wiccan hostess??

December 7, 2009

  So I finally began my wiccan studies...It's a lot like school. You have to stay with it! But I had to stop and go to work. As you may or may not know, I have been working two steady jobs. Castle of chicken and Artsickles.  I like them a lot but they don't leave room for a lot of anything else. But anyway, Brice, put me in the front, and I started on Cash registers! Can you say NOOOOO~
   Usually I work prep. Usually I'm in the back, workin and chillin' with friends, where I'm comfortable.

OMG! I'm baaack!

  Garsh Guys, its been so long, since I've signed in and actually written anything. It's so weird, when I wasn't allowed to have it I tried updating everyday and not that no one cares if I spill my guts on a blogger, I don't type at all. Don't you think it should be the other way around. Met someone today, it's a girl. Her name is Hiedi, she is a "raving fan". She's also into Anime! Her earrings were little rainbows, with otaku clouds on the bottom!
  When I asked her where she bought them, she said an anime convention, my patented hello kitty ears picked up and then I asked which one. SUGOICON! This is so awesome. I love it when I go outside my comfort zone, i.e. work, and meet someone with the same interests  as me. You know that used to call me weird in high school. figures...
  Speaking of work, I've been doing it non-stop for weeks now. The last 2, I haven't had a single day off and a couple days I've been working both Bkawk and Artsy! I am worn the **** out! I still cannot believe it is the day before Thanksgiving...Where does the time go??? But I can't complain, the checks are lookin' nice, and the people are awesome. And college isn't going to pay for itself.
   I've been very stressed lately, even my wiccy chanting hasn't been helping lately! I've picked up more books, Mostly RavenWolf, and Debbie, but you have to start with the well-known, before you can find the really good stuff, am I right? Speaking of which, I'm totally surprised, but i am simply addicted to the Queen of Babble series by Meg Cabot. I'm really hoping that lizzie ends up with Chaz at the end, I mean they were practically made for each other, and Luke needs to grow a pair, instead of borrowing Lizzies...Men are so aggravating sometimes...
    Speaking of men, my boy troubles have kind of gone away, now I'm just confused, which is a step in the right direction, because I used to want to throw all men overboard, and now I'm willing to compromise, it's got to count for something! Speaking of overboard, dad has finally fixed my window...Yes, the one, he threw the vestiges of my desk through. So hopefully tonight, it won't be soo cold.


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