you the delicious outcome and some goofy photos Alex took of me, instead of working on his own food blog.
 If you are unaware, Blue Moon, is a Belgian Wheat Ale, and it is a beer. I do not drink, except for the most rarest occasions. I.E. I literally have no where to go and don't have to worry about getting tipsy and Alex is drinking as well. Once in like 27 blue moons (see what I did there?) My Blue Moon Cupcakes, are Orange Based cupcakes, with a generous helping of Blue Moon beer in the batter and the icing. They are cored with Orange Supremes and Orange Zest, and they are delicious if I do say so myself. There are about 10 left, so I'm taking them into work with me later, so get a general consensus on whether I should make them again. I gave them to my parents, but all they could tell me was that they were too sweet.

As always the conversation continues on Twitter, what have you been baking lately?

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Hot Topic is about to be my neighbor

September 9, 2014

I have been a fan of Hot Topic since my unfortunate goth days back in middle school. Every so often, I stop in just to see what's there, and if there's anything cute to pick up. As you know I absolutely adore My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, my favorite Studio Ghibli films of all time. @HotTopic has a collection out right now of T-shirts, badges and other goodies, got get them before they're gone! The ones featured below are currently on my wishlist, I can't wait to snag these! Right now, there's 20% off entire store except Clearance.

Ugh, Why is payday always so far away?

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The Creation of a Monster...

September 3, 2014

So I like to read...a lot, and before I moved in with my boyfriend I literally lived up the street from a library. A library I've been going to at least once a week, since I was little girl. I still have really old librarians ask my parents about me, when they visit the library. Since moving in with my boyfriend, I have yet to find one in the new area, I can only come to the conclusion, that people in this area don't like the written word. So, in a way to make Alex less guilty about stealing me away to this "amish" country, the other night he showed me that I could download e books, onto my ipad mini, and I could take them wherever, I was so excited that I had something new to read on our mini-vacation camping trip for labor day.
 Unfortunately, the place we picked out, turned out to be a huge bust, it was at the very end of the trail, the bugs outthere were bigger than my size 2 gauged ears, and honestly it was terrifying. It definitely would have been the first time in my life that I had gone "primitive" camping. No electricity, no running water, ya know, real camping. I was so excited to experience something new, and spend time that I normally don't get with my boyfriend canoodling in the woods, well at the time of planning that was a total plus.
  Amazon has a HUGE selection of free ebooks available in all types of categories, everything from the Classics to Erotica! So I got a little book happy and downloaded about 40 new novels. I just got done reading Macaron Murder by Harper Lin. As far as murder mysteries go it was pretty tame. Lady gets whacked over the head in her apartment and hi-jinks and amatuer sleuth solving follows. It even came with macaron recipes, as an avid baker, I honestly can't wait to begin making them!! One thing I can't stand in a mystery I'm reading is being Nancy Drew-ed.
  If you aren't aware, Nancy Drew is an amatuer female detective, who had her own book series. Each novel held a different mystery, a different adventure for 10 to 16 year old girls that were tired of little house on the Prarie. Every novel that "Carolyn Keene" penned was 24 to 28 chapters, with a fatal flaw occuring in every one. Right when Nancy Drew was closing in on her man, just when she was about to solve the crime, she get's kidnapped. Every.Single.Time. I can't stand a detective, amatuer or professional without a sense of their surroundings. When they don't have them, the only one that suffers is the reader, we suffer what is called being Nancy Drew-ed, and if you've ever had the experience, you'd know the horrible horrible feeling it brings to the pit of your stomach. Thankfully, it hasn't happened enough to ruin reading for me. I don't know what in the world would have to happen to make me put away reading. I just couldn't imagine life without it!!! Now I've started the Kingdom series, by Marie Hall, and started watching Once upon a time, and honestly it's just filling my head with old fairy tales and re-tellings of some of my favorite characters of all time. Netflix is literally my arch enemy, eating up all of my free time, allowing me to knit as the only multi-tasking I can truly accomplish.
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I'm a real girl?

September 1, 2014

I've been on a real "girl" kick lately. All I've been doing lately is curling up with my boyfriend watching Pokemon Movies, Knitting, and compiling makeup. It's really weird, I've been playing Pokemon a lot, but I haven't touched BioShock, and I don't miss it. I'm not sure if I am actually tired of the game, or just like most things, I need to take a break?  I have even started knitting again! Finally working on my sister's Watermelon pillow, which she asked for as soon as I learned how, about 7 or 8 years ago. I will admit that I am not one to create on a timeline. I've definitely been working really hard on fixing that by trying to update VSS at least three times a week. I was doing pretty well for a while, but then the well just kinda ran dry. So I've been spending most of my free time, reading, trying to actually finish all the products I've started, and then I'll start posting them. My head is always practically bursting with new ideas, my issue is organizing my ideas and bringing them into fruition. So, while I work on that enjoy a nice little write up on the goodies I got from Sephora! I've been frequenting Sephora pretty often lately, I've picked up a few things, but I seem to be spending my money better, or I have a more keen sale sense, because I've been there two times recently, and have spent less than all of the other times I've been there combined. I got three things, and only spent like $30! If you've ever shopped at Sephora you already know that's pretty amazing.I picked up Fairy Tale (Sephora Lipstick), Bewitch me ( Sephora Creme Liner) and Coven (Kat Von D. lipstick) If you remember, Coven was the super light lavender lipstick that I was practically drooling over last makeup post. If you hadn't noticed I have resurrected the youtube, It will honestly probably just be a re-incarnation of the catch-all I had before. As if you guys couldn't get enough of my ramblings already! After Sephora we stopped into Coldstone, it was my first time, I was always a huge Graeters fan. I decided to get a smoothie since we were walking around instead of my usual cup of three scoops. I was so excited they had watermelon Sorbet, who does that? Watermelon Sorbet I say!!! and then I mixed it with blueberry, it was so freaking refreshing and delicious! I was literally jumping around with excitement, and it was so good, I had to get it in a love it, size! I have even started knitting again! Finally working on my sister's Watermelon pillow, which she asked for as soon as I learned how, about 7 or 8 years ago. I will admit that I am not one to create on a timeline. I've definitely been working really hard on fixing that by trying to update VSS at least three times a week. I was doing pretty well for a while, but then the well just kinda ran dry. So I've been spending most of my free time, reading, trying to actually finish all the products I've started, and then I'll start posting them.

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