Weather Snafu's + My agenda for the day

July 6, 2012

 GUYS I DON"T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT IT IS HOT HOT HOT HOT! Now where I'm from we're known for a little out of control weather, but this This is RIDICULOUS!
 I don't even wanna go outside, I don't wanna hang out with friends, I don't even wanna be in my room because its so freaking hot!! I don't know what to do with myself, I'm trying to stay busy, but everytime I think I am sweating bullets. I'm down to Sports bra and shorts, all available skin wrapped in Soaking wet rags, in the basement, while I'm typing this which is not good, because that suddenly sounds like a great way to get electrocuted! Here's my agenda for the day!

-Pick up my dog
-Write some ideas in my journal, that have been swirling around in my head before they get lost. 
-Show off My awesome comic inspired new hat
-Upload the new drawings.
-Move all articles over to new notebook, work from there
-Finish the LAUNDRY!

Mistress Sweaty and Out,

Its 110 degrees outside, please be smart, and stay in! I don't want to hear about any readers getting heat stroke...


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