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May 26, 2010

The arrow in my pierced heart: Can we catch up later?

May 24, 2010

  So, as per usual, the Bryan date never happened, but I shouldn't really be surprised because of the fact that he's never on time for anything. THe original plan was to be picked up at 2, then it turned to 5, then 6, then 6:30 until he finally gave up. Didn't even bother to try and come to dinner with me, and all our friends, it wasn't like he wouldn't have known anyone. But to be completely truthful, I'm glad he didn't go, because He was have just been a bump on a log, and I was there to have a blast, which I did, I'm totally shocked we didn't get thrown out. I left with Bridget prolly around 6:30 and didn't get home until like eleven something, and didn't even have to argue over it. It's a good day, when you have broken the rules, and you don't get your head torn off for it, I wish it happened more often. Created a blog just for selling my creations. I'm excited! I'm already starting to post photos of my work. Once I get my phone turned back on, I'm creating a paypal, and then I'll be in business! A quick and easy way to make some extra money, although, my job isn't doing too shabby, I made $507 before taxes in ONE week! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I just wish it wasn't so hot today! I felt like I was going to collapse on the spot! I was only a street away. It was so hot that the church across from us caught fire! Plus I saw EMU and I'm so excited because she's working like two streets away from me. Can you say Lunchtime Fun??
  So, we also have another intern he came today, name's Clark. He's an upperclass man. Graphic Design major. I'm kinda glad, that he's not my type, because that could prove to be a serious distraction, and even though he's not my type, he cinched the deal when he carried on a conversation with 3 sentences. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DON"T TALK! It drives me insane, and then I look like an asshole, if I try and have a conversation, because it's obvious their not interested and you just keep on bablying. Plus, I was walking around the neighborhood distributing flyers and I saw the guy, with a huge beer gut bell, strutting his stuff down the street in a hot PINK SPEEDO! What is the world coming too? I didn't even need my camera, I don't think that picture will ever leave my head, ever!


Peculiarly yours,

Tuesday-Friday May 21st 2010

May 21, 2010

Just an FYI, Patents are total snoozeville

May 16, 2010

  So, today my mom and I went to a "how to create your own patent class". Tres boring! I fell asleep and I was so totally happy that there were only four people in the room; including my mother and I. Because they said I was snoring loudly. I was only embarrassed for a little bit, but the subject matter was so freaking boring!!!!! It was a 3 and half hour class! What was I supposed to do with myself?? Even my college courses weren't that long! Then when she finally released us from that political jargon hell, I busied myself with perusing the many of aisle's of books, it is a library after all, one of my favorite places to be.
  I found four really hip crochet/knit guides, with some sexy stuff in it! Finally someone has figured out that you can crochet something other than an AFGHAN! I mean this stuff is prime wearable art, hooded shrugs, bathing suits, lingerie pieces, coats, vests, skirts, backless halters, backless tops, fishnet stockings, beret's and gloves, you name it, I can probably find it in the books I picked up. 3 of them are completely crochet, and one is a mix of crochet and knitting. Which I'm excited about, because I can hone my crochet skills because I can read a pattern, and now that Clayre taught me how to knit, I can start learning how to read knit patterns.
  So this summer, just seems to be filled with guys hitting on the women of my family! I went over to my aunts and got 4 phone numbers walking from the street across her house to the store around the corner. We went to the library down the street from my house, and some guys with no teeth in a truck was hitting on my mom. When we were at the downtown library earlier today waiting for dad to pick us up. (Long story.) A guy was just staring at me, and I'm not one to just let a folk stare at me, so I stared back, and he kept eye contact til he turned the corner, satisfied, I looked down to grab my books, and I saw his reflection in the store front, he was walking back to look at me! I laughed and shook my head, really? I couldn't be hit on by someone in the library?> Meaning that they were doing something productive? Noooo, I had to be hit on by a guy who was hanging outside the library, hollering at anything with an ass and two legs. Just no common sense. It makes me weep for humanity.
  Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen and I asked my sister to pass me a rag, so I could finish up and she hands me this soapy rag, The middle was missing and I don't know what came over me, but I just burst into this huge fit of giggles, and asked her, why she gave me the 50 cent of rags, she didn't get it. A joke's just not funny if you have to explain it. It completely ruined my mood. Tomorrow, is my first dance team meeting,and then Monday is my first day of work, I'm sooooo excited. I Instyled my hair all by myself today, and only burnt myself a little on my pinky! I'm so proud of myself! I have a little swoop bang and everything. I still haven't figured out what I should wear on my first day, but It'll come to me. I'll have to go to bed early though, I start work at 9, that means that I have to get practically to the otherside of town, meaning that I'll have to be up at least by 7 in order to get there on time. Which sucks, because I'm still running on College Student Time, I've been home for almost 2 weeks now, and I've gotten up consistently around 1 p.m. That's 7 hours later then I should be up for my job. Can someone say "alarm clocke?" Setting that sucker, as soon as I go to bed! right next to my ear, with the most annoying ringtone ever. I'll probably get up just to turn it off. lol.
  This is going to be my first project from pop goes Crochet, by Vickie Howell.
  Well I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for tonight. So....

Series #1: Where oh where could my Blonde PI BE??????

