United I stand: Boycotting Asian WhiteWashing in Film and Cinema

April 29, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Let me Preface this by stating that I am not Asian, because someone will undoubtedly comment about this later. However, as a Black Woman in America, I can see why the Asian community is so angry with Marvel. Not only are they about to ruin one of the few characters that have any sense of Asian representation, but then you have the opportunity to right a story line that cannot be descried as anything other than an oppressive orientalist narrative, and they chose not to. Iron Fist was created in a time when racism was prevalent, when it was okay, to think of others as your lesser, as long as you were white. It was okay to write stories that painted other races as monsters, thieves, lesser thans. Sure, we can create a story that pits a rich white boy in the mountains of Asian Glory, one stone that has more history, more respect of, more humanity than the Child who wrote him. Lets send a rich white boy into respectable Asian culture, and have him trample all over it. Lets send him in to show those silly Asians that as a white man he can best them at everything that THEY created. Its a story that needs a serious re-telling.
 With Paramount destroying Ghost in a Shell, by creating a movie that cant be described as anything other than Scarlett Johanson in Yellowface, Doctor Strange, seems to be suffering the same fate. As much as I enjoy, going to see Marvel movies; as a Blogger and as a comic book fan. I will not be attending, buying or watching Dr. Strange, Netflix assisted Ironfist, or Paramount's Ghost In The Shell. In solidarity with the Asian community.
 We need to stand together, we need to unite, and when people roll their eyes as they read this and reply, "Oh, there are more important things to be concerned with, let me just inform you, that everything is Connected. Comic Books, Films, Media, they all carry and shape our worlds' narrative, and if this how we are portrayed and how they choose to protray other to us, how will we ever be seen as equal? When they choose to portray us in a negative light, or even worse to completely erase us from the narrative all together?
 United we stand and divided we fall, I hope you will join me by boycotting Hollywood's white washing of Asian culture. If you are interested in more information about Whitewashing, Check out the Feeds of the following:
- @rachelkuo

Until Next Time
 Stay United,
 Stay Woke,
 Stay Nerdy,



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