Cinema #18: Flashpoint Paradox (Spoilers!)

April 11, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I haven't been able to write much, but I have been using that time to catch up on movies and television. Over the weekend I watched Flashpoint Paradox, because I had been bingewatching Daredevil, and I needed something lighter. SO, I figured a cartoon DC movie would be great, but of course with my luck, it had to be the most depressing DC cartoon I have watching in all of my life. I don't even remember anything else being even remotely as sad as Paradox was.
 A lot of the movie had me a bit confused. SO MUCH changed just because of one life saved...Just think about that for a minute. Superheroes change lives everyday by saving someone who otherwise would have died, and just because Barry decided to save one person, he ruined the entire world. How messed up is that?

- Why would Wonder Woman want to invade Europe? What would make her think, oh Hey, I'm going to gather up my bad ass amazons and we're gonna go take over Europe. Like...Who does that?

- Did the war start because Aquaman was unfaithful to Mera, or because Mera stepped to Diana and got murdered?

- All those Shazam kids equal 1 person? Captain Thunder? Is her different from Captain Marvel?

- I dislike how naive Cyborg is in this movie. Superman is freed and then just abandons them during battle.

- No one is laughing at this version of Aquaman. He truly is a barbarian.

- Wonder Woman is truly ruthless in this movie.

- Aquaman's Doomsday device obliterates everything... Why does he wait so long to use it?

- Even though Wonderwoman kills Aquaman, she still holds him close in death. Since when were they a couple?

 All in All, the movie wasn't bad. It wasn't as light as I was expecting. The art wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It just kind of blows my mind, that the one thing he wasn't more than anything else in the world, for his mother to be back with him, ruined not only his life, but the entire planet, pretty much brought it to the brink of extinction. Imagine how rough that would be on your psyche? to think that whole world would end because you chose to save your mother. Is it selfish to want to spend time/save your mother from the brink of death? Is it selfish that you get to steal one or two more minutes with your family? Especially when they are so brutally taken from you. Do you think Batman wouldn't go back in time to save his parents? Would he even be Batman without his family's death?

Food for thought. If you saw this movie, lets talk about it! Hit me up on twitter.

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