May 14, 2010

 NEW"S FLASH: Veronica Mars only lasted 3 seasons.

 NEW"S FLASH: There is no 4th Season.

 NEW"S FLASH: Thomas has confirmed a movie, article dated January 2009.

 NEW"S FLASH: I miss her. She was smart, and witty, and talented. She was a character that girls could look up too, when all that was on was that rediculous roswell crap and Desperate Housewives.

  YOu're desperate, ya sleep around and you're writers throw fits, we get it. Where is that helping us? Where is that showing us as young women, that we can make a difference,, we can be smart and pretty and not have to dress like a whore? It's not. And I have yet to see another television program do what Veronica Mars has done. Gossip girl only shows that rich white people can get away with murder and cover it up *ahem-Serena*.

 Vampire Diaries is amazing in a love sick puppy kind of way. It's just like Twilight. Granted, at least they know, that Vampire's don't sparkle and they have to have permission to enter, but even they have stayed on the feminine model path. It seems like Elana is dependent on Stephan. That no matter what he does, like leave her *Cough-Edward*

She'll sit there like a doll and wait for him to return to her.
 If he'll leave you once, he'll leave you again. That goes for Edward and Stephan. What happened to women that didn't need a man to make them whole? What happened to characters like Veronica?

 or the Main Character in Tantalize?

 Or Hermione?

 or Nora in Hush Hush? 

Like the main character in Blood Ties? Like Anita Blake?  Vicki Nelson? Where are those women?? Come out of hiding! We need you! 

P.S. He's so fine.

Dear home, I've missed you. Why haven't you missed me?

May 13, 2010

  So I have been home for approximately 5 days. I don't have my room now. My sister does, and I have hers. Grand! So this room which is like twice as small, is bursting as I'm trying to organize everything and finish cleaning it, which isn't going well. I've finally got a job! Which is great because being unemployed is not a look for me. It fits perfectly within dad's schedule so I don't have to worry about bumming a ride! Which is great! It starts on Monday. I even have my own DESK! I don't know what to wear, I want to look like I normally do but more professional.
   I have this green and black dress with wonky s design on the chestplate. But if I undo the bowtie, which I don't like, it looks like dollar signs which just seem too grabby for me., makes me seem very greedy. But I think I'll just do the classically chic, White button down blouse with trendy vest and nice slacks, that make my ass look fabulous. Ya know the usual.
  Still waiting for that guy to post photos of the car, so I can buy it. Like to know what I'm paying for ya know. But to no avail, he's taking forever! I wonder what he does when he's not on Facebook? I mean, if you own the car, and have someone interested in buying it, wouldn't you do everything in your power to get it done?? It just seems like everyone is so lazy now a days. I'm thinking about getting myself a really special birthday present for myself because I'll  be 19.and I really wanna make a splash when I go back to school.. So far, I've got it narrowed down to another piercing or dying my hair.

I don't know which one I should choose. Masai is seriously trying to convince me not to dye my hair or get a piercing, but I'm not dating him anymore and to be quite honest, it's not going to convince me to change what I want to do with my own body. I don't really mean to seem so rude, he's only looking out for me, but it is what it is, and I will do what I want.
  I just got done applying for my college's blog team. We'd put up a new post every Tuesday which is great for me, because I don't have classes on Tuesdays or Thursday.so I can totally put all my energy into my posts. It was a totally generic audition question but I think I aced it. The only thing is, they asked if I already had a blog and I replied yes, and they asked for the URL, so they'll probably glaze over it. But it is what it is, The whole point of blogging is to tell your view on life, your'e uncensored view of life, and I wear that extremely close to the test, I don't want to have to clean up my thoughts...I don't do it when I talk and I damn sure don't wanna do it when I write. Plus, it just takes up too much time.
 There is one thing that I've realized makes me feel better no matter what the situation. The life sucks I have too much homework situation. The OMFG he dumped me before the date sistuation. The god my parents are yelling me again sistuation...A VERONICA MARS MARATHON. It never fails to make me smile. I mean the story lines for these episodes are freaking amazing! Plus! It's Kristen Bell, She's amazing and you can never run out of craziness. Serial rapes, to Child molestation to Children sexual acts and MURDER! Nothing makes a good crime television program a quadruple threat.
  So, I'm not the only college student out of classes. SARAH's back and I'm so effing excited! I haven't seen her since she upped and left for school without telling any of us. So I can't wait to learn about how she's been doing in class and if she's made any new friends, she's not the most social person, but she's our SARAH and WE LOVE HER TO DEATH! I can't wait to start hanging out again! It would bring back a sense of nostalgia  that I haven't felt in a long time, and I can't wait to feel it again.

Summer is among us, ladies! We must strip to our skivvies and steal the Men!

May 11, 2010

  So, there are two days of exam/essay/any actual school like activity. It is the end of the first half of my freshman year and I can finally put forth a list of things not to do while being a college freshman. Case in point...
1.) Do not go to an end of the year party where people are under legal drinking age, only bad things shall befall you.
2.)When you enter a college campus, there is such a thing as C.S.T. College Student Time. It is a scientific equation. For every minute it's supposed  to start that plus 3 is when they shall arrive.


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