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July 7, 2012

 Hey guys! Got some cool news to share. I have been working on both some personal projects and things for the shop. I feel like I was trying to hard with my shop, Shoving the idea down peoples throats so to speak. The whole reason I got into it in the first place, was that I had made something for myself that I liked and someone saw and asked for one.
 Silly me, I thought hey, if that one person liked my design maybe other people would like my designs, and onto Etsy I went! With no knowledge of how it really works. I have the knowledge now, after tons of trial and error, but its still not going great. So I've decided to make it completely Custom Order. Once I finish a project for myself, or for my friends, I shall post pictures of it in my shop, if people want one then great, and they can email me for designs and things of that nature, I think I fell out of love with the shop, because I was making things for other people, and I don't feel like thats the right way to do it anymore. Pllus this way, I don't have crazy ridiculous Back inventory, threatening to choke me in my sleep!
 My friend Ebony from work, decided to ask me for a hat. Not just any hat mind you, but a dead kitty hat! So with my "serious skills" I added a whole bunch of hooplah and came up with this!
 Which afterwards turned into this!
I'm re-introducing hats! Come and get em while its hot!

Mistress Out,


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