February 18, 2014

February is going by so freaking quickly, I'm having trouble catching up! Not only has it been going by so quickly, but I've been busy as all get out!

- Interviewing Jasmine of Keyboard Kitten for Gamer Famelle.

- Transitioning my hair..again.

- Going comic shopping with le Boy.

- Celebrating Valentine's Day with Le Boy and Family.

- Learning How to Hula Hoop!

- Becoming a bar server at work.

- Two days later, Becoming a Bartender at work!

- Watching Season 2 of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated

- Discovering old Cartoons: Milton the Monster/Reboot/Danger Mouse/X-men: Evolution

- Playing Little Big Planet for the first time EVER! (How did I miss this awesome game?)

- Catching up on Blogs: One Sheepish Girl/Girl Gone Geek/Art of the Heart/On-win

- Started Choreographing again... Its been way too long! (Cher Lloyd - I wish Ft. T.I.)

- Started Working out again, every night for 30 Minutes. (Dive Bomber Pushups are AWESOME!)

- Tasting Drinks with Alcohol in them. ( I'll be 23 in July)

-  Editing Jasmine of Keyboard Kitten's Gamer Famelle interview for the 5th time. #blogger hates me.

- Planning out more fashion posts.

- Searching for a camera.

Until next Time,


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