Tactical Tuesdays #1

July 31, 2012

 Hello Readers! Welcome to Tactical Tuesdays!  This is a segment I write about all the cool things I've discovered in the blogosphere so far this week! This is part of the new schedule I have in the works for the VSS. 

New Music:

New Blogs:

New things I want:
Strawberry Roll Beads by Time for Tea Beads.
Handmade Cake beads, 5pcs Miniature Strawberry Roll Cake Charm

Love Heart Keyboard Decal by iangelsticker
love heart----mac pro decals mac pro stickers  macbook decals stickers macbook  Apple Mac Decal keyboard decals keyboard sticker

One of HIM IN MY MAILBOX!!! I don't know his name, but he is fine like a ticket on the dash!

Blush Brooklyn Camera bag By epiphaniebags

Bernie Cotton Dolls from Scott Tolleson!

Mistress OUT,


I am Spokhette and I am addicted to Kick-ass women.

July 27, 2012

Its been quite some time since I've done one of these. The last one you can read here.  That was two years ago. I've come into contact with some pretty amazing women since then. And here they are. This is just a list, its not put in order of favorites!

1. Betty Felon: Tumblr Comic Royalty

2. Aubrey Kaye: Fafinettex3 on Youtube

3.Twinkie Chan: Food Crochet Mastermind

4.Nicki Minaj: Top Female Rapper EVER

4. Ahn Nugen: On-Win
I can finally do my semi signature wavy bangs again! 😊 (Taken with Instagram)

5. Katerina Graham

6. Michelle Obama

7. CL

8. Minzy

Honest to Blog: My open Letter

July 26, 2012

 Dear whomever it may concern,
 I am highly offended by the way the world seems to be running as of late. As a woman of ethnicity I do not feel safe in the country that I live in. That country I have lived in ALL of my life. Where has the world gone SO wrong? I didn't have to worry about protecting my status as a woman 10 years ago. I didn't have to worry about my social security benefits being revoked (even though my entire work career a huge chunk gets taken out JUST FOR THAT), if the person I'm mean to be with happens to be another woman. 
 I am becoming more and more aware of the negative light that I am under. I look at other girls on this road and notice that their light is not all encompassing, but it does not make me feel any less UPSET. I want to know why NOW laws and liberties of women are coming into question, then beginning the process of being shipped into the factory of no return. Why are we as women under fire? What have we done? Why in the WORLD in 2000's would a fair pay act for women have to be signed? Why was it not here 12 years ago? Why was it not here 20 years ago? Why does it matter if a woman is on birth control or not? Why does it NOT SEEM TO MATTER to republicans that an abortion is a way out for women who have NO CHOICE. If Men were forced to carry the Children created from rape or incest, I'm sure it would be an issue for them, why do they not see it from our perspective? Why are men changing all the rules for us and keeping them uniform for themselves? 
  Why are people who are sworn in to serve and protect, killing us? Us as human beings. I am just a person. a blip of thousands of people. Why in the world do you want to shine a light on me because I happen to be of ethnicity. The letter is to point out the flaw that is the United States. Why are there so many police involved shootings? Why are there soo many deaths and accidents in general? Trayvon Martin? Manuel Diaz? Junior Lagunas? When asked, why does everyone's answer seem to point to race?
  Why are people so quick to think everyone with an ethnic sounding name, is  an illegal alien? Why are people so quick to FORGET that Caucasians came OVER HERE FROM EVERYWHERE ELSE? Why are people so quick to assume? Why are you so fast to forget how you caused Massive Genocide to Native Americans, You came over, took their land, their jobs, their food, killing them and leaving them by the wayside. Running them out of their towns, and territories, Yet you have the audacity to walk past someone who is Latino /Hispanic/ Asian/ African/ Middle Eastern and yell at them to go back to their own country? Maybe you should follow your own advice. 


My 2 day Birthday Celebration

July 25, 2012

 So I am finally the BIG 21! People and family are all asking me if I feel any different. My answer? No, not really. I stopped feeling different about my age after 16. I'm still the Same EXACT person, its just now I'm legal and I can drink. No big. But I did enjoy all the love my friends and fam doled upon me. I had to work the day before and My actual birthday, but I definitely did NOT let that stop me.
   My best Friend LAYLA took me out. We went to eat at Wendy's, I had Chicken Nuggets and Chili. Super YUM! Then We went Shopping. I got a super cute Yoshi Mini Backpack, to carry all my junk, because the other purses have been killing my shoulder and back, I've been feeling like my shoulder had been un-boning itself from the rest of my body, its been bad. I was so excited because, It fits EVERYTHING, EVEN MY LAPTOP! it is PERFECT!~ We went to Spencers, Hot Topic, Forever XXI, and H+M. I got two T-shirts: Mac Miller + A panda. None of the clothes, we picked out fit me. *uber Sadness*

- 2 Ulta Nail Polishes
-2 Ulta Eyeshadows
-2 Ulta Lipsticks
-2 Sephora Lipsticks
-2 Sephora Jumbo Eyeliners
-Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss
-Ulta Gel Eyeliner
-Ulta Smokey Eyes Automatic eye liner
(Full post and Swatch Coming Soon!)

5 NEW GAMES for My DS!

-Code Lyoko
-Pucca: Power Up
-Harvest Moon DS
-Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of Osborne House
-IVY the KIWI?
( Full post Coming Soon!!)

    My family took me out to dinner, and then dropped my sister and I off at the arcade. We were having so much fun, so I didn't get to take any pictures, including of my outfit, but I went to work after that. 

Mistress Out,

Handheld Mistress #10: Cheating: Marathon Gaming: Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum has been in our house for about 4 days now. My sister is halfway through, and of course, I am like a quarter behind her. I hate sharing games with her, because she inSISTS on telling me whats going to happen. That just DRIVES ME CRAZY! I've gotten all the way to meeting Scarecrow for the 2nd time now. I'm getting better at playing games that have that stupid camera movement thing. 

Mistress Out,

Handheld Mistress #9: Cheating:Marathon Gaming: Alice: Madness Returns (Ps3)

July 24, 2012

 So the last time I played this game, was around the time I got it for my birthday and I was so FRUSTRATED with the camera control that I just gave up on it and never tried again.  So when I decided to start up this marathon of gaming thing, I decided to give it another try. This time I started all the way from the beginning and paid attention, I got pretty Far.  Here are some video and photos I took while playing. I completed 1% before I decided to take a break. 

Mistress Out,

Glorious Organization

 One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that I love the idea of organization.  I love drawing labels and making folders and getting things started. However, my downfall is trying to make everything fit in its own spot. If I have a job its folder is on the left but schedules go in this book. Yadda Yadda this that and the third.
 To fix this, I have decided to keep everything in one SPOT! Enter: Vulcan Sugar and Spice: The Facebook Page.  It will act as my homepage/website. Everything is connected to it. Twitter/Tumblr/My shop. Any and all updates will be there. You can go there for anything first and there it will be.
I think this is also a good time to introduce my new group project with amethyst Witch and Nova D. Nerdettes Unite. Where we basically get together and blog about anything nerdy. From Comic books to video games to sea monkeys and zombie Lemurs. We all individually blog else where but here is when we get together and share our awesomeness with you all!

Mistress Out,

Handheld Mistress #8: Cheating: Marathon Gaming: Splatterhouse

July 21, 2012

 Hey Gamers! I know its been a while, and I know that I start almost every entry with this. So it might as well just be my greeting. *shrug* What can I say? I've been busy. I'll be moving into my apartment sometime in august, and I've been working non stop. Fortunately today was my off day and I got a little free time, So I decided to do some gaming. I planned on playing four games, but it didn't work so well, I had started about eleven and ended at 4:30 am, and hadn't gotten to the fourth game. I was so tired.

 The first game I played was Splatter House. I first introduced this game during Christmas I think. And I was kind of put off by all of the blood. I mean, I love games as much as the next person, but I'm still a girl. haha. So tonight, I thought I would break it out and play for a little while. I made it all the way to phase 2 and I even have some photos to show you guys!

I wanted to start where I left off at Christmas, but it had erased the data...T.T So I started from Scratch. The amount of bloodshed, didn't really bother me this time, and I felt more confident playing it. It actually made me nervous, how comfortable I am with violent games now, *shrug* I guess that's what happens when you hang out with guys and the only thing they wanna play are shooters. Anyway, I got really good at cutting and slicing the demons, and even discovered this technique of grabbing them and impaling them on the wall so it opens doors! Fancy huh?

Once you get a little further, you can come to this screen and select a different mask.

After Rick puts on the mask.

He's ready for some Grade A ass kicking.

Phase One Screen

Some carnage I created. 

Unfortunately I lost both of my arms during game play. Fortunately they grow back.

Was able to update my weapons, and attacks! Yay!

My death screen, I'd been playing for an hour and a half so I decided to give it a break at this point. 

Mistress Out,


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